More Great NEWPS! 

May 20, 2011


This is our second group of newps from the recent Baltimore show, the PAN show, a few local shows, and some other acquisitions.  Highlights include an 1822 dime in NGC AU-58+, and an "affordable" 1839 Gobrecht dollar in EF.  These newps also include over 50 Seated dimes, over 30 Seated halves, and over a dozen Seated dollars.  Our newps over $300 are listed below.  The newps $300 and under are on the website.  If you see any coin(s) of interest, please call (717)533-2935 or e-mail us to reserve the coin(s) that you want.  We have posted pictures of all of the newps.  We also have a limited quantity of the wonderful new book "Early Quarter Dollars of the United States Mint 1796 - 1838" by Rea, Peterson, Karoleff, and Kovach.  It is available on our "Books" page.

                                                                          - - Rich Uhrich

Seated Half Dimes1848-O Small o AU-501,200
Bust Dimes1822 Dime NGC AU-58+18,000
Seated Dimes1838 Small Stars, Doubled Die Reverse, AU-53450
Seated Dimes1838 Small Stars, PCGS XF-45350
Seated Dimes1846 ANACS G-4425
Seated Dimes1846 ANACS G-6, scratched425
Seated Dimes1851-O PCGS VF-35575
Seated Dimes1856-O ANACS AU-50350
Seated Dimes1856-S EF-40, lt. clnd., 1st one1,950
Seated Dimes1856-S EF-40, lt. clnd., 2nd one1,850
Seated Dimes1857-O PCGS AU-53500
Seated Dimes1860-O NGC VF-203,750
Seated Dimes1860-O ANACS AG-3600
Seated Dimes1863 PCGS Gen., AU detail, lt. clnd., business strike1,750
Seated Dimes1863-S VF-20 lt. microcorrosion            315
Seated Dimes1864 PCGS AU-50 business strike1,950
Seated Dimes1864 PF-62800
Seated Dimes1865 PCGS VF-20, business strike1,250
Seated Dimes1866 Dime PR-61650
Seated Dimes1867 PCGS VF-25, business strike2,000
Seated Dimes1875-S Below Wreath PCGS MS-64650
Seated Dimes1875-S Below Wreath NGC MS-64500
Seated Dimes1877 Ty. 1 rev., AU-58, lt. rev. corrosion450
Seated Dimes1878-CC Ty. 2 rev., EF-40, clnd, scrape on 8, dig on I450
Seated Dimes1884 NGC MS-65650
Seated Dimes1886-S AU-55, lt. clnd.575
Seated Dimes1887-S PCGS MS-64, 1st one800
Seated Dimes1887-S PCGS MS-64, 2nd one600
Seated Dimes1889-S AU-55, repunched mintmark450
Bust Quarters1820 B-5 R-5 PCGS VG-8700
Bust Quarters1822 B-1 EF, rev. punch mark1,000
Bust Quarters1822 B-1 R3 PCGS F-15800
Seated Quarters1842 Lg Date VF-20500
Seated Quarters1842-O Small Date, VF-30, a few sm. marks1,750
Seated Quarters1852 VF-30675
Seated Quarters1855-O VF-20700
Seated Quarters1869 PCGS F-12 business strike1,000
Seated Quarters1873 No Arrows Closed 3, PCGS Gen., F-12 details2,750
Seated Quarters1878-S VF, light clnd.1,050
Seated Quarters1885 AU - Unc., lt. clnd.725
Seated Quarters1885 VF-30550
Seated Quarters1886 EF-40, business strike1,875


Bust Halves1832 O-114 R4+ PCGS XF-45625
Bust Halves1833 Half O-102' (prime) R-? PCGS AU-50 OGH  1,750
Bust Halves1836 Reeded Edge, VF-30, rev. rim bump2,200
Seated Halves1840- (O) Medium Letters VG-10, 2nd obverse950
Seated Halves1841 AU-50, sm. rim bump on rev.500
Seated Halves1850 VG-8, clnd.675
Seated Halves1851 Unc. details, obverse scratches1,200
Seated Halves1851 PCGS VF-201,650
Seated Halves1851-O EF-40550
Seated Halves1852-O EF, damage on reverse695
Seated Halves1862 VF-35450
Seated Halves1875-S Micro s, Good-4, original595
Seated Halves1877-S, Rev of 1878-S, R5, PCGS Gen., AU-55 details1,000
Seated Halves1879 EF-45+, very . clnd.800
Seated Halves1880 VF-20, lt. clnd.600
Seated Halves1882 MS-62 PL NGC1,750
Seated Halves1882 VF-20840
Seated Halves1884 F-12850
Seated Halves1885 AU-50, very lt. clnd.995
Seated Halves1885 VF-30 cleaned825
Seated Halves1885 VG-8675
Seated Halves1887 VF-35, 2nd one1,200
Seated Halves1887 VF-35, 1st one1,200
Seated Halves1889 EF-40650
Seated Dollars1839 Gobrecht Dollar, EF, pinscratches18,500
Seated Dollars1845 VG-8450
Seated Dollars1846-O AU-50, retoned, 45 degree rotated reverse1,400
Seated Dollars1849 EF-40, a couple of sm. rim bumps675
Seated Dollars1859-O AU-55 and nice1,150
Seated Dollars1861 G-6, bumps1,000
Seated Dollars1863 AU-50, brushed in obv. fields, sm. rim bump1,700
Seated Dollars1863 VF-20, clnd.1,200
Seated Dollars1864 G-4, nice original500
Seated Dollars1865 G-4475
Seated Dollars1866 EF-401,500
Seated Dollars1866 VF-35, rim bump, pinscratches1,100
Seated Dollars1869 VG-10 lt. clnd.425
Seated Dollars1872-CC VG, sm. rev. scratches2,800
Seated Dollars1873 VF-20525
Trade Dollars1875 Trade PCGS Gen., EF details800
2c, 3c & 20c Pieces1864 3c Silver AU-551,000
2c, 3c & 20c Pieces1866 3c Silver AU-50, sm. scratches near date675
Other 10c thru $11942 Half ICG PR64, some cameo surfaces775
Different hall for the June Baltimore Show 

If you plan to attend the Baltimore show June 16 - 18, please note that, because of construction, the show will take place in Hall F rather than the normal Halls A, B, and C.  Hall F can be entered from the S. Howard St. side, between S. Pratt and S. Camden Sts.  I will be at Table #612, and I hope to see you there!

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