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Cropping for a Better Composition by B. J. Wilson
Make your thumbnail sketch on paper larger than you would normally need.  Do not box in the sketch. Start in the middle of the paper and just sketch; include more than you think you will use. Include some suggestions of dark, light, and middle tones.
Now use a pair of cropping corners which can simply be cut from mat board, card stock, foamboard, or even cardboard. Slide them over your sketch while forming differing shapes of various sizes. These should include:
       #1 Crop = a landscape format
       #2 Crop = a portrait format
       #3 Crop = a square
       #4 Crop = very small (a close up view)
First cropping choices are seldom as good as later choices. Make sure each shape is tried in several sizes. Pick the best of the best. Using your cropping corners, now draw in the correct rectangle on your sketch. Go to work painting. You gave up being "ordinary" several steps back

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What's Happening in the Art Leagues and Societies...
See what events are going on in Art Leagues and Societies for this month. If you don't see your Art League or Society below, be sure to email us and we'll do our best to get your event in next month. For more information on the following events, just click on the links:
The Ohio Art League is celebrating its 100th anniversary and the 98th Annual Spring Juried Exhibition, which commonly sees in excess of 500 entries, is the first of this historic year.  The event will take place at OSU Urban Arts Space, January 27 through March 27, 2009 

The Northwest Watercolor Society is having their 69th Annual Open Exhibition April 13th - May 15.  Over $10,000 in cash and merchandise awards are anticipated for this exhibition. The entry deadling is February 2nd. 


Issue: 4
Mahl Bridge and Clamps
Artist of the Month

 B. J. Wilson
Southern California
B. J. Wilson is a fine arts painter, judge, demonstrator, international exhibitor, and instructor. She currently leads a group of water media painters in Southern California and has a book coming up. She can be reached at [email protected] or phone 714.730.3427

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