Rich Uhrich Rare U.S. Coins Inc.'s Newsletter August, 2008

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At ANA, Mid-America, and other venues, we acquired over 550 new coins for our website, including a high-grade but relatively affordable example of the 1792 half disme. 
We have listed some of the new purchases in the "NEW COINS" column at right.  All of our coins are listed on our website although the new purchases do not have pictures yet.
If you haven't received one of our storecards yet, which includes the obverse of the 1823/2 Eliasberg AU-50 quarter, it is available free with any order (one per customer please).  The storecard is silver-plated zinc, has a reeded edge, is 27 mm in diameter, which is appx. the same size as the large size Bust Quarters, and it was designed and manufactured by the Patrick Mint. 
The Baltimore ANA Convention has just concluded, and we had record sales, surpassing both the Milwaukee and Denver ANA Conventions combined!  Both Seated Dollars and Bust Quarters series are very hot!  Seated Dollars  look like a good value for people who appreciate their scarcity.  In fact, there are 41 dates of Morgan Dollars that have mintages higher than the entire 1840 - 1873 run of Seated Dollars, which is appx. 6.5 million.  Bust Quarters have seen more collector interest for about the last year, and the recently released book "Early United States Quarters 1796 - 1838" by Steve Tompkins is expected to result in even more interest.  The book, by the way, has great photos of every variety, making attributions much easier, plus a lot of information in its 400 pages.  We do have some books on order and when we receive them, we will offer them on our website. 
At ANA, we seemed to be busy at our table for the entire show, often with a line of people waiting to see our coins.  We were so busy that someone on the PCGS message board wondered if we would have any coins left at the end of the show!  We also were happy to meet many of you at the show, both existing customers as well as new faces! 
Some of the coins that found new homes were an 1823/2 quarter in VG-8 PCGS, an 1831 B-7 quarter in VF-30 NGC, 1797 13 star half dime, 1830 LM-11 half dime, several tough S-mint Seated dimes, an 1804 B-2 quarter, some high-grade Bust quarters, an 1852/1852 quarter with rotated reverse (only 3 known), a high-grade 1862-S quarter, an 1866 business strike quarter, some high-grade Bust halves, mid-grade 1842-O Small Date, 1850, 1851 and 1857-S halves, and mid- to high-grade 1847, 1848, 1854, 1860, 1861, 1865 and other Seated dollars.
We want to thank all of you for your business and hope we can continue to earn your support. Enjoy the rest of the summer! 
Rich Uhrich
Rich Uhrich Rare U.S. Coins Inc.
New Coins
1856 Dollar Reverse
Bust Half Dimes - - 37 new coins (newps), incl. 1792 half disme, 1797 13 stars, 1830 LM-10, 1833 LM-2.

Seated Half Dimes - - 20 newps, incl. 1837 Seated MS-64* NGC CAC, 1838-O, 1846, 1863, 1865, 1867.
Bust Dimes - - 205 newps, incl. 1814 and 1820 STATESOFAMERICA, affordable 1821 JR-2, 1832 JR-3 cud die progression set, 1833 JR-7, 1834 JR-3.

Seated Dimes - - 28 newps, incl. 1839-O rev. of 1838-O, 1843-O, 1865, 1867, 1879, 1880, 1881.

Bust Quarters - - 104 newps, incl. 1806 B-4 thru B-7 incl. slabs, 1818 B-9, 1819 B-4, 1821 B-2, 1828 25/50, 1831 B-7, 1836 B-5.

Seated Quarters - - 43 newps, incl. 1852-O, 1854-O Huge O, 1860-S, 1864-S, 1866-S, 1867 & 1869 business strikes, 1867-S, 1871-S.

Bust Halves - - 66 newps, incl. 1795 O-112 & O-113, 1801, 1806 AU-55 NGC, 1806 O-126 R-7 (eleven known),  1822/1 O-102 PCGS AU-50, 1828 unlisted, 1829 O-118 prime, 1833 O-115.

Seated Halves - - 42 newps, incl. several 1850-O and 1851-O, 1875-S & 1877-S micro s, 1880 - 1887.

Seated Dollars - - 16 newps, incl. 1844, 1845, 1856, 1857, 1859-S, 1864, 1865, 1868.
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