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Lighting is the Key by Joseph Rivera  
Lighting is the key in more ways than one. When you're dealing with paintings of dark spaces, you want to be able to create a painting that best depicts reflective lighting. To do this I use a 300 watt photo lamp with a dimmer. The light is directed toward my painting in progress. I keep the dimmer near the middle setting during the beginning of my paintings. During the last quarter of the painting is when the dimmer-controlled lighting is most instrumental. By then I have the whitest white and the darkest black on the canvas. At this point I will turn the dimmer switch all the way up, and then dim it until the light no longer looks as if it is reflecting off the black. You will actually see when the black portions transform from charcoal grey to black. Leave the light adjusted to this point for the remainder of the painting as this will help you make the right tonal adjustments. It's the same principle as adjusting your TV or monitor"s contrast. I believe this helps the paintings glow and come to life!
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Terry Madden Endorses Mahl Bridge 
Terry Madden, host of Terry Madden's Watercolor Workshop, is endorsing the Mahl Bridge. Join the 10.4 Million people who watch Terry's show and follow along with Terry as he paints. Be sure not to miss Watermen Art's TV spots featuring the Mahl Bridge. For a listing of times in your area, visit
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What's Happening in the Art Leagues and Societies...
See what events are going on in Art Leagues and Societies for this month. If you don't see your art league or society below, be sure to email us and we'll do our best to get your event in next month. For more information on the following events, click on the links:
New Jersey Watercolor Society is having its 66th Annual Open Juried Show which runs October 11-31st 
New England Watercolor Society proudly presents the 11th Biennial North American Open Show, September 19 -- November 2, 2008.
49th Annual Boone County Art Show - The Columbia Art League and Boone County National Bank are pleased to announce the 49th Annual Boone County Art Show, which will be held September 27-28. The show regularly has over 300 artworks entered. And with purchases in 2007 exceeding $5,000, this is the largest art show of its kind in Boone County 

their 2008 Fall Convention at the Florence Events Center from October 3 - 5

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Artist of the Month
Joseph Rivera
Joseph Rivera 
Costa Mesa, CA
Joseph Rivera is becoming a very well known artist in his area.  His skills with oil have landed him as the commisioned artist for Project Paint the Roses  (   For more of Joseph's work, you can visit his website at
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