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January 2010 

Happy New Year!

Break out the Champagne
Fantasy of Flight Turns 15 in 2010!
Celebrate With Fun Facts of the 15th

What better way to celebrate 15 years than by sharing our story in monthly installments, starting with the meaning behind the Fantasy of Flight logo.

Fantasy of Flight Logo

Founder and visionary Kermit Weeks expresses it best:
Flight, more than anything, symbolizes something we can all relate to - pushing our boundaries, reaching beyond ourselves, and freedom.     
The Fantasy of Flight logo symbolizes man's fascination with flight. The Past is represented by the bird, the Present by the moon which is within our grasp, and the Future which is reflected by the star.
We all relate to the metaphors of reaching for the sky and reaching for the stars, as well as soaring in our imagination and flying in our dreams!
New Tour of the Supernatural

nightFlight graphic
On a paranormal-activity scale of 1 to 10, Fantasy of Flight's aircraft collection rates an astonishing "11" according to professional investigators who have tested the environment.
Become a "ghost hunter" and seek the "spirits" as we open our doors after-hours for a limited-time series of special engagements. Led by Apollo Paranormal Investigations, guests will participate in a REAL professional investigation with hands-on use of the tools of the ghost hunting trade.  
In addition, guests will learn of our haunted history, take a tour of our hangars and hallways, visit locations where encounters have been recorded, and engage in an enlightening exchange of experiences.
nightFlight investigations are scheduled for:
January 30
February 13
February 27
All nightFlight programs are scheduled for 9:30 p.m. to 1:30 a.m.
For further information and reservations:
Lee Archer, Only Tuskegee Ace Pilot ,
Joins Airmen Scheduled for "They Dared to Fly"
Tuskegee GraphicFantasy of Flight continues to bring history to life with the popular Living History Symposium Series. Mark your calendar now for this rare opportunity to learn of the achievements and experiences of the Tuskegee Airmen directly from the heroes themselves, America's first black fighter pilots, who served during World War II. 
In partnership with WUSF Public Broadcasting and in honor of Black History Month, four original Tuskegee Airmen, including Lt. Col. Lee Archer (ret.), will reunite at Fantasy of Flight to share their personal experiences of wartime military service during segregated America.  In honor of Lt. Col. Archer, Kermit Weeks will fly his rare P-51C, which is a tribute to Archer's legendary aircraft, "Ina the Macon Belle."
To learn more about "They Dared to Fly" on Feb. 18-20 and additional Living History Symposiums:
Secrets from the Maintenance Hangar Graphic  
Stinson Tri-Motor Dusted Off for a Special Flight
Stinson Tri-Motor in Maintenance Hangar

The latest aircraft to make the journey across the field and undergo prop-to-tail inspection and maintenance is one of the queens of the North Hangar, the legendary Stinson Tri-Motor.

Stinson Tri-Motor On One Wheel

The aircraft became a #1 priority at the Maintenance Hangar as Kermit geared up for a very special New Years flight, which he describes:

"The Stinson had not flown in over four years, and we were determined to get her in the air again. It was an appropriate pick to fly over to Albert Whitted Field in St. Pete on December 31st since Stinson Tri-Motors operated out of there in the 1930s. As the picture shows, the test flight was great! Unfortunately bad weather cancelled the New Year's flight, so the Stinson stayed home and I drove over to St. Pete. In case you missed the announcement, on January 1st we declared our commitment to building a reproduction Benoist to reenact the 100th anniversary of the first commercial flight in history which took place from St. Pete to Tampa on January 1st, 1914."

More news on this historic project soon...
In This Issue
nightFlight Paranormal Investigations Begin
Tuskegee Airmen Scheduled to Appear
Stinson Tri-Motor Starts Up
2010 Events
The Blue Max
Piloting Balloons?
Pass Holders Corner
Connect with Us
Save the Date
Mark your calendars with all the cool events we've planned in the year ahead...
February 18-20: Living History: They Dared to Fly (Tuskegee Airmen)
March 5-7: 100th Anniversary of Scouting Camporee

March 12-13: The Blue Max: Scale R/C Challenge and Fly-In
March 25-27: Living History: A Passionate Pursuit (WASP)
April 15: Sun 'n Fun's Splash-In at Fantasy of Flight
April 17: 13th Annual Mustangs & Mustangs
November 13-14: 4th Annual Roar n' Soar 

Plus plenty more in the works!
The Blue Max Graphic

What is The Blue Max?
A. A fun and thrilling R/C aircraft competition at Fantasy of Flight on March 12 and 13, celebrating the glorious aircraft of Early Flight - World War 1. 
B. Known best for the famous novel and movie it inspired, the "Blue Max" was the highest military honor bestowed by Germany during World War I.
C. Originally called the Pour le Mérite, the award gained its more popular name for the first pilot who received it, the great ace Max Immelmann.
D. All of the above.
Answer: D of course!

See you at The Blue Max.
 G. Willie's Mail Call
Enjoy the Ride
Here's an interesting question from a visiting guest: "How do you steer a hot-air balloon?"
G. Willie had to call in reinforcements for this question. Fantasy of Flight's intrepid hot-air balloon representative, Christine responded, "You don't really 'steer' a balloon, but you can pilot it. With skill and close observation, you ascend and descend the balloon to find a breeze going in the direction you wish to travel. But the experience is not destination-specific, so we just enjoy the ride, which is serene and, according to all our guests, unforgettable."
Click here to learn more about Fantasy of Flight's Hot Air Balloon.

Do you have a question about any aspect of Fantasy of Flight? Just e-mail it to G. Willie:
Pass Holders Corner
It's official: Your Fantasy of Flight Annual Pass just got a whole lot sweeter. Check out the list of benefits along with great deals you receive at other attractions around the state of Florida. Of course, it also gains you year round access to the best of them, Fantasy of Flight! 
Don't have an Annual Pass but want to get one? No problem.

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