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December 2010
Fun Facts of the 15th
A series of reflections in celebration of Fantasy of Flight's 15th birthday 

Happy Birthday! 
Next Steps on the Journey 

In celebration of Fantasy of Flight's 15 fantastic years, Kermit Weeks flew 15 phenomenal aircraft on November 26-28! Over 3 fun-filled flying days, spirits soared and the weather cooperated--offering guests non-stop and up-close access to the World's Greatest Aircraft Collection. 

15 Anniversary ramp KW P51D crowd on ramp

 Kermit spoke passionately about looking ahead at the next 15 years: "I'm very proud of what we've accomplished in the past, but as we stand in the present, I'm even more excited about what we'll do in the future!"


The journey continues...

LegaciesandLegends2011 Series Honors Heroes

Fantasy of Flight proudly presents Legends & Legacies: A Symposium Series honoring brave American heroes whose personal contributions became part of our country's rich history and helped shape our society.


These intimate symposiums provide the audience with an opportunity to learn first-hand the personal struggles, challenges and accomplishments of these amazing Americans. Although the path was not always easy, they faced their challenges with amazing courage and strength. Don't miss these rare opportunities to meet and celebrate real heroes.


2011 Legends & Legacies Events
February 10-12

They Dared to Fly: Tuskegee Airmen


March 4-5

Breaking All Barriers: The Amazing Women of WWII


April 15-16

Calculated Risk: The Extraordinary Life of Jimmy Doolittle


May 13-14

D-Day: The Invasion of Normandy


June 10-11 

The Pacific War: Power and Pursuit


October 14-15

The Great Escape: Heroes Underground

G. Willie's MailbagGWillieAirlinerReflectionsAirliner Reflections and Holiday Gift List

You never know what you might encounter on a seemingly normal day! Take today for instance: I was contemplating my holiday gift list, when a concerned aviation fan reached out...


Hello G. Willie,


My family visited the museum in June and absolutely loved it. Great work! I am the webmaster of, a site about commuter airlines of Florida and will be posting photos of your ex-PBA Martin 404 fuselage. I'd like to include information on future plans for the fuselage. Will it be restored or scrapped? Thanks for any info you can provide and keep up the great work!

David Henderson


Dear David,


What a terrific question! When I realized I had no answer, I went to the boss. "So is it for restoration or scrap?" I asked.


"It was scrap when I acquired it," said Kermit. "I'm not sure exactly what we will do with it." And then, David, he got a twinkle in his eye... and continued, "I've always wanted to do a guest experience called 'Airline Flight from Hell' where the guest would be forced to sit in an uncomfortable seat in an airport as his flight runs later and later. Then we load them into the airliner, strap them in, and give them a wild ride." He was laughing hard at this point, fully reliving every bad airport/commercial flight experience ever... We started regaling about food and kids kicking the back of seats...


So, in response to your question, the fate of the Martin 404 is uncertain... but it is better off now than before we got it. Who knows? Sometime in the future, you may find yourself lining up for a hellish airline experience in it... (but I'm pretty sure he was just joshing.)


Wishing you blue skies,


G. Willie


GWillieHolidayGiftListNow... back to my Holiday Shopping List...


G Willie under Christmas Tree

 For my brother Mustang Willie: A Fantasy of Flight Annual Pass


For my pals at the Acme Tall and Quiet Aviator Factory: A Corporate Event at Fantasy of Flight 


For all my favorite people: Fantasy of Flight Gift Certificates



Happy Holidays to One and All!




In this Issue:

Legends & Legacies Announcement


G. Willie comments on the Martin 404


G. Willie's Gift List: What's under his tree?


TBM Test Flight Video


Roar n' Soar Memories


Toys for Tots

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TBMTestFlightTBM Avenger
Test Flight Featured on YouTube
 TBM Avenger on Ramp B/W Hipstamatic


Fans of the TBM Avenger got an eyeful (and an earful too) at the 15th Anniversary celebration when Kermit rolled that historic beast down the runway and into the sky. 


However, before the TBM could shake its tail feathers in front of the public, Kermit and his crew did a test flight on Thanksgiving morning. Ironically, this type aircraft is affectionately dubbed "the turkey!" When it started up and the inevitable cough of exhaust filled the air, Kermit was quick to call it a "smoked turkey."


Everyone agrees that it was just the dish we craved on Thanksgiving. Check out the YouTube video and see if you agree.

ToysforTotsFor a Warm Glow and a Sweet Discount:
Share the Holiday Season

Toys for Tots logo

Fantasy of Flight is pleased to offer each visitor who donates a new, unwrapped toy $5 off full-priced admission tickets or annual passes (adult or child) for each donation, through Dec. 13, 2010. The toy drive will benefit Toys for Tots of Polk County.


Every person in a group must bring a donated unwrapped toy to qualify for the discount at Fantasy of Flight. The donated toys must be presented at the attraction's admissions counter to qualify for the discount. Not valid with any other offers or discounts.

RoarnSoarMemoriesWe Roared! We Soared! 

RnS 2010 banner w dates 

Engines revved! Drummers banged! Kites danced! Bikes leaped!


Aircraft--small and large--zipped!


Hearts soared! Kids laughed! Smiles broke our everywhere!


We can't wait 'til next year!


Check out the photos!

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