Rich Uhrich Rare U.S. Coins Inc.'s Newsletter January, 2009
Happy New Year!  Our Pre-FUN edition has a review of 2008, our wishes for 2009, and a tribute to Jim O'Donnell.  The FUN show is January 8 - 11, but we will not be there on Sunday.  We will be sharing Table #217 with New Orleans Rare Coins.  Stop by and say hello! 

  • COOLEST COIN WE SOLD - - 1823/2 quarter, PCGS VG-8, the Atwater coin.  We had 5 serious potential buyers but unfortunately, only one coin.  To our other 4 customers, we're still looking.

  • BIGGEST FINANCIAL EVENT - - The U. S. financial crisis and losses in the stock market.

  • BIGGEST EVENT DURING THE YEAR THAT WASN'T EXPECTED ON JANUARY 1, 2008 - - The election of Barack Obama as President.  Regardless of what your political beliefs are, he wasn't even on most people's radar screen on January 1, 2008.

  • BIGGEST LOSS OF THE YEAR EXCLUDING THE STOCK MARKET - - Death of Jim O'Donnell, veteran dealer in Bust and Seated coinage.

  • MOST SURPRISING COIN DISCOVERY - - 1944-S Steel Cent discovered, NGC MS-66, sold for $373,750.  Only two 1944-S steel cents are known, and this coin is by far the highest grade 1944 steel or 1943 copper cent.

  • BEST NEW BOOK ON BUST AND/OR SEATED COINS - - Early U. S. Quarters 1796 - 1838, by Steve Tompkins.

  • BEST COIN SHOW - - ANA's World's Fair of Money, in Baltimore.  We often had people three deep at our table, and our sales total was more than the combined total of the Milwaukee and Denver ANA's.

  • BEST AUCTION (Note:  We are a little biased on this one!) - - Stack's sale of The Rich Uhrich Collection and other important properties.

  • BEST AUCTION OF A SPECIALIZED COLLECTION - - The Ed Price collection of Early Dimes and Early Quarter Eagles.

  • MOST SURPRISING GRADING SERVICE DEVELOPMENT - - PCGS eliminates bodybags, switches over to "Genuine" slabs.

  • MOST REFRESHING TREND FROM THE U. S. MINT - - They're cutting back some of the product line!

  • BEST NEW COIN PERIODICAL (Note:  We are a little biased on this one!) - - Rich Uhrich Rare U. S. Coins' monthly (or thereabouts) newsletter.

  • BEST COMPLIMENT - - "Longacre" from the PCGS Forum referred to my table assistant/wife as my daughter.

  • COINS WE ARE GLAD WE DON'T SELL NOW - - Morgan dollars, especially generics.

  • PROCRASTINATOR OF THE YEAR - - The person in front of me at the Post Office at noon on December 24, who dropped off a large stack of Christmas cards.  On that day the Post Office closed at 1 pm.

  • AUCTION COIN THAT SOMEONE IS "BURIED" IN - - 1805 quarter, B-2, R3, MS-66 NGC $402,500 after it sold exactly one year earlier for $74,750.

  • AUCTION COIN THAT SOLD FOR A SURPRISINGLY HIGH PRICE THAT MIGHT BE A BARGAIN SOMEDAY - - 1867 quarter, PCGS MS-63, nice toning and maybe will upgrade, $86,250, vs. the PCGS Price Guide listing of $3,000.

  • BEST RESTAURANT ACCOMPANYING A COIN SHOW - - Ruth's Chris Steak House in Baltimore.

  • WORST RESTAURANT - - Just about any concession stand on the floor of a coin show.

  • MOST CONVOLUTED COIN SHOW LAYOUT - - Coinfest, Stamford, CT.  It starts in a decent size meeting room with about 50 dealers, connected to a smaller room with 30 dealers, with an alcove with 5 dealers, plus 5 dealers in the hotel hallway.  If you're not in the first room, it's like being at the kids' table at Thanksgiving dinner.

  • MOST UNUSUAL COIN - - An 1804 half dollar (actually an altered 1805).
    1804 Half obv

  • PEOPLE WE APPRECIATE THE MOST - - YOU, our customers.  We sincerely appreciate you entrusting us enough to support our business.  And you are the reason in the business's third full year, we have had record sales each year.  Thank you and let's all have a wonderful 2009!

Trivia Question
   TRIVIA QUESTION - - Considering Seated half dimes, dimes, twenty cent pieces, quarters, halves and dollars, and considering the most expensive coin ever auctioned for each denomination, which Seated series' most expensive coin ever auctioned is the lowest cost?
Prize: The first correct answer gets a 2008 Unc. American Silver Eagle.  A full set of Rules can be found on the website, on the
About Us page near the bottom.  We still haven't had a winner for this question, we will run it until we do.

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We hope you and your family enjoyed the holidays!   Come see us at FUN, Spring ANA in Portland, Oregon, and/or Baltimore!
Rich Uhrich
Rich Uhrich Rare U.S. Coins Inc.
  • An active coin market.

  • Some improvement in the U. S. economy.

  • After the 4 anniversary designs for the 2009 Lincoln cent, that the decision is made to abolish the cent denomination.

  • An improvement in NGC'S holders, so they don't obscure parts of the coin.

  • A successful, happy and enjoyable year for you!

What Made Jim O'Donnell A Great Dealer

1.  He consistently was able to obtain and sell great coins.

2.  He had an amazing memory and was able to recall what coins were sold when and for how much.

3.  He was able to observe by absence - - if he hadn't seen a scarce date coin for a while, he would consider it to be rare.

4.  He would advise a customer when the coin he/she was considering wasn't the right coin for that collector.

5.  He knew the diagnostic features of the rare Bust and Seated coins.

6.  He was able to compare several rare coins and immediately determine which was the rarest in that group.

7.  He advised collectors on their collections and their collecting strategy.

8.  He actively mentored new and less experienced dealers in Bust and Seated coins.

9.  He was frugal when warranted - - he lived in the same (rent-controlled) apartment in New York City for 40 years.

10.  For many dealers, it's almost impossible to get them to pick up a dinner check.  When you were with Jim, it was almost impossible to get him to NOT pick up the check.

We will miss you, Jim.

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