Post-Baltimore show - - Great show, great new coins! March 13, 2010
March 2010 - Baltimore report 
If we had not sold a single coin, it still would have been a great show!  We bought some coins that are just dynamite!  And we sold a lot of coins too.  My table was busy with a lot of collectors working on their want lists, plus sales to dealers were better than expected.
I have acquired over 160 new coins that aren't yet on the website.  The newps include:
  • Half Dimes -  1830 LM-10 (R6) and 1833 LM-2 (R6) in PCGS XF-40.
  • Dimes - check out the extraordinarily attractive 1814 STATESOFAMERICA in PCGS AU-58 on my homepage, plus three 1843-O,  1860-O VG, 1863 VG, 1865 Fine, 1867 Good, 1867-S AU.
  • Quarters - an 1825 B-2 quarter with the intermediate state of the cud at arrows, two 1855-O, 1866 Good,  1871-S Good, two 1878-S.
  • Halves - 1842-O Small Date Good, 1851 AU, 1855-S Good-4 PCGS, 1870-CC Good, 1871-CC Good, two 1874-CC, three 1878-CC, two 1886 and an 1887.
  • Dollars - 1855 PCGS G-4, three 1861 and an 1863.

Some of the coins I acquired are quite difficult to find, so if you need one, please e-mail or call me before someone else does.  As usual, I will be posting the pictures over the next few days, but you can reserve any coin now and I will try to get your coin(s) pictures up first.  You can then make a decision after the pictures of the coins have been posted.

Thank you again for your business and hopefully the groundhog's influence on the winter has ended and we can spring into spring!  

                                            - - - Rich Uhrich
How do I handle "newps" (new purchases)?
A lot of people have asked how I handle "newps".  My policy has been developed to balance the interests of people attending coin shows, want list customers, mail order customers, and consignors.  Want list customers are the first to be notified when a new coin matches a want list request.  For very expensive coins, this could include a call from the bourse floor to determine the customer's interest in buying the coin.  Coins costing over $5,000 are usually put on the website immediately, and are highlighted on my homepage.  All other coins are usually held until the next major show, where people who have spent time and money to attend the show can see them first.  (The alternative, posting the coins on the website first, means I wouldn't have any new coins at the show.)  Then all coins acquired since the last major show, plus the coins acquired at the current show, and all consignments received, constitute the "newps" you can read about in this newsletter. 
An Often-Asked Question
I was at another dealer's table late on Saturday when a collector asked this question:  Why don't more dealers stay on Sunday?  Here's the answer:
Some dealers have long flights and it's difficult to find a flight on Sunday.  Some dealers have full-time jobs and they need a day off before Monday.   Some dealers want to spend time with their families.  For me, I would stay through Sunday if it made business sense.  But the fact is that for shows longer than 2 days, Sunday is a very low sales day for me.  For at least 90% of the shows with a mandatory Sunday, my Sunday sales (sales, not profits) were less than the cost of an extra day's hotel and meals costs. 
New Purchases!

Bust Half Dimes -  1830 LM-10 (R6), 1833 LM-2 (R6+) PCGS XF-40.

Seated Half Dimes - 1837 No Stars, 1840-O No Drapery, 1841 (3), 1841-O, 1842 NGC AU-55, 1844 (3), 1848 Lg Date, 1850, 1856-O, 1864 VG, 1867 PCGS PR-63, 1868, 1871-S NGC AU-55.

Bust Dimes - 1814 STATESOF PCGS AU-58, 1820 STATESOF VG, 1821 JR-3 R6, 1823/2 JR-1 and JR-3, 1824/2 JR-1 Good, 1828 JR-1, 1829 JR-8, 1830 JR-6, several 1833 JR-4 cuds, 1834 JR-4, 1835 JR-1 AU.

Seated Dimes - 1838 Small Stars, 1838 Partial Drapery, 1842 (2), 1843 Doubled Date, 1843-O (3), 1845-O, 1846, 1849, 1849-O (2), 1851-O, 1854-O Cracked Obverse F-103, 1860-O VG, 1860-S, 1862-S (2), 1863 VG, 1863-S, 1864 PR-50 PCGS, 1864-S, 1865, 1867 G, 1867-S, 1868, 1869(2), and 1876-CC DDO.

Bust Quarters - 1825 B-2, G-6, intermediate state of the cud at arrows, 1825 B-2 VG.

Seated Quarters - 1839, 1841, 1841-O DDO, 1842 LD, 1845, 1846 (2), 1846 RPD (2), 1848 TD, 1848 DD, 1850, 1851, 1852 Br 1-A, 1852-O, 1854-O Crumbled Die, 1855-O (2), 1858, 1858-O, 1859-S, 1865-S (2), 1866 ANACS G-6, 1871, 1871-S, 1872, 1873 NA Open 3, 1875-CC, 1878-S (2), 1881, 1882, 1883, 1889, 1890, 1891-O PCGS G-4.

Bust Halves - 1806 O-109 PCGS XF-40, 1807 O-112 (2), 1807 O-114, 1814 O-108a E/A, 1827 O-109, 1817 O-112a, 1820/19 O-102, 1827 O-110.

Seated Halves - 1839 W/ Drapery, 1840-O micro o, 1841(2), 1842 Sm Date, 1842 WB-106, 1842 WB-105 with rev. cud, 1842-O Sm Date Good, 1843, 1844 (2), 1846-O Tall Dt., 1849, 1851, 1855-S (2), 1860 (2), 1863, 1864, 1865 (2), 1868, 1870-CC, 1871-CC, 1874-CC (2), 1878-CC (3), 1881 (2),  1886 (2), 1887, 1888.

Seated Dollars - 1855 PCGS G-4 (a condition rarity), 1861 (3), 1863.
Other Coins - 1855 3c Silver.
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