Rich Uhrich Rare U.S. Coins Inc. News & Newps  September 13, 2009
Whitman's Philly Show is Next     
I don't think there has been a major coin show in Philadelphia, PA since the 2000 ANA Convention.  The upcoming show September 24 - 26 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center, 1101 Arch Street is Whitman's first show in Philly and I expect that David Crenshaw and his people will apply the same winning formula they've used to great success in Baltimore and other venues.  Whitman runs a show that is both customer-friendly and dealer-friendly.  One example of this is that the Philly show ends on Saturday, thereby allowing dealers to eliminate an additional day of hotel and meal expenses on a day that is rarely profitable. 

We have a great table at the Philly show (#545) which is right in the middle of everything.  Just look for the colors matching this newsletter and you can't miss us.

We have recently acquired nearly 100 new coins, which are listed at right.  Some of them are real rarities!

Thank you again for your business!  

                                            - - - Rich Uhrich

What year from 1800 to date had the fewest total silver coins issued by the U. S. Mint?  Note:  For this question, we will be using the date on the coin, not necessarily the date of manufacturing.

E-mail us the answer, first one with correct answer gets the 2009 ASE.  Full rules are on the About Us page on our website.

New Purchases!
Mostly Seated coins this month

Seated Half Dimes - 1838-O EF, 1839-O Rev. of 1838-O XF condition census, 1846 G, 1864 AU, 1866 PCGS AU and EF, 1867-S EF.
Bust Dimes1809 EF, VF and Fine, 1811/09 EF, 1822 G/AG, 1824/2 G-VG, 1828 Lg Dt EF.

Seated Dimes1846 VF, 1850-O Sm. o VF, 1851-O VF, 1852-O F, 1855 DDO VF, 1858-S F, 1859-S F, 1863-S F, 1866-S EF, 1868-S EF rough, 1869-S VF, 1872-S VF scratched, 1873-S F, 1878-CC G, 1881 PCGS VG.

Bust Quarters - 1815 VG.

Seated Quarters - 1838 AU, 1842-O Broken O VF, 1846 AU, 1849 EF and F, 1849-O F and VG, 1851 EF and F, 1852 F/VG, 1854 Thin Date AU, 1864 F, 1871 VG, 1872-S VG/G1886  business strike VF.

Seated Halves - 1841 EF, 1844 AU, 1846-O Tall Dt. VF, 1856-S G/VG, 1857-S Med. S G and Lg. S G, 1861-O Confed Obv. VF and VG, 1864 F, 1865 F, 1873-S EF, VF and G.

Seated Dollars - 1840 VG-F.

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