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Our Three Tiger Cubs

Are All Grown Up!


When Roy, Kim and Claire, three Siberian tiger cubs rescued from an illegal animal breeder, arrived at our Galt sanctuary in 2003, we had not yet planned a tiger area at ARK 2000. Today, with more than 25 tigers, five lions and five bears living in large habitats, we are thinking about the ultimate move of these three tiger siblings who have lived all but four months of their lives at our Galt sanctuary.

The cubs were originally on the market to be sold as pets when another animal welfare organization intervened. We offered to take them. When the cubs grew out of "baby" size, Ed Stewart designed and constructed their large enclosure in Galt with a swimming pool annex. They do enjoy their custom-built home and pool!

Every afternoon the three can be found sleeping in the soft grass, white stomachs facing up to the sun, living the good life. Ed and I worry about moving them to the harsher, wilder terrain of ARK 2000 (they are still babies to us), but we are beginning the first steps in planning their future and final home.


Pat Derby


Siberian tigers, Roy, Kim and Claire
Siberian tigers, Roy, Kim and Claire






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Sweet Little Oma Is Adjusting Well To Her Spacious New Habitat


Oma, the smallest and sweetest of the two female bears from our Galt sanctuary, is happily exploring her spacious, tree-lined habitat and pool in her new home at ARK 2000.


Bears are the only animal species that walk plantigrade, with the heel of the foot touching the ground, like humans. They walk with a shuffling gait, and often exaggerate the gait while urinating to mark territory.


Oma has spent the last few days walking the perimeter of her enclosure, alternating between shuffling and urinating and exploring and foraging. Several dips into her large pool are also part of her routine which was much more sedentary in Galt. She is obviously loving her new home!


View photos of Oma in her new habitat, here and a new video of her below. Thank you Bob Barker and the DJ&T Foundation for making this possible!
Oma Explores Her Habitat
Oma Explores Her Habitat

Oma's neighbors at ARK 2000 include Cinnamon and Sampson on one side; Boo Boo and Winston on the other. Ed Stewart captured this video footage of Boo Boo and Winston last week.


Black Bears Boo Boo and Winston
Black Bears Boo Boo and Winston


Prince Is Right At Home

Our musical elephants plan has proven very successful with Nicholas settling in to the new bull barn and Prince enjoying every amenity, especially the pool, left by the former occupant, Sabu. He is in and out of his pool all day, ending each of his forays down the hill with a 20- or 30-minute dip.


Prince is also learning to pull branches out of the oak trees, and last week, challenged one of the smaller trees to a game of "shove." The tree lost, but will ultimately keep growing.

Sabu, the less boisterous of the three bulls, stands quietly watching the construction in his new area, and munching voraciously on the enormous mulberry and maple branches which are harvested from the trees at the Galt Sanctuary and trucked to ARK for the elephants. We have planted these two varieties of trees at ARK, but they are still too young for harvesting. We are still trying to grow Acacia for the African elephants with little success so far.


We planted hundreds of trees in Galt in 1986 when "71" first arrived, and they still yield hours of fun and nutrition for the elephants and bears in San Andreas. Happily, our volunteers pick the apples, pears, plums and peaches which are sent up the mountain as well.


Volunteer gardeners are always welcome at the sanctuaries!


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