Newps, Denver ANA Show Report, & 
4th Known 1842 Small Date Small
Letters Half Dollar Acquired

May 28, 2012


WOW!  We had a really great show at the ANA's National Money Show in Denver, CO.  Dealers' initial expectations were for a slow show, but our view was a bit more optimistic, because we believed that collectors would attend the show, since it was 6 years since a major show was held in Denver, and we also believed the lack of an auction would lead to more activity on the bourse floor, as collectors would not be viewing auction lots and holding onto their funds for possible auction purchases.  It turned out that we were correct, at least about our own business.  I know that many dealers are putting out negative reports about the show, but we were very busy at our table every day, and we sold as much on Thursday as we expected to sell for the entire show!  We had a large run of Seated dollars that took up an entire case, and those coins sold very well. Thank you to all of our customers and also those who sold coins to us. 

Numismatist, Author and Table Assistant Bill Bugert accompanied me to Denver, and I couldn't have done the show without him!  We were busy non-stop.  Also, Bill delivered a talk on Carson City Half Dollars that was very well received by an audience of 20!  

We have about 80 newps that are now listed and pictured.  The newps are highlighted by an 1829 Curl Base 2 dime in PCGS VG8:
We also acquired several Seated halves incl. an outstanding 1852-O in PCGS AU-55 with prooflike surfaces, a wonderful 1877 3c nickel in PCGS PR-65, and 40 Buffalo nickel varieties, mostly from a collection we acquired at ANA that we call the Colorado Collection.  Some of these varieties are quite rare, so if you collect these fascinating coins, act now!  To examine highlights of the rest of our inventory, please see our full-page ad in the May 14 issue of Coin World, page 57.  

We normally don't talk about a coin we have that's NOT for sale, but this coin is kind of special.  We just acquired the 4th known 1842 Small Date, Small Letters Seated Half!  It is graded PCGS Good-6, and is pictured below and on our website on the Seated Halves page, and you will see stories in both Coin World and Numismatic News about this coin.  But, alas, it is not for sale.

1842 Sm Date Sm Letters Half PCGS G-6

All of our coins including the following newps are posted on our website  If you see any coin(s) of interest, please call (717)533-2935 or (717)579-8238 (cell) or e-mail us at to reserve the coin(s) that you want.

The newps are:
Seated Half Dimes1840-O With Drapery G-460
Seated Half Dimes1860-O NGC AU-58, great toning875
Seated Half Dimes1866 business strike AU-50875
Bust Dimes1827 JR-3 R1 EF-45360
Bust Dimes1828 Lg Date JR-2 R3 G / AG65
Bust Dimes1829 Curl Base 2 JR-10 PCGS VG-8 13,000
Seated Dimes1849-O VG-10, rotated reverse150
Seated Dimes1850-O Micro o G-4/AG-325
Seated Dimes1860-S VF-20, lt. clnd.300
Seated Quarters1841 F-12, sm. scratches165
Seated Quarters1852-O PCGS Gen., AU det., clnd.4,500
Seated Quarters1867 PCGS F-15 business strike1,150
Seated Quarters1875-CC G-4, many scratches125
Seated Quarters1882 Quarter NGC AU-50900
Seated Quarters1885 PCGS AU-53 CAC1,000
Bust Halves1827 O-140 R4 VG obv., VF rev.165
Bust Halves1828 O-109 R3 VF-25165
Seated Halves1839 No Drapery VF-20675
Seated Halves1839 No Drapery VG-8250
Seated Halves1840-(O) Medium Letters G-4 / AG-3140
Seated Halves1841 NGC AU-581,000
Seated Halves1842 Sm Date PCGS AU-55 CAC1,100
Seated Halves1846-O Medium Date PCGS AU-50775
Seated Halves1850 PCGS AU-501,475
Seated Halves1852-O Half PCGS AU-55 Secure Plus3,650
Seated Halves1856-O PCGS AU-55, nicely toned550
Seated Halves1860 VG-8/1085
Seated Halves1866-S No Motto, NGC VF-352,150
Seated Halves1875-CC VF, scratches140
Seated Halves1877 EF-40, digs on face120
Seated Halves1887 PCGS PR-551,500
Seated Dollars1841 NGC Unc. details, cleaned1,475
Seated Dollars1862 Dollar AU-50, lt. cleaned3,250
Half Cents & Cents1798 Cent S-178 R5+ PCGS Gen., Fine / Good4,750
2c, 3c & 20c Pieces1877 3c Nickel PCGS PR-655,250
Nickels1888 EF-40195
Nickels1913 Type 1 No F F-1255
Nickels1913-D Type 1 2 feather AU-53150
Nickels1913-S Type 1 2 feather No F VF-30625
Nickels1913-S Type 1 2 feather No F AG-340
Nickels1915 2 feather VF-20, sm. scratches150
Nickels1915-S F-15140
Nickels1916 2 1/2 feathers, No F, F-1235
Nickels1916-D Imbedded D G-640
Nickels1916-S 2 feather G-4/640
Nickels1916-S No F VF-EF   (Genuine)175
Nickels1917 2 feather VF-3075
Nickels1917 2 feather G-4, sm. rim cut15
Nickels1917-D 3 1/2 leg VG-8, microcorrosion90
Nickels1917-D 3 1/2 leg G-590
Nickels1917-D 3 1/2 leg G-470
Nickels1917-D 2 feather VG-10100
Nickels1917-S 2 feather F-15140
Nickels1917-S 2 feather F-12 or close110
Nickels1918-S 2 feather F-12, rev. scratches65
Nickels1918-S 2 feather G-6, obv. laminations40
Nickels1919 2 feather VF-25, rev. microcorrosion50
Nickels1919-D 2 feather VG-870
Nickels1919-S 2 feather G-6 /F-1285
Nickels1920 2 feathers VF-2575
Nickels1920 No F F-1220
Nickels1920 Huge reverse cud G-450
Nickels1920-D 2 feathers VG-1080
Nickels1920-D 2 feather G-540
Nickels1920-S 2 feather VF-35, reverse LDS225
Nickels1921 2 feather VF-2045
Nickels1921-S 2 feather F-15300
Nickels1921-S 2 feather G-6/495
Nickels1925-D 2 feathers VF-20, sm. rev. scratch250
Nickels1925-S 2 feathers F-12 or close60
Nickels1926-D 3 1/2 leg VG-880
Nickels1927-D 2 feather VF-30475
Nickels1928-S 2 feather VG, scr.80
Nickels1929-S 2 feathers VF-30135
Nickels1929-S 2 feather F-1570
Nickels1930-S 2 feather F-15125
Other 10c thru $11954 Dime PCGS MS-64, electric blue obv toning 125
Other 10c thru $11942 Half Mint State, beautiful multi-colored toning1,450
Commemoratives1936 Gettysburg half NGC MS-64650
Tokens & Medals1776 Continental Dollar silver restrike, NGC MS-64395

I will be working throughout the summer, and my next show is ANA's World's Fair of Money in Philadelphia August 7 -11.  Have a great summer, and I hope to hear from you soon!  

                                                    - - - Rich Uhrich 

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