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Are the savings in the Just Born project unusual?

Absolutely NOT

Design according to current building codes can likely qualify for LEED certification.

Design which initially considers the qualifications for tax benefits, rebates, and other incentives may not result in any additonal construction costs.
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Just Born, the manufacturer of Peeps and other confectionery, achieved significant savings on the recent "green" renovation of its new 600,000 square foot distribution facility. It purchased a former Circuit City warehouse in Bethlehem, PA, and the renovations included extensive critical air-conditioning upgrades.  

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These renovations HIT THE JACKPOT -They saved construction and future operating costs 3 ways 

Your planned renovations can reap the same benefits!


LEED Certification


The Just Born project was awarded LEED Gold certification from the U.S. Green Building Council.


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Contributing factors to this "green" certification were:  

  • Enhanced refrigeration management
  • 44% energy cost reduction
  • 30% additional ventilation
  • 40% water reduction

The project design team determined that meeting LEED certification made good economic sense and required little or no additional construction costs.

EPAct Tax Benefits

The heating/air conditioning and lighting for the Just Born project qualified for the Energy Efficient Commercial Building accelerated depreciation tax deduction.

The tax benefit is based on $.60 per square foot for heating and air conditioning and up to $.60 per square foot for lighting  - if the renovations meet a defined standard. The analysis must be certified by a design professional.

Tax DollarsTalk to your accountant to see if your company can use these benefits.

To qualify for these tax benefits, your design team needs to ensure the energy reduction requirements are met.  In many cases, any additional construction investment that may be required can yield significant returns.

Utility Rebates

The heating/air conditioning, lighting, and roof insulation for the Just Born project qualified for rebates through the local utility. 

Pennsylvania Act 129 mandated that electrical providers in the state reduce their usage. In response they developed rebate programs to encourage their customers to reduce energy consumption. Each utility has developed their own plan, and there are qualification requirements for each incentive.stack o money

The Just Born project team

The project team for the Just Born renovations were:

  • Project Manager/Construction Manager - Hillwood Investment Properties (Dallas, TX) website
  • Architect/ LEED Coordination - FP+A (Harrisburg, PA) website
  • Engineers - Paragon Engineering (York, PA) website, Pennoni Engineering (Bethlehem, PA) website
  • Sub-Contractors - Ondra-Huyett Associates (Allentown, PA) website, H.T. Lyons (Allentown, PA), West Side Hammer Electric (Bethlehem, PA)

For more information, contact: 

Garry Brinton

FP+A, Inc.