Issue: 11
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A Good Composition is the #1 Priority for a Great Painting!  by Bill Hudson
I recently visited the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles with my sister Kathy. She likes art but has no formal art education. The Getty has five exhibition pavilions featuring art from the pre-16th century to the 20th century. Each pavilion has several rooms and each room has typically 10 to 20 of the world's best paintings. Just as we entered each room, I asked Kathy to point to the painting(s) that had the most appeal to her. I did the same. It became an enjoyable game. And guess what!  We nearly always agreed. After we revealed our picks we discussed our reasons. Again we agreed.  It wasn't the artist, the painting size, the subject matter, the style, or the frame. It was shapes, values, contrasts and colors. Composition is the first step to success.

Monthly Tip

"Opera Glasses" by Beverly Bell

Using small opera glasses to view paintings at a distance to see how they "read" is very useful. In a small working space the opposite end of the binoculars allows one to see the painting at a far distance as it might appear on a gallery wall.


Mick JaggerBeverly Bell was born and raised in the Detroit, Michigan area, where music was abundant, thriving and free-flowing. She later moved to San Diego where she currently resides, carrying the sounds, rhythm and energy of Detroit and Chicago with her.


Beverly paints jazz musicians in water media.
Mick Jagger 


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