Performing Animal Welfare Society // February 3, 2012
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Toka and Iringa


Toronto Zoo

Elephants' Move

Projected For

Late April


PAWS and Toronto Zoo are moving forward with plans for the relocation of Toka, Thika and Iringa, the three African elephants, to ARK 2000.

PAWS elephant crew has begun necessary changes in the daily routine for our girls, Maggie, Mara and Lulu, which will facilitate integrating the three Toronto elephants into the group. We are all excited about the prospect of welcoming the beautiful Canadian elephants to our African family.
View new video of PAWS' African elephants.
AFRICAN ELEPHANTS: Maggie, Lulu and Mara
AFRICAN ELEPHANTS: Maggie, Lulu and Mara


Thank You

For Your Sympathy

On The Passing

Of Sabu


We are overwhelmed with the outpouring of love for this wonderful bull. He touched many hearts, and we are grateful for the time we shared with him.


Sabu succumbed to degenerative joint disease. An expert team of seven pathologists from University of California, Davis, School of Veterinary Medicine, performed Sabu's necropsy. A most striking discovery was the degree of arthritis present.


Here is a quote from UCD pathologists:


"Severe degenerative joint disease was identified in multiple joints, compatible with the history of protracted clinical lameness and collapse. Gross changes included formation of periarticular osteophytes and marked marginal bony remodeling, eburnation and erosion of articular cartilage, hyperplasia of the synovial lining, and a marked degree of joint effusion, all indicative of the severity and chronicity of the lesion."


As is customary with all necropsies, further detailed examination of all tissues is pending.


Although his arthritis was surprisingly acute for an elephant his age, other elephants in Sabu's family were euthanized for the same problem. Another example of the futility of captive breeding programs.

Sabu, In Memoriam
Sabu, In Memoriam


Summit for the

Elephants 2012


Registration is filling up quickly for PAWS' Summit for the Elephants, 2012, March 28-30 at the Oakland Zoo, with an optional all day excursion to ARK 2000 taking place on March 31.


Speakers and panel members are representative of every issue facing captive and wild elephants. This conference will be a formidable assembly of the foremost experts, advocates and caregivers for captive and wild elephants.


Space is limited to the first 100 registrants. To register, click here.

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Galt, California 95632

Alexander's Move
To ARK 2000


We have begun initial steps in preparation for Alexander's new habitat in San Andreas. The area which we have chosen is full of tall pine and oak trees, a grassy meadow and beautiful natural vegetation including logs from downed trees - lots of enrichment to keep him busy and his choice of trees to climb and perch in among the branches.

Join Pat Derby for a video tour of the area at ARK 2000 that will become Alexander's new habitat. Click here.

Two tall den structures have already been moved from Galt. We will be building perches inside the structures and heated dens for shelter in inclement weather. The entire area will be covered by special stainless steel cable netting to prevent escape if Alexander becomes too active and adventurous. We are very excited to see this beautiful leopard in a spacious new habitat.


We are waiting for final funding, but hope to have construction completed by May.


Other Galt Animals

Tiger cubs Roy, Kim and Claire shortly after

their arrival at our Galt sanctuary. To view a video of the cubs today, click here.


As usual, preparations for new arrivals has slowed progress on our goal of moving all strong and healthy animals from Galt to ARK, but we are continuing to plan moves for tigers Roy, Kim and Claire and Nelson, as well as Robert the bobcat, and Paka the Serval who are waiting patiently for their new homes.

The dear monkeys, all of whom are quite old, will remain in Galt. Any relocation of primates, especially older ones, is risky, and their enclosures in Galt are full of natural vegetation, grass, bamboo, fruit trees and lots of bugs. They spend their days searching the grass for insects and pulling bamboo, apples and other treats from the top and sides of their habitats.

The old Galt sanctuary has become a tropical paradise with all the trees and plants started more than 25 years ago that are now fully matured, providing a lush canopy for the enclosures.  We harvest apples, pears, grapes, figs, bamboo and acacia for the animals at ARK 2000.

Hopefully, some gardener will volunteer to help us transplant some of these mature trees up to San Andreas. We have already begun transplanting the prolific bamboo which grows like a weed, but acacia is one of our biggest challenges. 

Denny, Pfeiffer and Max.

The early years.

Denny and Pfeiffer, our beautiful African lion couple with the deformed feet are happy in Galt living on the lush grass among the shady trees of their habitat. This inseparable pair has lived with us since they were rescued by Detroit Zoo and Michigan Humane Society when they were nine months old. They are a sweet couple and will remain in Galt until we can develop a "special needs" area for them. Gracie, a tiger, will also need special accommodations at ARK. To view a video of Denny and Pheiffer today, click here.

Samantha, the mountain lion, has a lovely "special needs" spot in Galt and, due to her advanced age, may remain there until she passes. To view a video of Samantha's arrival in Galt, 19 years ago, click here.


Donations to our "moving fund", in any denomination, will be gratefully accepted and very much appreciated! To donate, click here.



We Need Everyone's
Support For HR 3359!



The Show Must Not Go On!


PAWS has been working with Animal Defenders International (ADI) to mount a mass broad-based support campaign for HR 3359 - the Traveling Exotic Animal Protection Act (TEAPA), the congressional bill to ban wild animals from traveling circuses in the United States.


The 2012 Congressional year is well underway, and animals in traveling shows need you, now! What can you do to help?


Recruit other groups. Are you a member of a professional or social organization? Get them on board to write letters and comments of support for TEAPA.


Meet, and write, your member of Congress in their home district office. Encourage your friends and family to do the same. It only takes a few minutes to ask your member of Congress to support HR 3359, but these few minutes can save a circus animal from a lifetime of misery.


Find out who sponsors the animal circus coming to your area. Set up meetings and write polite letters to the companies sponsoring these events, urging them to rescind their support of cruel animal-based circuses.


Plan a demonstration when a circus comes to your area!  Visit our website for links to flyers you can download, print and hand out.


POPVOX - very important!  Support the Traveling Exotic Animal Protection Act on POPVOX! These polls go directly to Congress so they can see how their constituents feel about this bill. Cast your vote to show Congress you support HR 3359 TEAPA. The opposition is mounting their campaign and right now we are behind by a few percentage points! Please cast your vote today if you have not already done so! VOTE HERE. Ask your friends and associates to do the same, and spread the word via all social networking sites!


Join to ask Groupon to stop selling discount animal circus tickets!  Ironically, The Point is a tool for social change founded by Groupon CEO, Andrew Mason.  Be the voice for animals in circuses - "Groupon, stop selling animal circus tickets."


And finally. . . visit our THE SHOW MUST NOT GO ON! campaign site for more information, downloadable flyers, letter writing samples, and links to your congressional representatives.

Click here!




Greece Bans ALL Animal Circuses!

Read on. . .

Ferguson loves his newly-made bed. Click here to view a new video of Ferguson the macaque monkey.
Pillowcases For Ferguson


As Ferguson, our macaque, reaches middle age, he is becoming more ape-like in his habits. Just recently, he destroyed his sleeping mattress for the first time in his life, a common habit of chimpanzees and other great apes. When we purchased a new mattress for him, he promptly destroyed that one as well.

We are now providing Ferguson a disposable bed which consists of paper or straw inside an old pillowcase which he gleefully destroys every night. We could use donations of old pillowcases from our supporters and friends of Ferguson.

To donate your old pillowcases you can either mail them to our Galt office at P. O. Box 849, Galt, CA 95632, or call our office at 209-745-2606 to make arrangements to drop them off during regular business hours if you live in the area.


Ferguson thanks you!
Click to become an adoptive parent to Ferguson, or one of PAWS other monkeys...