Rich Uhrich Rare U.S. Coins Inc.'s Newsletter April 9, 2009
We have a lot of great new coins!
     I have acquired quite a few coins at the Portland, Oregon ANA Spring show as well as the March Baltimore show.  Some highlights include a 1796 dime in MS-64 NGC, an 1809 dime in MS-64 NGC, an 1841-O dime Closed Buds Small o in VG-10, an 1804 quarter LDS, three 1818 B-9 quarters of which two have the arrows clash, an 1822 25/50 quarter in PCGS VG-8, an 1825 B-1 quarter in VF, an 1828 25/50 quarter in AU, an 1870-CC quarter PCGS Genuine (VG details), an 1854 dollar in VG, and over 30 Bust halves (many are EF - AU).  Note:  I will be out of the office Thurs. April 8 until 7 pm.  To reserve a coin, please e-mail me at richuhrichcoins@comcast.net.
     The sale I announced last month continues.  Please note that new items have been priced with the current market conditions in mind, and therefore their current prices represent sale prices.
     As is our normal policy, we accept personal checks and money orders.  Credit cards and PayPal are not accepted because their fees eat up too much of our profits.  Please include $6 for shipping on every order.  
     At the sale prices, I can't take trades or offer layaways.  However, if you can't possibly do a deal without them, call me and I will listen to what you have to say.

I want to thank you for your business, and keep collecting what you like!

                                            - - - Rich Uhrich

My take on the current coin market is as follows:

(1)   Reports from dealers at Portland and Baltimore were mixed.  Some dealers did quite well and others were disappointed.  In talking with many of these dealers, it appeared to me that results were based on what kind of coins they had in their cases.  At a major show, generic coins don't do very well, as collectors can find them anywhere including their local coin shops.  Better coins = better sales.
(2)   Our sales in Portland were much better than expectations, while our sales in Baltimore were a bit under expectations.  Volume at both venues was significant, but the more expensive coins appear not to be selling well.
(3)   Auctions are showing the same trends dealers are seeing, even moreso.  Some coins either didn't sell or sold for very low prices at the auctions, but higher-quality material brought high prices.  Check out the Stack's sale Matte Proof Lincoln cents for examples of this trend (prices include 15% buyers fee)::

1909 NGC MP-65 RB, Lot 3391      $4,600       Bid $850       541% of bid
1909 PCGS MP-64 RB, Lot 3392    $1,150       Bid $675       170% of bid

1910 NGC MP-65 BN, Lot 3398      $1,840       Bid $475       387% of bid
1910 PCGS MP-64 RB, Lot 3399    $1,093       Bid $655       167% of bid

1913 NGC MP-65 RB, Lot 3411      $3,738       Bid $805       464% of bid
1913 PCGS MP-64 RD, Lot 3412    $   863       BId $910         95% of bid

1914 NGC MP-66 BN, Lot 3416      $2,760       Bid N/A         N/A
1914 PCGS MP-65 RB, Lot 3417    $1,495       Bid $805       186% of bid

1915 NGC MP-65 BN, Lot 3416      $3,450       Bid $480       719% of bid
1915 PCGS MP-64 RB, Lot 3417    $1,265       Bid $655       193% of bid

1916 PCGS MP-64 RB, Lot 3427    $1,610       Bid $700       230% of bid
1916 ANACS MP-64 BN, Lot 3428 $3,220       Bid $375       859% of bid

(4)   I didn't develop this chart to "talk up" my own coins (after all, they have already been sold), but to make a point: Some Coins Are Worth Over Bid.  And guess what?  All of those coins listed above I initially bought above Bid.  If you want to own coins that people will be stretching to buy when you sell, you probably can't buy them under Bid.  I can't either.
(5)   Some collectors, investors and dealers are selling coins outside their focus areas.  A major dealer has discontinued carrying 2c pieces, 3c nickels, and Shield Nickels.  I am in the process of discontinuing carrying Barber Quarters and Trade Dollars.

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Our next shows are local shows on April 11 in York, PA, followed by larger shows on April 17 - 19 in Dalton, GA and April 23 - 26 in Dulles, VA.  The Hershey, PA show is May 2 - 3 followed by the Chambersburg, PA show on May 16.  Stop by and see us!
Rich Uhrich
Rich Uhrich Rare U.S. Coins Inc.

What are the two Seated Quarters with different edges than the other Seated Quarters, and how are these two different?

E-mail us the answer, first one with correct answer gets the 2009 ASE.  Full rules are on the About Us page on our website.

New Purchases!
Bust Half Dimes - 1794 LM-4 VF-30, 1835 LM-10 EF-40, 1837 LM-2 VG-8.

Seated Half Dime - 1853 NA VF.

Bust Dimes - 1796 JR-1 NGC MS-64 (prooflike), 1809 NGC MS-64, 1814 JR-2 VF, 1814 STATESOF F-12, 1821 JR-1 VF-30, 1822 G-6, 1824/2 JR-1 strong overdate, AU clnd, 1825 PCGS VF-20, 1833 JR-8 VF-20.

Seated Dime - 1841-O Closed Buds Small o R7, VG-10.

20c Pieces - 1876 Fine and VG.

Bust Quarters - 1804 B-1 G-4 ANACS LDS crack thru 0, 1805 B-2 F-15, 1815 AU-50, 1815 PCGS VF-25, 1818 B-5 R4+ PCGS VG-8, 1818 B-9 R5+ EDS VF-30 to 35, LDS XF+ obv digs, LDS VG-10/8, LDS G-4, 1819 B-4 G-6, 1820 B-1 PCGS F-12, 1822 25/50 PCGS VG-8, 1825 B-1 VF-25, 1825 B-2 XF-40, Ch. VG-10 and VG-8, 1825 B-3 TDS w/cud VG-8 and AG-3, 1831 B-6 F-15, 1832 B-2 EF-40 scr., 1834 B-2 VF-20, 1836 B-3 EF-40 rim bumps, 1836 B-4 VF-25, 1837 B-5 EF-40 ANACS.

Seated Quarters - 1865-S PCGS F-12, 1866-S VF-30, 1869-S PCGS F-12, 1870-CC PCGS Genuine VG-8 detail, 1873 No Arrows Closed 3 VF-35, 1884 F-12.

Bust Halves - 1795 O-103a R5 F-12, 1806 O-105 VG clnd, 1807 Draped O-101 R5 VG+, 1807 Draped VF-35, 1809 O-103 blundered edge EF-40, 1809 O-106 EF-40 45 deg. rot. rev., 1811/10 O-101 VF-25, 1812 O-102 AU-59, 1812 O-108 AU-58, 1812 PCGS VF-35, 1814 O-109 AU-55 clnd., 1817 O-107 AU-53, 1819 O-110 AU-50+, 1819 O-111 AU-50, 1820 O-105 AU-50, 1821 O-103 PCGS AU-50, 1822 O-110a AU-55, 1824/various dates AU-53, 1824 O-108a AU-50 clnd, 1824/4 O-110 AU-55, 1828 O-101 AU-55, 1829/1827 AU-58, 1829 O-107 MS-63, 1830 Med O O119 AU-50, 1830 Lg O O-122 AU-55, 1831 AU-53, 1832 Lg Let O-101a AU-50, 1832 O-112 AU-55, 1832 O-118 AU-58, 1833 O-108 EF-45, 1834 O-101 AU-53, 1834 O-104 AU-55, 1834 O-109 AU-58, 1835 O-104 AU-50, 1836 RE AU clnd, 1837 AU-55 clnd, 1838 AU-53 clnd, 1839 AU, 1839-O EF-45 obv & rev cracks.

Seated Halves - 1839 With Drapery VF, 1840-(O) Med. Let. rev. VF, 1852 AU, tiny rim nicks.

Seated Dollar - 1854 VG, 1863 PCGS VG-8.

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