FUN in Tampa, plus NEWPS! 

January 19, 2011


We had a great show at FUN, which was held in Tampa this year instead of Orlando.  It was great to see a lot of you at the show!  The bourse floor seemed crowded, my table was constantly busy, and sales were good.  All of these things are good signs for the coin market.  And, my flight made it out just before the airport closed down because of the winter storm!

As usual, we were able to find some great coins for you to consider.  Highlights of the newps are the 1805 half dime in PCGS VF-20, a very rare (R7) 1827 JR-10 dime with VF details, "affordable" examples of the 1877 and 1878 20c pieces, an 1873 No Arrows Closed 3 quarter in PCGS XF-45, two gorgeous toned Capped Bust halves (1822 and 1825) in PCGS holders, and some nice Seated halves and high-grade slabbed 1861 and 1868 Seated dollars.  The complete listing of our newps is shown in the table below.  If you see any coin(s) of interest, please call (717)533-2935 or e-mail us to reserve the coin(s) that you want.  Pictures will be coming soon!

OUR NEWPS:          
1805 Half Dime, LM-1 V1, R4, PCGS VF-206,000
1836 Half Dime LM-2 R3 VG-10 PCGS95
1854 Half Dime NGC MS-651,500
1811 Dime PCGS VF-251,850
1811 Dime F-12, a few sm. scratches600
1827 Dime JR-10 R7 VF det., scr. thru cap 12,500
1866-S Dime PCGS XF-40850
1875-S Dime In Wreath AU-50 with cud295
1890 Dime MS-60165
1891-O Dime, Clashed Dies ANACS MS-63700
1877 20c Piece ANACS Proof, cleaned, net PF-555,250
1878 20c Piece ANACS Proof-604,500
1825 Quarter B-2 PCGS XF-40 CAC2,000
1825 Quarter B-2 PCGS VG-10350
1844-O Quarter PCGS VG-10125
1851 Quarter VF-20, lt. clnd.450
1857 Quarter, Smoking Liberty, VF-30 165
1873 Quarter No Arrows Cl. 3, PCGS XF-45, Bus strike7,250
1875-CC Quarter VF-20, some pinscrs.775
1807 Capped Half O-111b, Bearded Goddess, VF-302,250
1822 Half O-110a R-2 PCGS AU-53 CAC2,950
1825 Half O-105 R2 PCGS MS-63+4,500
1840-(O) Half Medium Letters VG-8325
1840 Half Sm Let Rare Checkmark die crack VG-10250
1841-O Half PCGS VF-20 Baseball Die Crack Reverse2,750
1842 Half Medium Date NGC AU-53, WB-105, RPD475
1842 Half Medium Date AU-50375
1849 Half EF-40, sm. obv. scr.275
1850 Half PCGS VF-20, 2nd one1,100
1864 Half VF-20, 2nd one250
1865 Half WB-102 PCGS VF-25500
1869 Half PCGS AU-53675
1890 Half, PCGS AU-581,100
1861 Dollar NGC AU-586,750
1868 Dollar PCGS AU-502,250

My next show is Whitman's Baltimore Expo March 31 to April 2.  If you attend that show, please stop by and say hello! 

- - - Rich Uhrich 

Some new discoveries 

Recently a new variety of Capped Bust dime was discovered.  The 1827 JR-14 consists of the obverse of the 1827/7 (JR-1) plus the reverse of the 1827 JR-2.   The latest discovery in half dimes is the 1835 LM-12.  And recently one of our customers cherrypicked an 1829 Curl Base 2 which was graded at FUN PCGS VF-35!

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