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Transferring Your Sketch To A Support by Anita Gersch
Many artists, regardless of skill level, often have a difficult time transferring a sketch to the support they want to use. There are many tried and true methods to accomplish this goal but my favorite is to use the unlikely combination of my computer, my printer, and my front door!
I usually do my sketch at around an 8"x10" size. I get it the way I want it, and then scan it and save the file on my computer. I then open a page in a graphics program such as Freehand or Illustrator and play around with different sizes. I can easily try different positions and sizes on the computer screen and crop or add areas where I think they will look the best. I admit this might be cheating just a bit on the composition portion of my work, but it really helps me to see how the work will look at various sizes. Once I'm satisfied with the look, I use my printer to print the enlarged sketch at the size I want. Various programs have different ways to do this, but many will "tile" the work onto several pieces of paper which you can then tape together to the correct size. (If you don't have a scanner, you can take your sketch to an office supply or copier store and have it enlarged to the size you want, but you'll miss out on being able to experiment with position and composition on the computer.)
Then, I can either use my lightbox or the glass storm door on my house to let the light shine through behind the paper. I can easily trace over my sketch and have the size and composition just the way I want it with no loss of quality. Of course, this only works with supports that are not totally opaque when held up to light so it may or may not work for you.
However, this manner of enlarging  your sketch even works if you skip the lightbox or storm door and use a more traditional way of transferring your work. Once you get an enlarged drawing the way you want it, you can put a sheet of Saral paper under it and transfer it to your canvas or other opaque support in this way.
Since I began using this method I no longer get half way through my work and wish I had moved something a half inch to the right or made it larger, etc.  I've found that adding this step to my pre-painting preparation saves me time, helps me get down to painting a lot faster, and makes me consistently happier with the results.

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What's Happening in the Art Leagues and Societies...
See what events are going on in Art Leagues and Societies for this month. If you don't see your Art League or Society below, be sure to email us and we'll do our best to get your event in next month. For more information on the following events, just click on the links:
The National Watercolor Society will host its All Member Juwill host its All Member Juried Show from May 17 - June 27, 2009 in its new gallery at 915 S. Pacific Avenue, San Pedro, CA 90731. The Opening Reception is Sunday, May 17th, 2pm - 5pm with awards at 3pm.

The New Mexico Watercolor Society is having their Spring Show from May 9 to May 31. Exhibition is open to the public Thursday to Sunday from 10am -4pm. 
The Michigan Watercolor Society Traveling Show opened May 14th and runs through June 26th. 2009. Sponsored by the Holland Friends of Art, this traveling exhibit makes its way to Holland for a very special stop at the Arts Council. Make time in your day to come down to the Padnos Gallery and see these one of a kind pieces.

***In Memoriam*** - My old friend, childhood neighbor from Maryland, and fellow artist Robert C. Kirkpatrick died on February 18, 2009. Bob and I did a lot of things together during high school (baseball, hunting, ice skating, etc.) but lost touch until we reconnected 3 years ago and realized we were both artists. My wife, sister, and I visited Bob and his wife, Paulette at their house in Maryland in October. While in West Miami, Bob and Paulette were both killed in an automobile accident. They were in Florida for an opening in Naples at the Weatherburn Gallery, where Bob was to be inducted into the International Guild of Realism. They are greatly missed.
                                       Bill Hudson, President of Watermen Art

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