Wonderful NEWPS! 

February 28, 2011


We did not attend the Long Beach show, but we had a representative there, and we have been doing a lot of work here at the home office in between the smow and ice storms.  The Legend Market Report often notes the lack of great coins on the market.  Well, we think we found some:  decent mid-grade examples of the 1794 and 1796/5 half dimes, a low-grade 1839-O Large O half dime, an MS-62 1848-O half dime, the 1804, 1822 and 1872-CC dimes, two 1841 and three 1858-O quarters, R4, R5, and R6 Bust halves, the elusive 1852-O, 1856-S, 1857-S, 1861-O halves in VF and up, a very nice 1884 half in AU-55, a low grade 1857 Seated dollar and an 1861 dollar in VF.  The complete listing of our newps is shown in the table below.  If you see any coin(s) of interest, please call (717)533-2935 or e-mail us to reserve the coin(s) that you want.  We have posted pictures of all but one of the newps.

Bust Half Dimes1794 Dime, LM-4, R4, ANACS VF-354,250
Bust Half Dimes1796/5 LM-2 R6  PCGS Gen., F-12/VF-25 details, obv. planchet flaw6,250
Seated Half Dimes1839-O Lg. O Good-61,500
Seated Half Dimes1848-O NGC MS-621,500
Bust Dimes1804 JR-1 PCGS Gen., VF-30 details10,000
Bust Dimes1814 Sm Date JR-1 R3 PCGS VG-10225
Bust Dimes1822 PCGS G-41,850
Bust Dimes1822 G-4/AG-3850
Bust Dimes1828 Large Date G-VG160
Seated Dimes1861-S F-15300
Seated Dimes1872-CC PCGS VG-102,250
Seated Dimes1874 F-114, Good-4, missing rt. arrow125
Other 10c thru $11913-S Dime PCGS F-12275
Bust Quarters1815 PCGS VG-10595
Seated Quarters1841 VF-25325
Seated Quarters1841 VG-8180
Seated Quarters1858-O PCGS AU-501,000
Seated Quarters1858-O EF-40, cleaned350
Seated Quarters1858-O VF-20, cleaned175
Bust Halves1813 O-102 R4 VF-25, original280
Bust Halves1814 O-107'b' R5 F-15450
Bust Halves1817/3 PCGS VF-25775
Bust Halves1817 O-105'a' R6 VF-30875
Bust Halves1832 O-114 R4+ EF-AU, rim nick225
Seated Halves1840-O PCGS VF-25 micro o250
Seated Halves1840-O PCGS clnd, F-12 details140
Seated Halves1840-O PCGS AG-370
Seated Halves1843 NGC AU-55 WB-104595
Seated Halves1848/47 WB-102, ANACS VF-25300
Seated Halves1852-O PCGS VF-351,050
Seated Halves1856-S EF-40, NGC clnd.550
Seated Halves1856-S VG-8 No Drapery300
Seated Halves1857-S PCGS XF-401,450
Seated Halves1861-O WB-103 NGC AU-551,150
Seated Halves1862 PCGS XF-40495
Seated Halves1864 ANACS VF-20300
Seated Halves1865 WB-102 ANACS VG-8300
Seated Halves1868 Good-685
Seated Halves1875-CC PCGS VG-10140
Seated Halves1875-S WB-102, WB-4, ANACS EF-40500
Seated Halves1876-CC PCGS VF-35175
Seated Halves1876-CC PCGS VF-20165
Seated Halves1877-S PCGS AU-55395
Seated Halves1882 PR-55, clnd & retoned725
Seated Halves1884 PCGS AU-551,300
Seated Halves1886 PCGS F-12, original975
Seated Halves1891 PCGS VF-20225
Seated Dollars1857 Good-5, clnd.525
Seated Dollars1861 ANACS VF det., dmgd, clnd, net F-121,495

My next show is Whitman's Baltimore Expo March 31 to April 2.  If you attend that show, please stop by and say hello! 

- - - Rich Uhrich 

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