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Cynthia Moss

May 19

Oakland Zoo


If you were unable to attend this special event last month, we've posted video links below. Watch and listen to Cynthia's presentation. 


Oakland Zoo Celebrating Elephants with Cynthia Moss
Oakland Zoo Celebrating Elephants with Cynthia Moss
PART 1 Cynthia Moss: Celebrating Elephants 2012
PART 1 Cynthia Moss: Celebrating Elephants 2012
PART 2 Cynthia Moss: Celebrating Elephants 2012
PART 2 Cynthia Moss: Celebrating Elephants 2012
PART 3 Cynthia Moss: Celebrating Elephants 2012
PART 3 Cynthia Moss: Celebrating Elephants 2012



Pat Derby & Ed Stewart

To Receive


Lily Tomlin Award


PAWS directors, Pat Derby and Ed Stewart, head for Santa Monica, CA, later this month where they are being honored by Voice for the Animals Foundation (VFTA).


On June 23, 2012, VFTA will be presenting their prestigious "Lily Tomlin Award" to Pat and Ed at the foundation's annual Stand Up For Animals event. The award recognizes "a lifetime of dedication and achievements for animals everywhere."


VFTA is a non-profit animal protection organization dedicated to creating respect and empathy for animals through education, rescue, legislation, and advocacy, with programs dedicated to saving animals' lives and educating the public about the humane treatment of all living creatures.


If you are interested in attending this special evening, click here for event information.





Summer Means Circus!


Call To Action!


Barely a week after the Colombian capital of Bogota announced its ban on all animals in circuses, Paraguay has announced a nationwide ban on wild animals in circuses. PAWS applauds Paraguay for becoming the latest country to ban the use of wild animals in circuses!


Closer to home, HR 3359, The Traveling Exotic Animal Protection Act (TEAPA), launched by PAWS, Animal Defenders International (ADI), Bob Barker and CSI's Jorga Fox in Washington, D.C., would ban the use of wild animals in circuses throughout the United States. It is now in the House Agriculture Subcommittee of Livestock, Dairy and Poultry awaiting a hearing. It is our hope that the United States will join the list of more than 20 countries with similar measures already in place.


We need your help today to keep spreading the word and generating more support for this bill!


We urgently need each and every animal lover in this country to help us continue to get the message out about TEAPA. This will only happen through grassroots outreach and your calls and letters to your Congressional Representatives. Help us ensure this critical animal protection legislation is signed into law.


Check our list of HR 3359 co-sponsors. If you do not see YOUR representative on this list, please write, call, email, and fax your polite words of support for this bill. View here.


Find your representative here.


Join PAWS' "The Show Must Not Go On" campaign.

Read more. . .



Please support animal-free circuses. View list here.


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"We should have realized by now that the animals in the circus are not ambassadors for their species, but rather sideshow victims in an industry that probably doesn't need them anyway. This is a common sense issue more than an animal rights issue."


California Senator Dan McCorquodale made this statement more than 15 years ago.




"The idea that it is funny to see wild animals coerced into acting like clumsy humans, or thrilling to see powerful beasts reduced to cringing cowards by a whip-cracking trainer is primitive and medieval."
From Desmond Morris, former Director of London Zoo and noted animal behaviorist.
Cynthia Moss & Pat Derby



A Visit From Cynthia Moss


Renowned elephant expert, Cynthia Moss, and Amboseli Trust for Elephants' (ATE) Executive Director, Betsy Swart, visited ARK 2000 following Cynthia's standing-room-only lecture at Oakland Zoo last month. This was the 16th year Oakland Zoo has hosted "Celebrating Elephants", a benefit for the Amboseli Elephant Research Project (AERP).


Ed Stewart and Cynthia

We were delighted to host four days of R&R for Cynthia, whose hectic schedule is usually filled with lectures and meetings about elephants and their future. Cynthia's books on wild elephant behavior have mentored the elephant program at PAWS since its inception, and Pat and Ed and staff are always delighted when she visits the elephants.


"It was lovely to sit on the hillside, under the grape arbor, with Cynthia and Betsy, and watch the elephants mudding, dusting and gorging on the new spring grass," Pat Derby stated. "Cynthia gave us an update on Amboseli research projects and filled us in on the latest news of 71 and Malugie, the two calves PAWS adopted as part of the Amboseli Trust's elephant naming program. Word is, the calves are thriving in the Amboseli. Cynthia's work is our inspiration and our hope for the future."


Pat, Cynthia and Betsy Swart

"Visits with Cynthia always make me think about all the funds that are wasted on captive breeding programs and how those funds could be so much more effective if they were used to save elephant species by supporting projects like Amboseli Trust," Ed Stewart added. "I don't see the point in breeding elephants into captivity, sentencing them to live in limited space without family."


Kudos to Oakland Zoo for its continual support of the Amboseli Elephant Research Project (AERP) and other projects that benefit wild species and their habitat!


If you would like to donate, adopt, or would just like more information about ATE or AERP, click here.



New Zealand reporter interviewing Pat Derby
Mila May Finally
Come To PAWS
New Zealand Television News Crew
Visits ARK 2000


Many of our supporters have written us expressing their support of Mila, the elephant who accidently killed her owner, Dr. Helen Schofield, in New Zealand on April 25 of this year.


Dr. Schofield was the owner and director of Franklin Zoo in New Zealand, and had spent two years nursing and training Mila with the hope of getting her to PAWS. Authorities and animal welfare groups in New Zealand are now working out the future for the elephant.


Born in Africa in 1973, at nine months of age Mila was captured and sent to the London Zoo. She was later transferred to Honolulu Zoo for a brief period before being sold to the Whirling Brothers Circus in New Zealand in 1978, where she remained for 30 years performing under the name of Jumbo. When the circus wanted to retire Mila, Dr. Schofield took her into the Franklin Zoo in late 2009.


Dr. Helen Schofield

Helen Schofield bought the Franklin Zoo in 2005 when it was in need of a new owner and she saw its animals wanting for better care. In addition to her many duties as owner, she was also the Zoo's veterinarian. The zoo is now in financial crisis after her death. The Ministry of Primary Industries in New Zealand requires the Zoo's Charitable Trust to have an accredited zoo manager and elephant program manager on staff in order for it to remain open. The Trust estimates it needs to raise $1.45 million NZ dollars. The money would go towards funding an accredited zoo operator, an elephant program manager, two more elephant keepers, a custom-built travel crate, vet care, medical testing, crate training, and transportation to her new home.


PAWS was in contact with Dr. Schofield prior to the tragic accident and discussions were underway for Mila's transfer to PAWS at some future date.


"Helen was an accomplished veterinarian and a discerning animal person despite this one terrible incident that cost her life," Pat Derby stated. "She understood the difficulties in transporting elephants and the complicated process of socialization.


"We hope a plan can be devised for Mila that will ensure a stable and enriching future for her," Derby continues. "We have offered to help in any way, and, recently, a news crew traveled from New Zealand to see ARK 2000 and the elephants who may, some day, be Mila's future companions."


Auckland, New Zealand's 3 NEWS reporter Natasha Utting, and cameraman John Flemming, visited San Andreas, CA, to find out what life would be like for Mila at ARK 2000. View news video, here.


Go to their site to donate. Click here. 
View Franklin Zoo's newsletter, here.
Filming Ed Stewart with PAWS' African elephant, Mara


Save the Dates!


September 29 & 30

Hollywood, CA

PAWS is delighted to announce the dates for Circus PAWS, our animal-free circus presentation featuring Nathalie Gaulthier's Le PeTiT CiRqUe, September 29 & 30, at the historic Avalon Theatre in Hollywood, CA. Proceeds benefit PAWS' animals - many who are rescued or retired circus performers.


We have always contended that we are not anti-circus, but rather anti-circuses with live animal performers. Human circus performers choose to work tirelessly to perfect their skills, and devote their lives to their art; animal performers cannot make that choice. The use of live animals actually detracts from the talent and artistry of the human performers as everyone who attends Circus PAWS will soon discover.

CIRCUS PAWS - a magical land where the child in each of us is set free to explore the possibilities of our imagination. Experience a world-class, animal-free, professional circus featuring a troupe of young professionals who will amaze and astound you!


Le PeTiT CiRqUe is a troupe of kids, ages 6-14, who rank among the top in the world in aerial arts, juggling, trapeze, hoops, silks, acrobatics, stilts, skateboards, contortionists, and martial arts. They have mesmerized audiences worldwide - selling out shows, wowing audiences, and making the impossible look easy. . . a pint-sized version of "Cirque du Soleil meets Baroque France/Marcel Marceau." 


Please join us in Hollywood for a dazzling, inspiring demonstration of circus without live animals. Ticket information will be announced soon. Save the dates!
Help us promote Circus PAWS by forwarding to your friends and adding us to your social networking pages!