Philly Show Report 
October 11, 2010

We acquired a lot of new purchases at the recent Philly show.  Highlights include a 1796/5 half dime, 1829 Curl Base 2 dime, 1807 quarter AU, two PCGS 1815 quarters, a gorgeous 1815/2 half in Choice AU, several scarce Seated quarters and halves in AU and MS, and an 1852 Seated dollar.  They are listed at right, and nearly all of them have been pictured and priced.  If you see any coin(s) of interest, please call (717)533-2935 or e-mail us to reserve the coin(s) that you want.

We had a fabulous show in Philly.  The table seemed to be busy constantly, and I was happy to have a table assistant throughout the show.  In the days before Philly, we sold two 1836 Original Gobrecht dollars.  At Philly, we sold an 1801 dime in PCGS AU-50, an 1802 dime and half, and several scarce Seated quarters.  We also saw a lot of our customers and met some new customers.  The Philly show has now existed for two years, and I think it has staying power.

I will have a table at the PAN show in Monroeville, PA October 22 thru 24, and then it is on to Baltimore for the Whitman show November 4 to 6.  If you get to any of these shows, please stop by and say hello!

- - - Rich Uhrich 

Counterfeit coins in counterfeit PCGS slabs emerge

Recently, I ordered two Liberty Seated

dollars, sight unseen, from a company in Burnsville,

Minnesota. The coins they sent were two counterfeit Liberty Seated dollars in counterfeit PCGS slabs:

1856 Seated Dollar, PCGS XF40 (#13498242)

1845 Seated Dollar, PCGS VF30 (#22107035).
To see pictures of the coins and slabs, click here.


I returned the two coins to the company and stated that they are counterfeit coins in counterfeit slabs.  Although they insisted they were genuine, they sent an e-mail stating they would be returning them to Heritage, where they came from.  They later sent me another e-mail stating that Heritage received the coins and dertermined "the 1856 is genuine, but cleaned and in a counterfeit holder.  The 1845 is a counterfeit coin in a genuine holder."

I forwarded this e-mail to my contact at Heritage, who subsequently e-mailed me:  "we have received no such coins from them and in fact did not sell them coins in cft [counterfeit] PCGFS slabs.  They are completely mistaken. The coins do not match the ones sold at auction years ago."


Heritage's auction archives show that

the two slab numbers are identical to coins that

Heritage sold.  However, the coins inside the slabs

when Heritage sold them are NOT the coins they sent me.


The coins and the slabs are of sufficient quality that a collector who is not familiar with seated dollars could be fooled. The experienced seated dollar collector will recognize these as counterfeit coins, because of the date style.  I provided information and images of these coins to both Heritage and PCGS. I was able to obtain a refund but only after I sent an extremely forceful e-mail to the company.
New Purchases!

Bust Half Dimes - 1796/5 R6 VG, slight bend.

Seated Half Dimes - 1837 Small Date VF, 1872-S, S in wreath, AU-58+.

Bust Dimes - 1809 Good but bent and straightened, 1829 Curl Base 2 PCGS Genuine Good-6 details, one dig, 1829 Medium 10c, JR-12, VF-20.

Seated Dimes - None this time, but 24 in the last newsletter.

Bust Quarters1807 B-1 PCGS AU-50, 1815 PCGS VF-25, 1815 PCGS Genuine, "L" countermark F-12 detail, 1825 B-2 PCGS XF-40 CAC early die state of cud at arrows, 1837 B-2 AU-55.

Seated Quarters - 1841 PCGS AU-55, 1844 VF-35, 1853 WA PCGS AU-53, 1858 PCGS AU-50, 1861-S G-4, 1867 business strike PCGS MS-61, 1869 business strike NGC XF-45, 1881 business strike PCGS MS-62, 1883 business strike ICG AU-58 PL.

Bust Halves - 1802 PCGS VG-8, 1802 NGC VG, clnd., 1807 Small Stars O-113 PCGS VF-20, 1815/2 AU-58 attractive toning, slight rub, 1818 O-114 PCGS XF-45, 1820 O-106 AU-53, 1821 O-103 VF-30 and VG-10, 1822 O-103 R5- EDS VG, 1827 O-123 R5- VF-30 clnd.

Seated Halves - 1839 With Drapery AU-551840 Small Letters AU-58 and AU-55, 1851-O F-12, 1859 F-15+, 1860 ANACS AU-50 and NGC VG-10, 1862 AU-55, 1864 EF-40, 1865 Doubled Date F-12, 1866 VF-30, 1877-S Rev. of 78-S EF-40, 1882 Ch. Unc. PL and NGC VG-8, 1883 NGC VG detail clnd., 1884 NGC VG detail clnd, 1887 NGC MS-62PL.

Seated Dollars1852 ANACS VF detail, net VG, 1857 VF, 1861 EF-40, 1862 VG-F, 1863 VG.

Other coins - 1885 3c Nickel ANACS VF-30 business strike, 1877 nickel PCGS PR-40, 1936-D 3 1/2 leg nickels PCGS F-15 CAC and ANACS VG-8, two Bryan money dimes, and five gorgeously toned Morgan dollars in NGC and PCGS holders

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