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July 2010
Fun Facts of the 15th
A continuing series of reflections in celebration of Fantasy of Flight's 15th birthday
What is the inspiration for the style of Fantasy of Flight?
When Kermit Weeks decided to move his aircraft collection from Miami and establish its current home as Fantasy of Flight, he faced a big decision: Once the runways were determined, what shape should the facility take? According to Kermit, "My gut said to do this on a high level. Do it right and for the right reasons."
The facility would evoke the periods of aviation's greatest achievements. He knew World War II planes often lived in "Golden Age" hangars, so he took his inspiration from the Marine Air Terminal at LaGuardia, a glorious example of Art Deco style architecture and an early home of the famous PanAm Clipper, the romantic flying boat of the late '30s.
With the help of architects and designers, Fantasy of Flight's fašade and architectural details are drawn from the ideals of the 1930s "Golden Age," Art Deco, and the great symbols of aviation. For example, look at the design of the metalwork on the doors of Fantasy of Flight's FBO, overlooking the ramp. The top section of the entrance evokes a stylized version of Pan American's famous wings and world medallion. For the entrance side lights, the architect turned the design 90 degrees, transforming the wings into cumulus clouds with rays of the sun streaking behind them.
Classic Art Deco design on FBO doorway
Art Deco Door
G. Willie Mail Call Graphic 
G. Willie Visits the DH-4's Liberty Engine

Dear G. Willie,
I saw the DH-4 airframe in the hangar at Fantasy of Flight. What a thrill it will be to see that rare airplane flying. What is its status?
From a WWI Airplane Enthusiast

Dear Enthusiast,
I stepped into the machine shop to check the DH-4's status with engine expert Andy Salter who has been busy rebuilding an airworthy Liberty engine for the legendary aircraft.

G. Willie helps Andy scrape bearings
G. Willie and Andy Photo

I asked Andy how challenging this job was, and he replied (in his elegant British accent), "Willie, it was the first standardized aircraft engine by design, but it certainly is not standardized as far as the parts are concerned. This Liberty engine requires the same careful cataloging and hand-crafting as other planes of the World War I era. It's truly a work of art, with all the care and precision that implies. Therefore, I hesitate to offer a specific ETA on the engine, much less the rest of the restoration, fabric, etc. One thing is certain: this aircraft will be worth the wait." 
Andy and G. Willie prepare for Liberty surgery
G. Willie assists Andy Photo
StampeStampe Stamps a Smile on Every Face
Recent visitors to Fantasy of Flight have cheered upon seeing the Stampe reappear as one of the featured aircraft in the daily flying demonstration. For some reason, the Stampe puts a smile on every face, most notably the pilot's.
Pilot Dave loves the Stampe
Dave Dudley with Stampe Photo
Why is the Stampe such a smile-maker?
According to pilot Dave Dudley of the Aircraft Department, "As a fan of the old time aerobatic aircraft, I'd read a lot about the Stampe before I flew it. All about its sublime flight characteristics, the open cockpit, the wind in the wires, its legendary easy handling. Everybody extols its nostalgic and graceful qualities. Then I flew it. It actually exceeded my expectations. This aircraft has no vices. It really is a joy to fly!"
And, yes, David was smiling as he spoke about the Stampe.
Paper Airplane Artist Dean Mackey
Thrills Fans of All Ages
DeanMackeyThe remarkable Dean Mackey, paper airplane artist extraordinaire and official friend of Fantasy of Flight, cast his spell on Fathers Day guests.
Dean Mackey Photo While Dean has fans of all ages, he especially likes to share his passion for paper airplanes with kids. Says Dean, "It's something brand new for them, almost as if it's skipped a generation. They have been so caught up in high tech diversions, they don't know how to work with paper in their hands. And they really enjoy it!"  
Dean's creations impressed guests in Fun with Flight over Father's Day weekend.
Dean Mackey with Guests Photo

Dean is the proud creator of the Online Paper Airplane Museum, which gives his fans plenty of new diversions, and he was recently selected "Artist of the Month" by the Westchase Artist Society, who profile him in detail. We agree: Dean is a superhero!
In this Issue:
"World's Greatest Dad" Celebrated

GreatestDadThe "World's Greatest Dad" and several hundred other families 
had a tremendous day celebrating all things "DAD" on Father's Day at Fantasy of Flight.
This year's "World's Greatest Dad," selected from 168 entries, is Lee Bakst of Tampa, Florida. What makes him the greatest? According to daughter Emily, "My Dad encourages me to be exactly who I want to be. He wants me to experience the adventures that life has to offer. He has taught me to aim high and reach for the stars. I'm so blessed to have such a wonderful relationship with him."

Lee and his family enjoyed a prize-winning day at Fantasy of Flight, including annual passes, a gift basket, lunch, and an unforgettable flight in the Fieseler Storch for Lee.
Pilot Ken Kellett gives the "World's Greatest Dad" a briefing prior to Lee's once-in-a-lifetime ride.
Ken Kellett and Lee Bakst
Emily Bakst, Ken Kellett, Lee, Adam and Kim Bakst give a thumbs-up post flight.
Bakst Family with Ken Kellett
Sneak Peak: Record Breaking 

Roar n' Soar logo

Fantasy of Flight intends to break a World Record at this year's Roar n' Soar, scheduled on November 13 and 14. Watch this space for more details...
Seeking Heroic Females of World War II
WomenWWIIStoriesFantasy of Flight is seeking women who played a role in World War II aviation. Rosie the riveters? Flight nurses? Others?
If you're interested in sharing your story, please send your contact information and a brief account of your experiences during WWII to
PassHoldersPass Holders Corner:
Bring a Buddy Summer
Fantasy of Flight Annual Pass holders are invited to share the world's largest private collection of aircraft with their favorite buddy this summer. All Annual Pass holders are invited to bring a friend along to visit Central Florida's premier aviation attraction for free from July 1 - September 30, 2010. Click here for details.
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