Newps from Baltimore (over 100 new coins!)June 23, 2010

Good Baltimore show, plus over 100 new coins! 

Our sales at the show were 5% more than our pre-show estimate, so we had a successful show.  We also picked up a lot of newps which are listed at right.  But the thing that surprised me the most was how many new people we met at the show.  Welcome to all of our new customers! 

We just represented a client in the purchase of one of the 3 known 1835 LM-12 half dimes.  Congratulations to the new owner!  We also have the new Carson City half dollar book now in stock (we are one of only two distributors of this book.) 

Some of the coins I acquired are quite difficult to find, so if you need one, please e-mail or call me before someone else does.  All of the coins have been posted, and the pictures will be posted over the next few days.   

SHOW NEWS:  My next show is the ANA's World's Fair of Money in Boston, Mass. August 10 - 14.  If you plan to go, make your reservations early.  And when you are at the show, please stop by and see me at table #840! 

SHIPPING & HANDLING CHARGES INCREASED:  I have increased my shipping and handling charge from $6 to $10 per order.  Packages over $500 will be sent via registered mail.  The reason for this change is that two of my insured mail packages were lost.  Other dealers have had the same problem.  We are sure you will agree that when you order a coin you should get the coin.  


Monday was the first day of summer!  I hope it is an enjoyable one for you and your family.


- - - Rich Uhrich

Dick Osburn Rare Coins sold to Wayne Herndon

As many of you know, Dick Osburn and Wayne Herndon announced that effective June 17 the assets of Dick Osburn Rare Coins were acquired by Wayne Herndon Rare Coins, Inc. of Chantilly, Virginia.  Dick will be staying on as a consultant.


I first met Dick Osburn in Spring 2000 at the Baltimore coin show, when I offered him an 1851 Seated dollar.  He offered his numismatic bio:  started as a young collector with 20th century coins, then the earlier series, then started selling duplicates and finally became a dealer specializing in bust and seated coins.  He asked me for my numismatic bio and I said I was 5 years behind him.  It has been my privilege for the last ten years to know Dick as a dealer, colleague and friend.  Despite the fact that we are direct competitors, he has always answered my numerous questions, whether they were about a coin's attribution, a coin's value, how a dealer should handle a situation, travel issues, and a myriad of other topics.


Dick has often thanked his mentor, the late Jim O'Donnell.  I am happy to say I had two great mentors, Jim O'Donnell and Dick Osburn.  I also want to thank Ruth Osburn for kindness shown and advice given to my wife Karen as she began to help me at shows.  Enjoy your semi-retirement, Dick and Ruth!



- - - Rich Uhrich

Highlights of New Purchases!

Bust Half Dimes -  1795 LM-9 PCGS F-15, 1832 LM-10.3 AU-58, 1835 LM-12 VF, 1 of only 3 known (already sold).

Seated Half Dimes - 1839-O VF, 170 degree rotated reverse, 1844-O Small o VF-30, 1863 VG, 1864 NGC MS-63, NGC PR-61 and G-4 damaged, 1865 PR-62, 1866 PCGS XF-45, 1867 PCGS PR-62 CAM CAC, PR-63 and PCGS PR-55. 

Bust Dimes - 1802 JR-4 F-12, 1809 AG+,  1820 STATESOF VG-8, 1821 Small Date JR-8 EF, 1822 PCGS F-12 (already sold), 1823/2 JR-3 AU-58 with gorgeous toning, 1824/2 JR-1 VG.

Seated Dimes - 1865-S PCGS VF-20, 1866-S Weak S VF, 1867 PR-62, 1879 PCGS MS-64 and PCGS XF-45, 1880 PCGS XF-45.

Bust Quarters - 1806 B-6 R5 PCGS G-4 and PCGS FR-2, 1818 B-5 R5 PCGS G-6, 1818 B-7 PCGS VG-10, 1818 B-9 R5+ VG-8, 1820 B-3 VG-8, 1820 B-5 VF-30, 1822 25/50 R5 AG/G, scratched, 1825 B-2 retained cud at arrows VG (R6 die state). 

Seated Quarters - 1841 PCGS VF-30 and G-6, 1842 Large Date F-12, 1850 F-12, 1853-O/horizontal O EF w/rev. scratch and F-12, 1855-O VF-30, 1857-S F-15, 1866 G/AG, and 1887 EF-40 business strike.

Bust Halves - 1801 O-101 PCGS F-15, 1802 VF-20/F-15 (already sold) and F-12, 1806/5 O-101a w/ cud (R7 die state), 1807 Large Stars O-114 VF-20, 1811 O-112a R5 VF-30, 1812 O-106 PCGS AU-501814 O-104a PCGS XF-45 w/ nice toning, 1818 O-115a R4+ VF-25, 1821 O-105 F-15, 1823 O-103 PCGS VF-25, 1824/1 O-102 R5+ F-15/VF-25, 1824 O-114 R5- G-4, 1825 O-103 R4- PCGS AU-53, 1827 O-116 R4+ F12/VG-8, 1827 O-122 R5 VG, 1827 O-145 R5 VF+, 1828 O-105 R5 PCGS VF-25, 1829 O-104a PCGS XF-45, 1829 O-116a PCGS XF-45, 1830 O-102 NGC XF-45, 1830 O-112a R4+ F-15, 1832 O-105a R4 PCGS XF-45, 1833 O-111 R4+ F-12, 1834 O-106 PCGS XF-45, 1834 O-109 AU-55, 1835 PCGS AU-50, 1839-O Fine, cool die cracks.

Seated Halves - 1839 No Drapery EF-45 clnd. and VF-20, 1839 With Drapery F-12, 1841 EF-45, 1845 VF-20, 1848 F-12 or close, 1852 AU-53 and EF, 1856-S VF-30, 1858 DDO F-15, 1862 VF-30, 1863 PCGS AU-50 and VG-8, 1864 AU-50, 1865-S AU-53 and VG-8 w/ rev. cuds, 1866 AU-50, 1867 EF-45 and EF-40, 1871-CC VG-8,  1873-CC No Arrows NGC VF-35, 1875-S WB-104 F-12, 1879 EF, 1880 G-4, 1881 EF-45 and PCGS VG-8, 1882 AU-55, 1883 AU-55, 1884 EF-45.
Seated Dollars - 1848 F-12, 1857 EF, 1865 AU-50, 1866 VF.

Other coins - 1869 2c piece PCGS PR-64 RB (already sold), 1871 3c silver AU-55, 1886 3c nickel PCGS PR-53, 1879 Shield nickel PCGS VG-10, 1915-D/D Buffalo nickel ANACS VG-8, 1902-O Micro o dollar VG.
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