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Interview about ADHD
Recipe: Leafy Greens
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STAYING FOCUSED! by Dr. Amy Rothenberg
Amy Rothenberg Image
As I was lying in bed the other night, I heard an intermittent snapping sound, almost like a faucet drip going splat in a rhythmic beat. I was reading and I found the sound distracting. When Paul went to investigate, he said in that quiet yet urgent way, "Amy, you have to see this."

I pulled myself out from the cozy blankets and joined him in the stairwell. There hanging from the ceiling was a robust looking daddy long legs spider wrapping up a victim, a folded up small moth perhaps, it was a difficult to tell. But periodically the athletic wrapping process produced the snap-snap sound I'd been hearing. The manual dexterity, the ambidexterousness of the spider, using first the left then the right forward leg in such rapid succession was dazzling. And the prey was flipping from side to side as the spider's silk tightened with each rotation. The spider's focus was impressive, never missing a sequence of wraps, like an experienced knitter at a speed knitting contest.


It got me thinking about the idea of focus, of staying on task, of prioritizing what needs to get done and staying with it. In our time of so many distractions I know for many of us, figuring out what we want out of life and then staying focused on attaining our goals is challenging.  I take inspiration from many corners of the natural world to encourage my own ability to stay on task!
Goodbye Ritalin!  Alternative Approaches to the Treatment of ADHD

An Interview with Dr. Amy Rothenberg

by Sue Douglass Fliess

In this diagnosis-driven society, it's very easy to tell the doctor what's wrong and get a quick prescription to cure what ails you. And thanks to modern medicine and advances in technology, it often does. But to believe there is one undisputable remedy for every symptom, condition, syndrome, disorder, and disease you'll ever encounter, you might as well believe in dragons, fairies, and the monsters under the bed too. In the real world, even though the doctor can give you some medication - even a free sample if you're lucky - there are almost always multiple ways to approach every health problem. And ADHD is no different.


"Sometimes people seek diagnosis, but it is not necessarily the first place to start," says Dr. Amy Rothenberg, a Connecticut-based physician with a private practice in Classical Homeopathy and Naturopathic Medicine. "Often a child will be labeled ADD/ADHD because he has behaviors or emotional temperaments that are challenging in the classroom. That doesn't mean he has ADD/ADHD," she says. "There are a lot of reasons kids are the way they are." 


Click here to read the complete interview.


Recipe: Belief in Leafy Greens!
I am always encouraging my patients to eat more dark leafy green vegetables, one of the most nutrient-dense foods you can ingest. Many of us did not grow up eating leafy greens and some even find a large batch of kale or red chard a bit intimidating! What do you do with all that stuff? And why is it so important for me to eat?

Leafy greens contain a potent mixture of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Many of the nutrients in spinach, kale, chard, collards, dandelion and other greens are also quite bio-available to us, meaning we can actually absorb and use those nutrients right away. And many of the plant-based substances in these colorful veggies protect us from heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. The other thing 

healthy recipesabout leafy greens is that they are high in fiber, which we can all use!


But how to cook these exuberant vegetables? Here's my favorite way which takes about 10 minutes. Remember the sturdy leaves cook way down, so start with a big 'ole bunch of kale and hope there are leftovers! Can be yummy cold the next day, thrown in an omelet or mixed in a salad. When my family is home, I can barely make enough, my 3 college-aged kids will gobble up just about as much kale as I can make.


I should also add that kale is one of the easiest vegetables to grow from seed or little starts. Even if you do not have a yard for a garden, you can plant in a pot in your kitchen or in a hanging planter on your porch. But try to use a deep container as they grow tall and need space for the roots. We have it in our temperate zone kitchen garden; it must be easy to grow as I have no green thumb! It often over-winters and some of us have been known to go out in winter boots and a big parka & pick kale right out of the snow for dinner!

Featured Organization: Seeds of Solidarity Education Center


Seeds of Solidarity Education Center is a non-profit organization in Orange, Massachusetts that provides people of all ages with the inspiration and practical tools to grow food and use renewable energy in their communities. Their youth and community programs ignite environmental & social justice, as well as food resiliency. Check out their beautiful and informative website and look up current workshops & events.  


Being able to spend time outdoors, learning how to grow food, cultivating and sustaining circles of friends are all things that add to the overall health of an individual and a community. Check out Seeds of Solidarity for ideas & inspiration, and if you are able, go visit and support this incredible place.
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