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September 2010
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"The most creative force in the world is the menopausal woman with zest." -Margate Mead

Menopause, A Life Transition
Written by: Dr. Priscilla Marotta
    We have much to learn about the mind-body connection. This is a time to learn more on a fascinating subject--when our bodies are shaking us by the shoulder, unexpected wetness in the middle of the night, the dry vagina, and an expanding waist-- challenge our patience. Clearly, physical appearance does change with aging, but not markedly with menopause itself. These changes come about and are minimized with healthy living behaviors; a sense of meaning in life; and that is why some "old people look young" and some "young people look old". Remember--women, like wine, get better with age!

    Why is menopause not glorified as the beginning of a new life phase, in the same manner that menstruation is celebrated as a passage into womanhood? Are we so youth oriented and fearful of the aging process that we feel more discussion on the topic might force us to own the condition? Where do we get the notion that a woman passing from one stage of her life to another must be in emotional turmoil before the passage is complete? Present data indicates that only about fifteen percent of women experience erratic and abnormal behavior changes during menopause.

    The pivotal concept is that MENOPAUSE IS A NATURAL TRANSITION. What is important, as with all life transitions, is that we need to engage in our own adequate self care and we need to calm fear and be very careful of negative stereotypes. The challenge for menopausal and postmenopausal women is to recognize that they are free from some responsibility to others. They have more time to focus on their  own needs, develop more skills, explore their talents, and discover the more assertive side of their nature. WOMEN CAN EXPIERENCE POSTMENAPAUSAL ZEST!