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This past month , Watermen Art, Inc. was contacted by Eric Rhoads regarding the Mahl Bridge. During our conversations, we discovered that Mr. Rhoads is an avid artist and a well-known publisher of art magazines including: Fine Art Connoisseur, Artist Advocate, and Plein Air. Realizing that Artist Advocate is an advertising option that many artists may benefit from, I asked Eric for the following monthly tip. - Bill Hudson, President of Watermen Art
How to Increase Sales By Adding a Gallery 
                                                                  by Eric Rhoads
It's no secret that most artists are selling fewer paintings because of the economy. The way I see it you can either accept less or you can develop a plan to increase your sales. One California Artist, Charles H. White decided that to keep his sales equal with last year it would be prudent to add a couple more galleries in a region other than where he already has galleries. But just picking up the phone to add galleries is time consuming and not productive. Charles advertised his artwork in Artist Advocate, which is a magazine designed to help artists get their work exposed to 6500 galleries, which sell original art. As a result Charles added two more galleries and has increased his sales. Therefore his income has not dropped. A number of painters, sculptors, photographers and craftspeople have run ads in Artist Advocate and picked up galleries. Many have also picked up licensing or publishing deals and one reports she was "discovered" by one of the national art magazines, which resulted in an article. To learn more call 561 655 8778 or go to or email the publisher Eric Rhoads ([email protected])

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A Word from an Artist...

"I have been using your Mahl Bridge for about a month now, and LOVE IT. It makes things very easy, and helps fill the gap between techniques required both in painting and drawing/drafting, which is a crucial concern for my work. I love the built in versatility to use different straight edges, triangles, etc. quickly and accurately. It saves a lot of time and headache of trying to get the line quality I need. It also simply makes a great hand rest to keep things precise and be able to work continuously, over wet areas, which was previously difficult and sometimes frustrating due to my painting in oil on a flat, horizontal surface. I am beyond pleased with your product! I will recommend it to everyone I think can use it."
                                       Richard Heisler
What's Happening...
For FREE MARKETING, email us and we'll do our best to get your event in next month. For more information on the following events, click on the links:
Watercolor West  -  Demonstration Series, 2009
Watercolor West, in cooperation with the Riverside Art Museum, is presenting five nationally known watercolor masters on the following dates:
Saturday, August 22nd          Scott Moore             9 AM  to  1 PM
Saturday, September 19th     Donal Jolley            10 AM  to  3 PM
Saturday, September 26th     Sharon Towle          10 AM  to  3 PM
Saturday, October 17th         Joanna Mersereau   10 AM  to  3 PM
Saturday, October 24th         Bill Hudson         10 AM  to  3 PM                                             (Please Join Me)
The Riverside Art Museum is located at: 3425 Mission Inn Avenue
                                                           Riverside, CA 92501
                                                        Call 951-684-7111 for more info
The National Watercolor Society   -  Demonstration Series, 2009
The National Watercolor Society and the City of Brea Art Gallery are presenting the following five watercolor masters to demonstrate their painting techniques
         Sunday, Oct 11: Stephen Quiller
         Saturday, Oct 17: Gerald Brommer
         Saturday, Oct 24: Yachiyo Beck
         Saturday, Nov 7: Chris Van Winkle
         Saturday, Nov 14: Brenda Swenson
Demonstrations are 10am to 3pm at the City of Brea Art Gallery in Brea, California
Fall Affaire in the Gardens Art Show
Oct 17th and 18th
Beverly Hills, CA
Carmel Film and Art Festival 2009
Oct 10th and 11th for the Art Show
Carmel, CA

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Issue: 8
Artist of the Month
Eric Rhoads 
In addition to being the publisher of Fine Art Connoisseur and Artist Advocate magazines, Eric is an artist represented by Lee Youngman Galleries in Calistoga, CA. Eric spends his summers in Upstate NY and winters in California near San Francisco.

Product(s) Eric uses: 
3' Mahl Bridge
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