Rich Uhrich Rare U.S. Coins Inc.'s Newsletter May 26, 2009
More new coins!
     I am always acquiring new coins, whether at shows, auctions, or from people offering them to me.  For the list of "newps", please see the column to the right.  To reserve a coin, please call me at (717)579-8238 or e-mail me at richuhrichcoins@comcast.net.
     The sale I announced in February continues.  I have reduced the prices on more coins.  New coins have been priced based on the current market.
     As is our normal policy, we accept personal checks and money orders.  Credit cards and PayPal are not accepted because their fees eat up too much of our profits.  Please include $6 for shipping on every order.  On orders over $500, our shipping costs us more than $6, but that's one of the ways we have decided to simplify our business.  
I want to thank you for your business!  Enjoy the summer!

                                            - - - Rich Uhrich

My take on the current coin market is as follows:

(1)   Reports from dealers at Dalton, GA, Dulles, VA, and two local shows were mixed.  I did better at the local shows than at the regional shows.  Some of this appears to be because some collectors like to examine and think about buying a coin for a longer period of time than previously.  Local shows where I have had tables many times included collectors who had seen some of the coins before, where the regional shows were shows I had not done before and the coins (and me!) were unfamiliar to them.

(2)   Our sales volume continues to be acceptable, but the more expensive coins are selling much more slowly than previously.  Certainly the economy is the big factor here.

(3)   Auction prices seem to be much more variable.  Super high-end coins still bring "moon money", but average and low-end coins either don't sell or sell for significantly less than previously.

(4)  The Long Beach and Baltimore shows are likely to show these trends continuing.  The August ANA show in L. A. should be big.

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Our next show is the Baltimore, MD show being held by Whitman at the Baltimore Convention Center, Halls A, B, and C on June 12 (Friday) and June 13 (Saturday).  Note:  We will NOT be attending the "optional" day of the Baltimore show (Sunday, June 14).  If you get to the show, please stop by and see us!  If you don't get to the show, check out our "newps" the following week.
Rich Uhrich
Rich Uhrich Rare U.S. Coins Inc.

What are the twelve overdates within the Bust and Seated silver series, with a spread of at least 2 years between the primary date and the underdate?

E-mail us the answer, first one with correct answer gets the 2009 ASE.  Full rules are on the About Us page on our website.

New Purchases!
Bust Half Dimes - 1829 LM-9 VF-30+, 1837 LM-3 PCGS VF-20.

Seated Half Dime - 1840-O No Drapery Transitional G-4, 1848 Lg Date EF-40, 1848/7/6 VF-30, 1853 NA PCGS XF-45, 1853-O NA F-12 (on hold), 1858 Inverted Date EF-40, 1858 Doubled Date F-12, 1859 VF-30, 1861/0 VF-30 and F-12.

Bust Dimes - 1809 PCGS Genuine VF details, 1809 VG-8, 1822 PCGS VF-25 (sold), 1824/2 JR-1 VG-8 and G-6, 1825 several, 1829 JR-9 VG-8, 1834 JR-7 Small 4 VF and G.

Seated Dimes - 1842-O (3). 1843-O VG, 1851 (3), 1858-S PCGS XF-45, 1868 VF, 1875-S NGC MS-63 In Wr.

Bust Quarters - None this month, but we acquired 24 last month.

Seated Quarters - 1844-O Rev of 43-O Lg O rotated rev (on hold), 1845/5, 1853 NA PCGS G-4, 1853 WA VG rotated rev, 1856-S F-12, 1858-S VG-8, 1859-O F-12, 1861-S F-15+, 1873 No Arrows Closed 3 PCGS AU-50 and PCGS VF-30, 1873 NA Open 3 F-12, 1877 2-C AU-50, 1878-CC AU-50.

Bust Halves - 1807 Capped Bust O-112 50/20 (4), 1807 Capped Bust Small Stars PCGS VF-30, 1809 O-114 VF-20, 1824 O-114 VF-20, 1825 O-109 XF, 1826 O-115 NGC XF-45, 1827 O-121 F-15, 1827 O-140 VG-8, 1827 O-146 EF-40, 1829 O-106 VF, 1830 O-104 XF, 1832 O-114 VF+, 1834 O-119 XF+, 1836 O-120 VF.

Seated Halves - 1839 With Drapery VG-8, 1840 Sm. Let VG-8, 1845 EF-45, 1849 VF-35, 1851 EF-45 slight damage, 1856-S VF-35 and G-4, 1859 VF-30, 1860 EF-40, 1862 G-4, 1863 VF, 1865-S G-4, 1867 VG-8.

Seated Dollars - None this month.

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