Fans of Kermit’s new children’s book All of Life is a School will be delighted to learn another member of the cast of characters has found her way home to Fantasy of Flight. Yes, Puff is in the house!  Granted, she needs a little makeover and a coat of pink paint, but who among us doesn’t? When you visit Fantasy of Flight next, look for her as she gets ready to hang out with her friends or prepares for her close-up in a future video or book. She is a sassy Gee Bee Y Sportster replica. Kermit beams as he catalogs the range of book characters on display, “So far we have Gee Bee Zee, Jimmy G. Gee Bee, Puff, Matty, and Stout. I acquired Missy a few months ago, but she won’t arrive until around March of next year.” Puff will be ready to welcome Missy to her new home too.

Kermit Weeks Inducted into Florida Aviation Hall of Fame

On December 12, Fantasy of Flight owner and creator Kermit Weeks was inducted into the Florida Aviation Hall of Fame, which honors individuals who have made a significant contribution to aviation in Florida. 

The Hall of Fame began in 2003, and other inductees include Juan Trippe, Joe Kittinger, Jackie Cochran, Eddie Rickenbacker, Charles and Anne Lindbergh, Slick Goodin, Glenn Curtiss, Jimmy Doolittle and Howard Hughes. Kermit found the experience humbling and remarked, “We honor and give accolades to heroes not so much because of what they have done, but because they show us the untapped potential that lies within us.  And THAT is what Fantasy of Flight is all about.” Along with Kermit Weeks, Ed Hoffman and Zack Mosley were inducted as 2008 honorees. The Florida Aviation Hall of Fame is hosted by the Florida Air Museum and the Florida Aviation Historical Society.

The Greatest Generation produced many heroes, and plenty of them wore lipstick. Women Airforce Service Pilots, a spirited squadron of pilots, became the first American women to fly military planes in non-combat roles and broke gender barriers across the country.  In tribute to their guts and glory, Fantasy of Flight has created a one-of-a-kind exhibition which features WASP-related historical, anecdotal, and inspirational video footage, photos, and storytelling panels. Kermit Weeks, Fantasy of Flight creator and owner, speaks proudly, “WASP pilots reached far beyond the expectations of others and broke barriers every time they roared through the sky in a Mustang or a B-29. They lived their dream, and we are proud to pay tribute to the accomplishments of these smart, adventurous women.” “WASP—A Passionate Pursuit” is included with Fantasy of Flight admission.

A jovial fellow in classic barnstorming garb—complete with knickers, goggles, and cap—has been spotted in the Fantasy hangars lately. He calls himself Smilin’ Jack Eagle, and he claims to have travelled through time in his 1920s Jenny biplane. As it turns out, “time stopped” for him over

Fantasy of Flight, so we are now home to this airplane enthusiast from days gone by.  He adds a lot of spirit to the hangars and is known to break into song with almost no encouragement. Despite (or because of) this, we have grown to love him here, and we think you will too.

Secrets from the 
Maintenance Hangar 

(The large white building across the field)

We all know that Allison engines are legendary for getting airplanes off the ground. Now the engines themselves are finally off the ground. The Fantasy of Flight Aircraft Department have just constructed massive pallet racks (civilians call them “shelves”) that have lifted 24 factory-fresh (60-plus years ago) Allisons off the ground—creating much needed floor space for more airplane maintenance. Check this space next month for further aircraft maintenance adventures. (Rumor has it that the Polikarpov 2 will be taking wing soon, but let’s keep that between us…)

New and Improved 
Features of 
Fantasy of Flight Website

Check out the nifty new video on the opening page of Fantasy of Flight’s website,  The video captures a range of sights and sounds exclusive to Fantasy of Flight. It’s almost like being there!

Also, for late night shoppers and Fantasy fans, gift certificates are now available for online purchase.


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