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June 2010
The Portland Business Journal has named this year's 100 Fastest Growing Private Companies, with rankings based on revenue growth from 2007 to 2009. "As you may have noticed, a few things went awry in the economic environment over that period," noted editor Craig Wessel.  Yet despite the recession, three of Montlake Capital's portfolio companies found themselves, not only in the top 100, but among the top 10 fastest growing companies in Oregon and Southwest Washington. 

Congratulations to Max-Viz, ranked #6; Wellpartner, ranked #4; and this year's fastest growing company, ClearAccess, ranked #1!
#1 - ClearAccess
ClearAccess    Headquarters:  Vancouver, WA
    2007 - 2009 Growth:  1,479.06%

Five years ago, most homes had a single desktop computer.  Today, many homes have a laptop, a desktop, a handful of smart phones and a flat-screen TV that's used to play video games on the Web. In the future, it's easy to imagine a time when every room in the house will have an internet connection and movies will be downloaded online, not rented from video stores. That's where this year's fastest growing company comes in.  Read more
Wellpartner#4 - Wellpartner
Attendees   Headquarters:  Portland, OR
  2007 - 2009 Growth:  323.53%

Wellpartner is a nationally recognized provider of pharmacy distribution solutions for health plans, Medicaid programs and safety-net organizations throughout the country. Dedicated to lowering the cost of medications, Wellpartner offers innovative approaches that improve pharmacy care for individuals through the use of home delivery pharmacy fulfillment and retail Contract Pharmacy services.  Read more

Max-Viz #6 - Max-Viz
  Headquarters:  Portland, OR
  2007 - 2009 Growth:  274.78%

The past three years have been kind to Portland-based Max-Viz, especially compared to its previous three.  Revenue for the developer of specialized vision systems for pilots increased from $1.66 million in 2007 to $6.24 million last year. Read more
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