Performing Animal Welfare SocietyJULY 26, 2011
Welcome Prince!

Prince Joins Nicholas & Sabu

On Bull Mountain


Prince arrived at ARK 2000 on the evening of July 21, 2011. Born Chang Dee on May 24, 1987, at Portland Zoo, Prince joins Sabu (Look Chai) born on October 1, 1982, at Portland Zoo, and Nicholas, whose father, Tunga, was sent from Portland Zoo to the Hawthorn Corporation (a circus corporation) where Nicholas was born on December 15, 1993. Nicholas and Sabu are half-brothers, sharing Tunga as their father. Although Sabu and Prince were both sent to circus when they were young, and lived at the same facility, they are not related. 


As the huge truck backed into the barn, we were all excited to see our third bull, and to welcome him to his new home at ARK 2000. The 24-year-old bull, who is smaller than Nicholas and Sabu, unloaded without incident and immediately ate bananas and branches offered by Pat, Ed, Margaret and Brian, PAWS senior bull elephant staff.


Like Sabu and Nicholas, Prince loves his dirt stalls and began throwing dirt immediately. PAWS' veterinarian, Dr. Jackie Gai, offered him a drink from the hose which he accepted readily. Prince was adjusting rapidly, and we were all very happy to see our new boy on Bull Mountain.


Our sleeping Prince.

We kept him inside the barn that night to allow him to relax and adapt to new surroundings and new friends. After walking about, eating and drinking, and inspecting everything, Prince laid down on a mound of dirt and fell asleep! PAWS co-founder, and director, Ed Stewart was particularly pleased, remarking, "This is the first time I've built something for an elephant and received an immediate positive response!"


The next day Prince was ready for his new adventure, moving outside eagerly with Pat and Ed who led him out of his barn with treats (bananas are his favorite). He moved about cautiously, looked at the pool, but did not go in at first, then ventured out into the big habitat for more treats and branches. (view videos below)


Later, Prince returned to the pool, hesitated for a second, then plowed right into the cool water. As Pat and Ed, both in tears, watched, he splashed and bobbed around with the casual aplomb of a longtime resident.


Meanwhile, Nicholas, who was across the way in his big habitat, dived into his pond and executed a memorable aquatic show, pushing huge logs into the water and dragging them back out, trumpeting and bellowing as if to say, "Oh yeah, watch this!" (view video here )


Sabu, the senior bull in the group, watched quietly from his barn across the way, eating his special treats which were part of the celebration of Prince's arrival. He is loving his new barn (Nicholas' former barn) and new habitat after vacating his space for his old buddy, Prince. All bulls have visual contact, and seem very content with the arrangement.


We are planning a new pool for Sabu and more fencing to enlarge the habitats for the boys. Bull elephants require enormous funding and commitment in captivity. PAWS is most appreciative of the very generous donations from Bob Barker and his DJ&T Foundation, Patty Shenker, and the hundreds of "Bucks For Bulls" donors who made Bull Mountain a refuge for these magnificent elephants!


Thank you everyone!



We are currently asking for donations to build a new pool for Sabu, and additional monies to enlarge the bull habitats. We estimate the cost for a new pool to be $50,000, fencing $168 per linear foot. If you would like to donate, call our office at (209) 745-2606 to use your credit card. Mail donations to PAWS, P. O. Box 849, Galt, CA 95632. Visit our website to donate online using PayPal.



The Arrival of Prince
The Arrival of Prince
PRINCE: Day 2, Introduction To Outdoor Yard & Pool
PRINCE: Day 2, Introduction To Outdoor Yard & Pool
PRINCE: Day 2, Intro To Large Habitat
PRINCE: Day 2, Intro To Large Habitat
PRINCE: First Day In His Pool
PRINCE: First Day In His Pool

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