Newps & Central States Show Report

April 29, 2012


We were happy to have a table at the recently-completed Central States show held in Schaumburg, IL.  We had a good show, and met a lot of new customers and dealers.  Thank you to all of our customers and also those who sold coins to us.  We have close to 40 newps that are now listed and pictured.  Central States is a show held in a great location and it draws a considerable number of collectors and dealers.  The only thing we aren't fond of is the timing.  The show started on Thursday the 19th, which is 2 days after tax day.  Those people who had to pay in were low on funds to buy coins, and those who were getting refunds, but filed in the prior month, hadn't yet received their refunds.  Auction results were mixed as some coins sold for quite high prices, while other coins went lower than expected.  The market seems to have what I would call "hidden strength".  That is, there is strength but it isn't obvious.  For example, I still collect and one of my collections is clad Washington quarter varieties.  From all you read, that would seem to be a relatively sluggish area, but prices in the auction for that material were strong.  

All of our coins including the following newps are posted on our website  If you see any coin(s) of interest, please call (717)533-2935 or (717)579-8238 (cell) or e-mail us at to reserve the coin(s) that you want.

The newps are:
Bust Half Dimes1800 LM-2 R7 EF details, holed and plugged3,650
Seated Half Dimes1858-O F-12, retained cud on rev.80
Bust Dimes1825 JR-5 R-5 VF-20         295
Bust Dimes1827 JR-12 R-1 VF-30165
Bust Quarters1836 B-3 R-1 AU-55+ nice toning!1,150
Seated Quarters1840-O Quarter WD Large O, VF-205,250
Seated Quarters1853 No Arrows, PCGS gen, XF det., scratches3,500
Seated Quarters1856-S/s PCGS VF-254,650
Seated Quarters1858 PCGS PR-63 (OGH)2,150
Seated Quarters1866 Bus. Strike PCGS VF-251,850
Seated Quarters1878-S AU-50 or close1,850
Bust Halves1802 PCGS VF-254,150
Bust Halves1818 O-104'b' EF-40, R6900
Bust Halves1820/19 O-102 EF-40 or close, original800
Bust Halves1823 O-103 R PCGS AU-552,000
Bust Halves1824/various dates O-103 EF-40, lt. clnd. 275
Bust Halves1825 O-114 PCGS AU-531,150
Bust Halves1826 O-102 R1 NGC XF-40625
Bust Halves1828 O-123 R5+ VG950
Bust Halves1831 O-119 VF-30225
Seated Halves1843 AU-59+, bisecting die cracks both sides950
Seated Halves1846/horizontal 6, EF-AU1,200
Seated Halves1851 AU-502,150
Seated Halves1851 VG-8, very minor scratches1,200
Seated Halves1851-O G-4 / VG-8150
Seated Halves1862 VG-8 or close160
Seated Halves1865 G-490
Seated Halves1877-S, Rev of 1878-S, R5, AU-58, Prooflike1,150
Seated Halves1887 NGC improperly cleaned, Unc details1,500
Seated Dollars1862 Proof-55, lt. cleaned2,995
Seated Dollars1865 EF-40, very light cleaning1,600
Seated Dollars1865 NGC F-15900
Other 10c thru $11965 Dime 45% obv. die break (CUD) MS-62 NGC1,500
Other 10c thru $11797 Bust $1 9x7 Lg. Let. NGC gen. clnd. VF det.6,000
Other 10c thru $11799 Bust Dollar PCGS VF-303,600
Trade Dollars1875 Trade AG-3125
Commemoratives1946 B. T. Washington half NGC MS-64625

I have the local Hershey show May 5 & 6, then it is off to the West to the ANA show in Denver, CO. on May 10 - 12.  Please stop by and see me at Table #1017.  My table assistant Bill Bugert will be joining me in Denver, and he will speak at one of the seminars on Friday on the topic "Carson City Half Dollars - - Why You Should Collect Them and How You Should Do It".   After Denver, I have one local show in Chambersburg, PA on May 19.  Oh, and watch for my full-page Coin World ad in the May 14 issue! 

                                                    - - - Rich Uhrich 

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