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   June 2011   


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Taking Time with Our Patients


A few years back,  I had a medical student sitting in with me during a patient visit; I noticed that he was getting increasingly fidgety. I think I may have detected an overly broadcast exhalation. When I finished a short physical exam and had spoken to the patient about her presenting illness, I brought the student into one of our back rooms. I asked him what was wrong.


He was bursting at the seams with questions that starting to come out at me, rapid fire. Do you spend that much time with every patient? Why did you ask all those questions about her home life & work life and what was with all that silence? Did you really need to spend that much time listening to her lungs?  


I answered his questions as best I could, that yes I am lucky I can spend that much time with patients, and yes, I find it essential to build a connection with the person. As importantly, I try to find out as much as I can about the way they uniquely experience the complaints they have. Yes, for me understanding at least some of the stressors that go into making or maintaining health problems is essential and helps me be a better doctor. And periods of silence, sometimes it is in the quiet times that a patient feels most heard and cared for. If I take a little longer with aspects of a physical exam, it's because I want to know that I am being thorough , and I want the patient to feel genuinely cared for.


When I graduated from naturopathic medical school in 1986, my soon to be father-in-law was and still is, at 85, god bless him, a barber. He gave me prime advice that day. He said when the customer (patient) comes in, be leisurely, take your time, let them talk. In the middle of the transaction (cutting the hair, doing the intake) be a bit quicker as long as your skills do not suffer. And then, toward the end of the visit, be sure you go back in to your slower, more connected pace. I shared that with my medical student, let's hope he heard that sage advice!


We are taking time this summer for some R&R, to think about our lives at this 50 year mark & to make plans for the next adventures in & out of the world of medicine! Hope you, too, have time to enjoy, time for reflection and time with those you love.


Amy Rothenberg ND, with love from Paul Herscu ND, too!

NEW NESH 10 Weekend Certificate Course

Beginning September 2011 in the Boston, MA area  


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This course is designed for both the beginner and more experienced homeopaths. We have designed, practiced and taught an effective, integrated approach to understanding classical homeopathy called Cycles and Segments. This approach informs all aspects of practice; it is an effective tool which allows us to focus case-taking and offers a practical way of organizing and analyzing information. It allows for the satisfying study of materia medica which is deep, integrated and satisfying.

Instructors: Drs. Paul Herscu ND & Amy Rothenberg ND

 Email us for more detailed information and an application.

Her Summer with Mono

Illness just a small speedbump for this active teen 

by Amy Rothenberg, ND, DHANP 

When a patient called me early last summer to bemoan the fact that her college-bound daughter Jackie, a successful student-athlete, had "picked up mono and was going down fast," I was eager to see the girl. In my �experience, treating kids and teens suffering with mono is gratifying all the way around. Using homeopathy and natural medicine, we can decrease �discomfort, speed healing, and help them come out the other end of the illness feeling revitalized. We can also prevent the troubling long-term after-effects that some mono sufferers develop, such as chronic fatigue.

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Amy Rothenberg Image

What I hoped to accomplish by writing... The A Cappella Singer Who Lost Her Voice & Other Stories from Natural Medicine

by Dr. Amy Rothenberg ND 


I have noticed when people pick up the book, they immediately turn to the table of contents; I know what they are looking for ---- help for themselves or for a loved one. We all have things we are trying to fix or people we are trying to help and we often look to experienced people for advice. I love that innate urge I often see in people to help others; it is such loving compassion that is alive and thriving in all avenues of medicine.

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