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Summer  2008

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- DOD Grant Awarded -
- President and CEO of Aptagen Appears on TV -
- Scientific Advisors Sign On with Aptagen -
Aptagen Receives DOD Grant
In May 2008 the Department of Defense Breast Cancer Research Program (BCRP) of the Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs (CDMRP) has awarded Aptagen with a $78,000 grant for - "A Rapid, Fast-Track Approach to Drug Discovery Using in Vivo Selection of 'Molecular Bullets' Against Breast Cancer."
"Quick Bits"

Advertising in Biotechniques

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Beginning in July, Aptagen will be advertising for contract R&D services in Biotechniques Journal. The publication is a monthly magazine with a circulation of over 100,000worldwide. This ad will run for 6 months.


Aptagen's First Company Picnic 

In June, Aptagen and York Laboratories, LLC enjoyed a fun filled day at Hersheypark.
"This was a great way to bring all of the interns and employees together with other researchers from another local lab," said Dr. Caltagirone, President and CEO of Aptagen.  

New Website

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Aptagen's new website is due to launch sometime in July.   

About Aptagen 

Aptagen, LLC is a biotechnology company with a rapid fast-track approach to drug discovery, drug targeting, and pre-clinical development. Our platform technology (patent pending) is a short-cut approach to develop promising drug candidates that are deliverable to a variety of disease targets. Learn more about our unique process by viewing our short video.

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Since the last e-newsletter, things are moving forward more swiftly than ever. As progress is made, new doors continue to open. There truly is never a dull moment as the excitement lingers here at Aptagen. 
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        President and CEO of Aptagen Appears on WITF Series "Issues of PA"
WITF logoOn May 8, 2008 G. Thomas Caltagirone, Ph.D., President and CEO of Aptagen, LLC, appeared on the WITF TV series "Issues of PA." Dr. Caltagirone participated as a panelist in the biotech segment of the program focusing on "Health Care Issues in Pennsylvania."

Scientific Advisors Join the Aptagen Team

Aptagen welcomes Dr. Richard Bamford and Dr. Robert Farrell as part of the Scientific Advisory Board.
Richard Bamford,Ph.D., Scientific Advisor                        
Dr. Bamford received his Ph.D. in Molecular Biology from George Washington University. As a staff fellow at National Institutes of Health (NIH), he has received numerous work performance awards. Dr. Bamford has coauthored 26 papers and is owner of Transponics, LLC, a contract research lab which is located within the same building as Aptagen, LLC.
Robert Farrell, Ph.D., Scientific Advisor
Dr. Farrell received his Ph.D. from The Catholic University of America. He is an Associate Professor of Biology at Penn State University's York Campus, as well as, founder of a biotechnology education firm called Exon-Intron, Inc. Dr. Farrell has won two unique "Excellence in Teaching " awards and has authored, RNA Methodologies: A Laboratory Guide for Isolation and Characterization.

Aptagen Offers Interns

Real Life Lab Experience


Three new student interns receive the opportunity to work at Aptagen. 


Raisa Janella N. Cheng - Raisa is currently taking summer courses at York College and will be a Junior this fall, majoring in Biology/Pre-Med. Raisa confesses that although her hectic schedule is a lot of hard work and can be all consuming at times, she would not change a thing. She began her internship at Aptagen in late April 2008 and offers, "I really like working here at Aptagen. It doesn't feel like work to me, because it is something I enjoy. And it will prepare me for my future classes. I couldn't see myself doing anything else." Raisa intends on applying to medical school after she graduates. 


Mitchell B. Crawford - Mitch will be a senior at Millersville University, majoring in Molecular Biology/Biotechnology. He loves his field of study saying that, "There's never a dull moment!" Mitch also comments on working at Aptagen, "I'm really enjoying the opportunity. I've been learning a lot in a friendly environment." Mitch began his internship in May 2008. His future plans are to direct his passion for Biology in the field of Bioinformatics.


Bethany N. Neill - This fall, Bethany will be moving into her senior year at Franklin & Marshall College, majoring in Biological Foundations of Behavior. She has a great fondness for her field of study, as she finds it most interesting. In late May 2008, Bethany began her internship and says, "It's really fun to work at Aptagen. You get to do all the things they won't let you do at school." Bethany plans to attend medical school after she graduates from F&M. 



to Our Recent Graduates

ALS LogoShelly L. Wesner, one of our former interns, has graduated from York College. Congratulations to Shelly and best wishes from all of us at Aptagen for a successful future.


ALS LogoTriple congratulations are in order for Jose L. Pelliccia who has just graduated from Millersville University. Jose has recently accepted a full-time position at Hershey Medical Center's Cell and Molecular Physiology Department and will also continue on at Aptagen part-time. Having just been married, Jose will begin his employment in Hershey upon returning from his  honeymoon, with his wife Kristen, in early July.

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