Over 200 New Purchases!May 12, 2010

I've acquired sets of Capped Bust and Seated Half Dimes, plus over 100 more new coins! 

I just acquired a full set of Capped Bust and Seated half dimes from a long-time customer.  The Capped Bust half dimes range from VF to AU.  The Seated half dimes also range from VF thru AU.  The 1846 and 1853-O No Arrows are both EF and are being submitted for grading, as well as the 1866 and 1867.  Other half dimes acquired include an 1800 and an 1801, a nice VG 1846, two more 1853-O No Arrows, and an 1867 in VF.  I've also acquired some 1809, 1811/09, 1822, and 1860-O dimes.  Quarters include an 1853 No Arrows in VG, two 1859-S, and a few in the 1880's.  Half dollars include an 1801 and 1802, about 20 nice Bust halves, an 1851 in EF, and about 30 other Seated halves.  I've acquired the first Bust dollars I've had in a while with a nice 1795 Small Eagle, and a 1799 R5 variety.  A few Seated dollars were also acquired.   Highlights of these new acquisitions are on the right side of this page. 

Some of the coins I acquired are quite difficult to find, so if you need one, please e-mail or call me before someone else does.  All of the coins including the pictures have been posted!
SHOW NEWS:  I have cancelled my table at the Nashville show May 20-22 as a result of an unforeseen situation beyond my control.  The next show is Whitman's Baltimore show June 17-19.  If you attend a show where I have a table, please stop by! 
MAGNIFYING GLASS ALERT:  I just discovered that my ad in the May 11 issue of Numismatic News was shrunk to a tiny print size that is nearly unreadable.  Numismatic News has apologized and has agreed to re-run the ad in the correct size in the May 25 issue.  All coins in the ad are listed on this website.
Thank you again for your business and enjoy the spring!

                                            - - - Rich Uhrich

I've changed my consignment policy
My consignment service includes attributing and grading each coin, recommending slabbing for any coins that would benefit from it, recommending a sale price and a net amount for each coin, marketing the coins including writing a description, taking a picture, editing the picture, posting the picture onto the website, and taking the coins to shows.  Each of these aspects of my consignment service has a cost in terms of my time and/or money.  Accordingly, I have made the following changes to my consignment policy::
  • Because of the large number of consignments currently, I have instituted a minimum value of $500 for any coin taken on consignment.
  • Two percentage points of the commission will be paid upon listing of coins selling between $500 and $5,000 - - 2% of the sale price will be due when listed, and an additional 8% of the sale price when sold.  The total commission is still 10%. 
  • For coins selling over $5,000, one percentage point will be paid upon listing, and an additional 6% of the sale price when sold.  This is an increase, as previously my rate for coins over $5,000 was 5%.  
Highlights of New Purchases!

Bust Half Dimes -  1800 EF-40, 1801 F-12, 1829 AU-55, 1830 LM-11 R6 EF-40, 1831 AU-55, 1835 three of the four Dansco varieties, 1836 both Large 5C and Small 5c in EF, 1837 Small 5c in VF, plus an LM-2 R5 in AU.

Seated Half Dimes - 1837 Small Date in EF, 1837 Large Date in VF, 1840-O With Drapery EF-45, 1844-O Large O VF-30, 1845 RPD EF-45, 1846 EF and VG, 1852-O EF-40, 1853 NA EF-40, 1853-O NA EF and EF/VF1863 PR-63, 1864 VF-30, 1867 VF-20, 1867-S EF-45, and several of the common issues in AU.

Bust Dimes - 1809 F-12 with a clip, and a VG with many scratches, 1811/09 two Fines, 1820 STATESOF F-12, 1822 a Choice Good and an AG, 1824/2 JR-2 a damaged VG, 1834 JR-4 MS-62.

Seated Dimes - 1839-O F-106A (top 100) in Choice AU, 1850 PCGS XF-45, 1852/52 F-12+ (top 100), 1857-O Medium O AU (R4+ in EF-AU), 1860-O PCGS VG-8, 1867-S VF-30, 1870-S F-12, 1871-S VG/G, 1873 No Arrows Closed 3 RPD MS-62, 1876-CC AU-Unc.

Bust Quarters - 1806 B-3 G-4, 1821 B-3 VF clnd., 1828 25/50 G holed and rough but cheap, and 1831 B-1 EF. 

Seated Quarters - 1840 F-12, 1853 No Arrows VG+, 1856-S/s AG, 1859-S PCGS G-4 but coin is VG, 1863 VG-8, 1879 VG/AG, 1880 F-12 and VG-10, and 1885 VF-30.

Bust Halves - 1801 F-12, 1802 F-15, 1803 Small 3 VF-30, 1805/4 PCGS VF-30, 1806 O-115a F-15, 1807 Draped O-108 PCGS F-15, 1807 Capped Bust 50/20 F-12 and VF-30, 1807 Large Stars O-114 PCGS F-12, 1808 O-103, 1809 O-109, 1814 O-106a, 1818 O-112 and 113, 1820/19 O-101a, 1822 O-102, 103 and 109, 1825 O-109, 1826 O-112, 1829 O-105, 1832 O-119, 1836 O-106, 1838 AU and EF, and 1839 AU.

Seated Halves - All of these are VF or EF: 1839 W/ Drapery, 1843, 1843-O, 1845-O, 1851, 1853, 1854-O, 1855/4, 1855, 1855-O/horiz. O, 1856-S, 1857-O, 1858, 1861, 1861-O, 1863, 1868-S, 1871-S, 1872-S, 1873-S, 1874, 1875-S, 1876-S, 1877-S, and 1891.

Seated Dollars - 1847 VG-8/F-12, 1850 AU with rubbing1871-CC G+ rim bumps, many scratches, 1872-S F-12 rim bump and rev. cstp., and 1873 VF-30.

Other coins - 1795 Draped Bust dollar, B-15 R2 VF-30 rim nick on rev., and a 1799 Dollar B-19 R5 F-15, cleaned.
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