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October 1-15, 2009
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Letter from the Minister
Reaching Out

Over the years that I've lived in Dayton at different stages of my life, there's one thing that has bothered me more than anything else.  How segregated this city is.  Living south of Dayton each time I've lived here has been an isolating experience.  I've done volunteer work that has taken me into other parts of town, but I've never really known people well in other parts of town.  I've lived in Washington DC, Boston, and Louisville all of which have their difficulties with isolated suburbs, but in each of these cities, even the suburbs I've lived in have been diverse racially and ethnically.
When the Fellowship was built, I know that many struggled with the decision about whether to locate the new site in a suburb.  I can understand that it was difficult to find just the right site for our new building.  I love the beautiful site where we are situated, but I do worry that we are isolated.
Lately, I have found an opportunity to move outside of that isolation and get to know ministers in other parts of the city.  In getting involved with Greater Dayton Industrial Area Foundation, (formerly VOTE Dayton), I have been meeting one on one with several other ministers from West Dayton and East Dayton.  In these meetings, we really open our hearts to one another in an effort to know each other.  I learn about their struggles in life and how they came to be called to ministry.  And in each case, I am touched by the depth of experience in why they decided to devote their lives to ministry.  I often find that even though my experience in life is very different from theirs, that we share a common need to build caring communities.  The other common thread is our feeling that Dayton is in crisis and that we need to find a way to provide leadership to this hurting city.  Through building these relationships with other clergy, I can begin to see how we can use our common experiences, despite our many differences, to create a strong foundation of leadership for Dayton.
Some of us are exploring Greater Dayton IAF to discover whether this congregation based community organizing group can provide a citizen voice for non-partisan groups in Dayton.  I have several UU colleagues in other cities whose churches have become involved with a local chapter of the IAF.  They report to me that they've seen amazing results from being involved in citizens raising their voices together.  One friend of mine reported that being involved in their local chapter has become a great outreach tool for people finding out more about their UU church.
There are a variety of interests and points of view at MVUUF.  That's why Social Concerns is holding many discussions about our social justice mission.  There are so many things we can become involved in.  Personally, I'm finding Greater Dayton IAF to be a significant way for me to feel like I could make a difference in Dayton.  Let's keep talking about how we get involved as groups and as individuals from the Fellowship.  We can make a difference.  We don't have to be isolated.  We just need to keep exploring to find out how.
~Rev. Amy Russell
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Quick Links
 October 4 - Celebration of Sukkot  Rev. Amy Russell
~ Sukkot is a Jewish celebration of the fall harvest.  The RE program will be building a "sukkah," a three-sided hut built by the Jews to commemorate their wandering the Egyptian desert.  Everyone is invited to bring non-perishable items to fill our sukkah, which we'll donate to a food shelter.

October 11 - Coming Out Day
~ Each of us has a unique sexual identity.  People don't fit in neat boxes marked "Gay" or "Straight."  We will hear from people who recognize their uniqueness.

October 18 - Association Sunday - Celebration of the UUA  Alice Diebel & Barb Weber
~ On Association Sunday, we celebrate our membership in the Unitarian Universalist Association.  We'll explore the significance of being a part of an association of congregations with common values and principles, and how we leverage those shared values through our association.

October 25 - Got Milk?  Reflections on a Generation of LGBT Hope After Harvey Milk
The Honorable Judge Mary Wiseman, Montgomery County Common Pleas Court
~ Milk declared that we must have hope to be successful in social justice causes.  We are honored to have Judge Wiseman in our pulpit to discuss her hopes and how they have been influenced by Harvey Milk.
Keeping Up With Our Members
For all those members who are experiencing difficult times in their lives, please know that your Fellowship community is here to support you.
Printable MVUUF Events Calendar!
Click HERE for a printable version of the MVUUF calendar!  This calendar is only for the upcoming two week period, but it will be updated for every Forum.  It doesn't include outside group events, so always check with Kristin or on the web site for the most up-to-date, expanded calendar.
YRE Calendar for October:
Chalice Children class (Preschool and Kindergarten):
Pre-K begins in class at 11:00 a.m.
October 4 - Class: Me and My World
October 11 - Class: Me and My World

Kindergarten - 5th grade class:
October 4
- Children's Worship
October 11 - Workshop Rotation
~ K & 1st grade: Workshop 1 - Tower of Babel (Room #7)
~ 2nd & 3rd grades: Workshop 2 - Mary & Martha (Room #6)
~ 4th & 5th grades: Workshop 3 - Wise King Solomon (Room #5)

6th - 12th grade class:
October 4 - Youth Worship
October 11 - Neighboring Faiths
To read this month's letter from the DRE, Natalie, click HERE.

**For more detailed information about the YRE program, as well as YRE events and schedules, please go to our web site at and click on "Religious Education."
2009 Fall Event
The YRE Committee will be holding the 2009 Fall Event and Trunk-or-Treat on Sat., October 24, 6:30 - 8 pm.  There will be games and activities, snacks, and a Haunted Hallway sponsored by the MVUUF teens.  Decorate your car and the kids will Trunk-or-Treat through the parking lot!  This event is open to the public to show the community what a fun group of kids we have here at MVUUF!  Come by the table display in the Gathering Space, or contact Jesse Gaither for more information at or 513-200-7248.
Fall is here!
Around the Fellowship
Community Discussion Group Topics*
October 4 - Technology Fears - Working with Electronics.  Moderator:  Tom Cruse
October 11 - Medical Care Rationing - What Are the Choices?  Moderator:  Sam Kramer
*This adult group meets every Sunday at 9:30 a.m. in the Founders' Room for fellowship and thought-provoking discussions led by member volunteers.  For a more detailed listing of topics, please see the Sunday bulletin.

Daytime Book Club Titles*
October 21
- Nineteen Minutes, by Jodi Picoult
*We meet one Wednesday a month, at 10:30 a.m., in the Fellowship Library.  All are welcome!

Evening Book Club*
Our club is trying something new in October.  For our October 13 meeting, everyone will read a book of their choice about Frank Lloyd Wright, either fiction or nonfiction.  Recent choices include The Women, by T.C. Boyle and Loving Frank, by Nancy Horan.
*We meet at Boston Stoker in Centerville at 7 p.m. on the second Tuesday of the month.  New participants welcome!  Contact Ann Snively for more information.

The Prom You Always Wanted - October 3
Remember high school (or are you trying to forget!)?  Your dances may have been fabulous, or maybe not.  If you didn't love it, this is your chance at a "do-over," a therapeutic "corrective emotional experience."  If you did love it, then come show the rest of us how to make it awesome!  Tickets are on sale now, after service in the Gathering Space.  Only $10 a person - that's flashback pricing!  The fun starts at 8 p.m. at the Fellowship on October 3.  We'll keep partying 'til midnight.  If you have a curfew, get ready to break it!  Bring your high school prom/dance photo, so we can guess who you were.  The bigger the photo, the better. 

Offering for October
The Social Concerns Committee invites plate offerings for the Suicide Prevention Center in Dayton.  The SPC is the oldest suicide prevention agency in Ohio and the oldest volunteer-run crisis hotline in the U.S.  The mission of the SPC is to save lives threatened by suicide by offering a 24-hour crisis hotline and support groups; to foster prevention of suicide by offering specialized training programs and programs for school children; and to encourage community involvement in suicide prevention efforts to affect change.  For more information, call 226-0818.  For the suicide prevention hotline, call 937-229-7777 or 1-800-320-HELP (4357).

Bring Your Canned Goods
Bring your canned goods to service on October 4.  We'll be celebrating Sukkot, and the RE program will build a "sukkah."  Everyone is invited to bring nonperishable items to fill our sukkah, which will then be donated to a food shelter.

Unsung Hero
MVUUF has a tradition of honoring an "Unsung Hero" every year.  An unsung hero is someone who has been tirelessly showing their commitment to the Fellowship behind the scenes.  It's not typically a person in a formal position, rather someone who sees something that needs to be done and gets it done.  Please send your recommendations to Alice Diebel at by October 15.
MVUUF Holiday Bazaar!
The MVUUF Annual Bazaar is Sat. October 24!!  Start putting aside books and nice white elephant items.  We will also need cans of pop and desserts.  Where will we store all these wonderful donations?  You can bring your donations starting Sun. October 11.  Please put:  white elephant items in the Sanctuary closet; books in the Library; pop in the Kitchen closet.  Be sure to mark your items "Bazaar."  Breakfast and lunch will be served.  Vendors are welcome and the fee is only $20, plus an item to be donated as a raffle prize.  Contact Trena Swanke if you're interested in being a vendor.  Contact Sylvia Wince if you're interested in helping the day of the bazaar, or setting up the day prior.  Raffle tickets are also on sale now, every Sunday after service.  Tickets are just $1 each or $5/6.  Mark your calendars now for this popular Fellowship fundraiser!

Articulating Your Faith
This seminar begins Tues., October 20 and lasts for five weeks.  The seminar guides participants through a series of easy and engaging exercises--personal reflection, role-play, discussion and even the creation of a worship event--that equip them to communicate their liberal religious ideals. Sign up sheet is in the Gathering Space.  Workbook is required and costs $15.00.  Rev. Amy Russell will be leading.
Flu Season Protocol
The H1N1 virus is becoming more prevalent in Ohio and cases are occurring in schools.  A church is a close, warm, and friendly place - a great place to spread germs!  Please stay home if you have any symptoms of the flu (fever, cough, sore throat, runny/stuffy nose, body aches, headache, chills, fatigue, diarrhea, or vomiting).  In order to reduce the spread of the flu, remember to cover your mouth with a tissue when you cough or sneeze, wash your hands often, and avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth.  In the event of a serious outbreak, we may cancel RE classes.  We are not at that point yet, but please watch the news lists for up-to-date information.
Over the River and Through the Woods...
At our Thanksgiving service on November 22, we all sit together as families.  This year, we'll be sharing stories about our grandparents.  We'd like to invite anyone, adults and youth, who would like to share a story, to write it and send it to Amy Russell at or to the Fellowship address by November 10.  The stories could be about a holiday shared with grandparents, a humorous anecdote, or a fond memory.  All stories will appear on our web site, and some will be selected to be shared during service.  Please keep stories to 600 words (one page) or less.
St. Vincent de Paul 2nd Saturday Lunch
October 10 Menu: BBQ or fried chicken, green beans, mac & cheese, whole fruit
* All donations must be delivered heated & ready to serve 15-20 people.  Donations should be taken to 120 W. Apple St. by 10:30 a.m.  Contact or sign up in the Gathering Space.

Chalicelight Gallery
The Chalicelight Gallery is featuring Prom photos in conjunction with The Prom You Always Wanted.  Can you identify who's who among them?

Food Fanciers
Food Fanciers will meet Fri., October 16 at 2 p.m.  Come join us in the Fellowship kitchen when Iris Carter demonstrates how to make her zucchini pie!  Contact Sylvia Wince at f you would like to be our chef for one of our sessions or have any questions!  Yum!
MVUUF Annual Retreat - Come for the Weekend or the Day!
MVUUF's annual retreat is scheduled for October 16-18 at Grailville in Loveland, OH.  There are a few spaces left for weekend participants and unlimited spaces for Saturday only participants.  The Saturday only option includes lunch, dinner, and all activities for only $35.  We have lots of events planned, including nature walks, campfire time, meditation and so much more.  If you want to participate, you must register and pay by October 4.  Sign up in the Gathering Space after service on September 27 or October 4.  Contact Ann Rismiller at 254-9413 with any questions.

Smart Choices
Smart Choices will meet October 8, at 2 p.m. to create silk flower arrangements with an autumn theme to decorate the Fellowship.  We'll meet in the MVUUF kitchen.  Bring any supplies you have, such as a glue gun, silk flowers, wire, etc.  Call Sylvia Wince with any questions.
Men's Group
I get the feeling if I join the library I can't be in the garden club because that will divide my loyalty and confuse my brain.  If you don't agree then come join our effort to meet one or more interest we share as Men.  Bring somebody you want to get to know.  How did I learn to be a Man?  What example do I set for how Men behave?  Where do I get support for the difficult decisions I must make as a Man?  How do I honor and express Love for the Women in my life?  Where did I learn about Women?  When I learned what a UU was I was told the question was the answer.  Accepting that description the questions above are some of the answers I wish to share with other Men in an environment of trust and support.  These are my questions and what yours are or how we learn to share them as well as the thoughts around them could be a good place to begin our conversation.  I invite you to contact me, Bill Dugger, at with your ideas about when and where.  We'll have an organizational meeting this Sun., October 4, at 9:30 a.m. in the Library.
Don't Forget!
**Cinemaniacs will meet on October 4 at 5 p.m. at Danbarry South Theater.  Contact Pete Hering at or 974-0360.
Save the Date!
**Smart Choices will meet Nov. 12 and Dec. 17, so mark your calendars now!
**Our Annual Thanksgiving Feast will be held after service on November 22.  Mark your calendars now for this popular (and tasty!) Fellowship tradition!