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Through maps, data and technical assistance, Beginning with Habitat (BwH) provides objective and comprehensive plant and wildlife habitat information to equip local decision-makers with the necessary tools to make informed and responsible land use decisions that mesh wildlife habitat conservation with future growth needs.
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  • Archived Newsletters
  • -Summer 2011-
  • Staying Connected, Protecting Maine's Unique Ecological Areas, New Important Plant, Animal and Habitat Reports
  • -Fall 2010-
  • Climate Change Adaptation Planning, Regional Projects
  • -Winter/Spring 2010-
  • Workshops and trainings on the horizon
  • -Spring/Summer 2009-
  • New Addition!, Modeling Local Conservation Focus Areas, Getting the Message Out, Data Additions and Updates
  • -Winter 2009-
  • Planning for Habitat Resilience in a Changing Climate, BwH Models Habitat Connectivity, Aligning Transportation and Wildlife, State Wildlife Action Plan Builds off BwH
  • -Fall 2008-
  • Web Based Map Service, Coastal Focus Areas, BwH in Comprehensive Plans, Toolbox and More!

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