January 2010 - Cold in Orlando, but a hot FUN show! January 11, 2010
January 2010 - Cold in Orlando, but a hot FUN show! 
EVERY DEALER I spoke with at the FUN show had a good or great show!  We sold more at this FUN show than the 2008 and 2009 FUN shows added together.  My table was busy from opening through mid-afternoon on each day of the show, with a lot of collectors looking to find coins on their want lists.
I have acquired nearly 50 new coins that aren't yet on the website.  The newps include an 1830 LM-6 R5 half dime in PCGS AU-58, 1836 LM-1.2 half dime in PCGS XF-40, 1864 business strike half dime in PCGS VF-20, 1866 business strike dime in AU-50, 1867 business strike dime in VF-20, 1807 B-2 quarter in VF-20, 1819 B-4 quarter in VF-30, 1822 quarter in PCGS VF-35 CAC, a rare 1852/52 quarter in VF, 1854-O Irregular Date quarter in F-15, 1872 quarter in AU-55, 1852 half in PCGS AU-58, and 1859 dollar in NGC AU-53.  Some of the coins I mentioned are quite difficult to find, so if you need one, please e-mail or call me before someone else does.  As usual, I will be posting the pictures over the next few days, but you can reserve any coin now and make a decision on it after the picture has been posted.

Thank you again for your business and I send warm wishes to help you get through this cold winter!  

                                            - - - Rich Uhrich
New Purchases!

Bust Half Dimes -  1796 LM-1 R3 Good, damaged, repaired and polished but priced right, 1830 LM-6 R5 PCGS AU-58 tied for 4th on the condition census, 1836 LM-1.2 R5 PCGS XF-40, 1837 Small 5C PCGS XF-40.

Seated Half Dimes - 1849/6 with loop showing to the right of the 9 XF, 1863-S F clnd., 1864 PCGS VF-20 business strike, 1864-S F/VF.

Bust Dimes - 1821 JR-3 R6 VG, 1824/2 G-6.

Seated Dimes - 1838 Small Stars DDR EF, 1838 Partial Drapery F-15 F-109 R5, 1840 With Drapery G-6, 1866 AU-50 business strike, 1866-S AU, 1867 VF-20 business strike, 1868-S F, 1869-S XF, 1873-S VF, 1886-S VF and F.

Bust Quarters - 1807 B-2 VF-20, 1819 B-4 R4 VF-30 with a 45 degree rotated rev., 1822 PCGS VF-35 CAC, 1822 F-15.

Seated Quarters - 1839 F, 1843-O Large O F rough but cheap, 1844 VF, 1847-O F, 1852/52 VF-20, 1854-O Irregular Date F-15 LDS, 1859-S G-6/VG-8, 1863 F, 1870 F, 1872 AU-55, 1874 PCGS XF-40.

Bust Halves - 1805/4 O-102 VF-25, 1805 VF.

Seated Halves - 1840-(O) Medium Letters G but scratched, 1844 G, 1848 WB-103 VF, 1849 XF, 1852 PCGS AU-58, 1853 "No Arrows" altered from 1858, 1855-S Gminus/VG, 1874-S Minute S AG+/G.

Seated Dollars - 1853 AG, 1859 NGC AU-53, 1862 F-15 (on hold), 1873 VG.
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