Rich Uhrich Rare U.S. Coins Inc. News & Newps  October 29, 2009
Lots of New Seated Half Dimes, Dimes, Quarters and Halves

I have acquired quite a few new coins from the  Whitman Philadelphia show, the recent PAN show in Monroeville, PA, and some local shows.  The newps include some real rarities including an 1841-O Closed Buds Small o dime in Good-4, an 1866 dime in Good-4, an 1825 B-2 quarter near the terminal die state in Good-4 with an unlisted obv. counterstamp, an 1871-S quarter in Fine-12, an 1802 half in Fine-12/VG-8, 1808 half in NGC AU-55 CAC with incredible toning, an 1850 half in VG-8, a pretty 1872-S half in AU-53 dipped, 1868 and 1870 3c silvers in XF, an 1887 3c nickel in AU, and a 2000-P "Cheerios" Sacagawea dollar in PCGS MS-67.  I'm not sure which of the coins above is the rarest, but they're all very difficult to obtain, so if you need one of these for your collection, contact us as soon as possible before someone else gets it.  I will be posting the pictures over the next few days, but you can reserve any coin and decide on it after the picture has been posted.

I have a NEW table at the upcoming Baltimore show (#1504) which is a bit closer to the action.  When you enter the door, turn right, then turn right at the auction lot viewing and you should be able to find us by looking for the colors matching this newsletter.

Thank you again for your business and I hope you have a safe and happy Halloween!  

                                            - - - Rich Uhrich
We still don't have a winner for last month's trivia question.  So we're going to try it again.  I didn't know this question was so difficult, so I will give you a hint.  Please note only one answer per person per question, so if you've answered this question before, you have already used up your one answer for this question.

What year from 1800 to date had the fewest total silver coins issued by the U. S. Mint?  Note:  For this question, we will be using the date on the coin, not necessarily the date of manufacturing.  HINT:  The fewest total silver coins issued was zero!  But no eligible contestant has provided the right year so far. 

E-mail us the answer, first one with correct answer gets the 2009 ASE.  An American Silver Eagle is worth about $20 in today's market.  Full rules are on the About Us page on our website.

New Purchases!

Bust Half Dimes -  1829 LM-4 F-12, 1834 LM-5 VF-20.

Seated Half Dimes - 1844-O medal turn VG, 1849-O G-6, 1852-O VF-20, 1855-O F-12, 1859 VF-20, 1860 VF and 2 XF's, 1861 VF-20, 1864-S G-6, 1866-S G-6/VG-10, 1868 G-6, 1870 AU-55, 1871-S F-12 obv. mount removed, 1873-S VF-20.

Bust Dimes - 1814 STATESOF PCGS VG-8, 1821 JR-7 PCGS VF-20, 1825 JR-2 VG-8, 1827 JR-9 F-15.

Seated Dimes1841-O Closed Buds Small o G-4, 1843-O VG-F obv. scr., 1844 EF-40, 1845 EF-40, 1847 F-12, 1851 VF-20, 1851-O VG-10, 1852 VF-25, 1852-O F-15 and VG-10, 1856-O VF-30, 1859 VF-20, 1859-O VF-20, 1860 EF-40, 1861 EF-40, 1862 EF-40, 1866 Good-4, 1868-S 2 Goods, 1869-S F-12/VG-8, 1877-CC AU-55, 1884-S F-12.

Bust Quarters - 1815 VG-8 rim nick, 1825 B-2 VG-8, 1825 B-2 near TDS of the arrows cud G-4 scrs. with an obv. counterstamp C. H. REESE (unlisted), 1832 B-1 XF-40.

Seated Quarters - 1846/1846 and 1846 F-12, 1847-O Br. 2-C AU, 1848 Doubled Date EF-45, 1853 G-4 rotated reverse, 1867 business strike Good, 1868 business strike VG, 1871-S F-12 (on hold), 1885 business strike VG/G.

Bust Halves - 1802 F-12/VG-8, 1807 Large Stars (O-114) Good-6, 1808 NGC AU-55 CAC incredibly gorgeous toning.

Seated Halves - 1839 With Drapery VG-8, 1849 WB-103 VG-8, 1850 VG-8, 1852-O VG-10, 1862 F-12 and VG-8, 1863 VG-8, 1866 F-15, 1871 AU-55 dipped, 1871-S AU-53 dipped, 1872-S AU-53 dipped plus a G-4, 1890 VG-8, 1891 F-12 and VG-8.

Seated Dollars - 1849 PCGS AU-53.

Other coins - 1868 3c silver XF-AU, 1870 3c silver XF, 1887 3c nickel AU, 2000-P "Cheerios"  Sacagawea dollar PCGS MS-67 along with the cent in PCGS MS-65 and the original Cheerios insert.

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