Rich Uhrich Rare U.S. Coins Inc. News & Newps  November 17, 2009
Baltimore - - Is the Down Market Over?
EVERY DEALER I spoke with at the Baltimore show had a good or great show!  If that's not a good sign, I don't know what one is!  We sold nearly as much at Baltimore as we did at the Los Angeles ANA Convention.  Also, orders from our website are up significantly in the last month.  Certainly the higher price of gold provides a more positive climate.  Perhaps collectors and their loved ones are buying holiday gifts.  Whatever the reasons, an end to the down market would be very welcome, and we will see if the FUN show in January continues this trend.
I acquired over 40 coins at Baltimore.  The newps include several attractive Seated quarters in nice VF - XF (incl. two 1852-O on their way to PCGS), a gorgeous 1842-O dime in PCGS AU-53 and another in XF-40, mid-grade 1861-S, 1865-S and 1879 dimes, an 1866 dime in VG/Good, an EF 1867 half dime, two low-grade 1809 dimes and a decent 1822 dime, and an 1836 Reeded Edge half in PCGS F-15; plus a group of slightly better date Seated dimes and quarters.  As usual, I will be posting the pictures over the next few days, but you can reserve any coin now and make a decision on it after the picture has been posted.

Thank you again for your business and I hope you have a safe and happy Thanksgiving and holiday season!  

                                            - - - Rich Uhrich
After last month's tough question, I will go with an easy one this time. 
According to the Red Book, which Seated Liberty silver series have no overdates?  Note:  If there is more than one, you must name all of them to win.

E-mail us the answer, first one with correct answer gets the 2009 ASE.  An American Silver Eagle is worth about $20 in today's market.  Full rules are on the About Us page on our website.
New Purchases!

Bust Half Dimes -  1829 LM-7.2 VG-8, 1832 LM-4 G-6/VG-8, scr.

Seated Half Dimes - 1837 Small Date G-6, 1839-O VG-10, 1842 AU-50, 1856 VF-30, 1867 EF-45.

Bust Dimes - 1809 VG scratches, 1809 VF-20/VG-8 nicks, 1822 F-12 very slight bend.

Seated Dimes - 1842-O PCGS AU-53, 1842-O XF-40, 1845-O Huge O G-4, 1858-O F-15, 1861-S VF-30, 1865-S F-12, 1866 VG-8/Good-4, 1866-S G-4, 1869 F-12, 1879 F-15/F-12.

Bust Quarters - 1818 B-8 PCGS VF-20, 1836 B-4 PCGS Gen. XF-40 details.

Seated Quarters - 1840 EF-40 ANACS, 1841-O VG-8, 1842-O Lg Date AU, 1843-O VF-30, 1844-O EF-40 ANACS, 1844-O VF-25, 1844-O 2-C G-6, 1850 F-12, 1852-O VF and F (on their way to PCGS), 1853 "No Arrows" altered from 1858, 1855-S XF-40, 1856-O VF-30 and F-15, 1857-O VF-30, 1858-O VF-35 and VF-20, 1858-S VF-35, 1860-O AU cleaned and VG-8 "Partial O", 1860-S G-4/AG-3, 1873 No Arrows Open 3 VG-8.

Bust Halves - 1827 O-122 R% VF-20 cleaned (SOLD).

Seated Halves - 1865-S VF with 2 cuds on reverse.

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