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September 2010
Fun Facts of the 15th
A continuing series of reflections in celebration of Fantasy of Flight's 15th birthday 

Special Hurricane Season edition: It's an Ill Wind that Blows No Good

In 1992, Kermit Weeks had already started planning to move the collection from Miami to a more spacious and special environment before the dark hours of August 25, when Hurricane Andrew's gusting 200 mph winds came calling at the Weeks Air Museum. According to Kermit, the storm was the universe's way of sending two powerful messages: (1) It's time to get out of Miami, and (2) head inland.
Weeks Air Museum (Miami) after Hurricane Andrew in 1992
That turbulent and destructive morning also influenced the way the collection's new home would be built,
guided by the same principles that rule the restoration of the collection's aircraft: Do It Right!  Maintain Authenticity! Solid-looking walls would really be solid and strong, not the cheap, hollow, "movie set" version of walls. The result is the facility visitors see today--strong, sturdy, and gorgeous--a worthy home to the World's Greatest Aircraft Collection. 
Autumn_EventsAutumn Events Kick into
High Gear 
You can feel it in the air--the tiniest drop in the humidity and a whiff of excitement.  What lies ahead? A season full of unforgettable events at Fantasy of Flight! 
Kicking off the legenday Living History Symposium series, a brand new offering that promises to be as moving as it is fascinating.
Friday, Oct. 8 - Saturday, Oct. 9, 2010 , join a remarkable group of real life WWII heroes who share their stories of an heroic encounter with the enemy. Sponsored in part by WUSF Public Broadcasting.
Back by popular demand, Fantasy of Flight invites guests to embark on an active, professional paranormal investigation led by Apollo Paranormal Investigations. Click here for more information about nightFlight investigations. 

nightFlight square logo
Join us on October 16 or 30, for PHASE TWO of the investigation, exploring new areas of the facility.
Join us for the 4th Annual Roar n' Soar, November 13 and 14, 2010.

Roar n Soar flag image

Get Your Speed On at this two-day extravaganza featuring the world's finest classic land, sea and air racing machines ever built!
GWillie_MosquitoUpdateGentle Readers:
My mailbag often feels the weight of Royal Post... in other words, letters from England, such as this one:
Dear G. Willie: I have heard that Mr. Weeks is in possession of one of the most beloved aircraft of the Royal Air Force, a Mosquito. Is this true? And if so, what is the status of that airplane?
Yours truly,
 A Loyal Subject of the Queen
Dear Loyal, 
Your timing is impeccable! I received a postcard from the boss when he was traveling recently. Here's what he said about the Mosquito:
Kermit and the Mosquito.
 "I got a chance to visit with her at the Oshkosh Fly-In recently.  It was very fortunate that she was on display at the EAA Museum when Hurricane Andrew hit in August of 1992, devastating my Miami museum facility.  It took us years to dig out of the mess and build Fantasy of Flight. Over time, the Mosquito needed a lot of TLC to get her flying again. As soon as I can afford to create additional hangar space for her, she will be disassembled and trucked home to begin the process of getting her back in flying condition!"
Thanks for the update, boss, and thanks for the question, Loyal.
Your pal,
G. Willie
Curtiss_RobinCurtiss Robin Comes Out to Play
Don't judge a book by its cover. The Aircraft Department has been busily working on the Curtiss Robin, a favorite "bad boy" airplane. This seemingly innocent type of aircraft hides a naughty reputation as an unlikely record-breaker.
Curtiss Robin enjoys the sun
In 1929, Dale "Red" Jackson performed over four hundred slow rolls without stopping in his Robin. Later, Jackson and Forrest O'Brine spent nearly 27 days circling over St. Louis. Their record was bettered in 1935 by Fred and Al Key, who flew their Robin for 653 continuous hours-almost a month in the air! Fuel was delivered from another Robin via hose while mail, food, and spare parts came in a supply bag on the end of a rope. The brothers built a special catwalk on the aircraft in order to service the engine while in flight. And to learn of the most notorious adventure in a Robin, just google up the name "Wrong Way Corrigan."I
In the meantime, our Robin's rare Curtiss OX-5 engine had a "run-up" and politely asked for an overhaul. We'll keep you informed as to the continuing adventures with this favorite aircraft!
In this Issue:

 Aviation Camporee: September 24-26, 2010

 Fire up your sense of wonder and get ready for an amazing aviation weekend!  Experience the world's largest private collection of vintage aircraft, learn from skilled aviation experts as you participate in hands-on activities to earn aviation merit requirements and more!

Contact Stephanie Conner for more details and to register: 863-984-3500, ext. 220 or
LastChance_SummerDiscLast Chance for Hot Summer Discounts 
Florida Resident Special:
Florida residents can receive $8 off regular adult general admission and $5 off general admission for children ages 6-15.Not valid with any other offers, discounts, Annual Passes or special events. Proof of residency required.
GrabaGroupPkginSeptGrab a Group Package in September
Splash-In Photo 

Fantasy of Flight is offering a terrific discount package for groups of 15 or more. Only $21.35 each (which includes a guided tour). Valid for September only. Advanced reservations required. Contact Stephanie Conner for more details and to register: 863-984-3500, ext. 220 or
PassHoldersPass Holders Corner:
Bring a Buddy Summer
Fantasy of Flight Annual Pass holders are invited to share the world's largest private collection of aircraft with their favorite buddy this summer. All Annual Pass holders are invited to bring a friend along to visit Central Florida's premier aviation attraction for free through September 30, 2010. Click here for details.
KermitsAdventuresKermit (and Zee's) Internet  Adventures 
Kermit Weeks, owner and creator of Fantasy of Flight, has stayed very busy recently. Check out his latest news in his blog, aptly named "Kermit's Blog"!

There's something big afoot!
Take note of Kermit and Gee Bee Zee's latest adventure in the world of IPhone Apps! (Hint: You are just a few clicks away from piloting Zee on an important mission!)

Shooting_for_CureShooting for a Cure
pink ribbon paintbrushed
Fantasy of Flight partners with local artist Tom Trotti and YOU to take aim at Cancer at the World Cup Paintball Tournament on October 23 -24.
A donation earns you the right to shoot paintballs that will be  part and parcel of a unique work of art, destined to benefit Winter Haven Hospital. Donations will benefit Susan G. Komen for the Cure.
Don't miss this opportunity to make a difference and enjoy doing it!
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