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Show Students Your Works-In-Progress by Bill Hudson

I have a studio and exhibit at the Bear Street Gallery ( ) in Orange County, California along  with four other talented and accomplished artists. One of those artists is Yachiyo Beck, an exceptional watercolorist. Yachiyo has received many awards and is well recognized within the community. She is currently exhibiting for the summer in the Festival of the Arts in Laguna Beach where she also serves as a juror. She teaches watercolor classes in the Orange County Fine Arts classroom that adjoins our gallery. Yachiyo is a successful instructor because she wants her students to stay motivated and she is willing to share her knowledge without restraint. Below is a recent email that she sent to each of her students. It shows the stages of her most recent work in progress. It is a great gift to the class and is another reason why more students are lining up to attend her class.

"DELICATE BALANCE" The Painting Stages by Yachiyo
(1)    I purchased a small (12" tall) statue called "Lady Justice" and took many pictures in the afternoon sun. My goal was to create a painting with a statement for the time we are in; a statement regarding our environment and the hope for peace.
(2)    I made the figure more mature and muscular looking to make a stronger statement. The clock symbolizes the time we are in now, as well as its passing.
(3)    I began creating a background with a subtle value change to support the figure in the center.
(4)    I added a  "gear of progress" on the left side for better design. I could have stopped here but pushed myself to make a much stronger design.
(5)    I then added many rectangles with value changes to make the viewer's eyes circle around in the painting. It adds a little art deco feeling also. I was satisfied at this point and said 'FINISHED."

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In addition to its many galleries, three festivals run concurrently for the duration of the summer in Laguna Beach, California 
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Festival of Arts July 5 - August 31
            650 Laguna Canyon Rd
           10am - 11:30pm daily
Sawdust Art Festival June 26 - August 30
           935 Laguna Canyon Rd
           10am - 10pm daily
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Artist of the Month
Yachiyo will be exhibiting for the summer at the Festival of the Arts in Laguna Beach, CA. Note: "Delicate Balance" shown above will be on sale for the first time at this event. 
She maintains her studio and exhibits at Bear Street Gallery in Santa Ana, CA
She also will be a demonstrating artist on Oct. 24th from 10am to 3pm for the NWS 89th Annual Exhibition at the City of Brea Art Gallery
Yachiyo can be reached through her website at:
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