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January 2012
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"It is not what you do for your children but what you have taught them to do for themselves that will make them successful human beings."
                                                        - Ann Landers


New Year... New Behaviors!

By: Veronica Ashwal, LMHC., M.B.A. 


     Every child grows at an individual pace, but research shows that a child's first three years are the most important time for learning. Family members are a child's primary teachers, consistent source of care and comfort, and most effective advocates. Many opportunities for teaching and learning occur throughout the day as family members interact with a child. Family members can use their typical activities and routines to encourage a child's functional development, meaningful skills and independence. 



      A New Year goal would be to create a Family Plan for your child. Parents and professionals need to work as a team to develop this Family Plan, describing the child's strength and needs. Beginning interventions early establishes the window of opportunity for a child to develop and learn. Work to develop your child's:


  • Communication: babbling, language, speech, conversation
  • Physical: health, hearing, seeing
  • Cognitive: thinking, learning, problem solving
  • Gross & fine motor skills: moving, walking, grasping, and coordination
  • Social/emotional: playing and interacting with others
  • Adaptive development: self help skills, i.e. feeding< toileting, dressing

       So this year make the commitment to strengthen and encourage your child's development....


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