JUNE 28, 2011

Sampson & Cinnamon
Are Home!
Two More Bears
Move To ARK 2000


Sampson and Cinnamon, two of the last three bears to be moved from the old PAWS sanctuary in Galt to the new BOB BARKER BEAR HABITAT* at ARK 2000, were safely transported in our air-conditioned van just days before our Wines, Tigers and Beers fundraiser on June 18. The trip was without incidents except for indiscreet pooping by Cinnamon, an adorable cinnamon-color-phase black bear with a redhead's fiery personality.


Both bears were transported and unloaded by Ed Stewart, Pat Derby and two long-time PAWS volunteers, Barry Gardner and Tim Aamodt.


The bears remained in their den area overnight, and were released into their spacious wooded habitat early the next morning to explore and forage among the dense brush and huge trees.


Sampson was the first to discover the large pool, and both bears settled into their beautiful new home immediately. Cinnamon, the only female in the habitat, displayed the usual female bear behavior when Winston and Boo-Boo approached the fence line, huffing, shuffling her feet and standing on her two back legs to increase her very diminutive stature.


As the boys respectfully moved away, she swaggered off into the trees quite pleased with her display.


Welcome home Sampson and Cinnamon, and thank you Bob Barker and the DJ&T Foundation!


To view more photos of Cinnamon and Sampson, their move, and the bears' new habitat, click here.


*The Bob Barker Bear Habitat was made possible by a grant from the DJ&T Foundation.


Two silent auction participants show off their winnings.


Wines, Tigers & Beers. . .

A Roaring Success!


On Saturday, June 18, 2011, the first celebration for the lions, tigers and bears of ARK 2000 was attended by more than 200 enthusiastic guests who strolled through the park surrounding the animal habitats, sipping wine and beer, and devouring the incredibly delicious and diverse appetizers. To view story and photos, click here.

PAWS Entertains Visitor From Thailand: Karl Cullen (left), pictured with PAWS directors Pat Derby and Ed Stewart, is from the Elephant Nature Park in Thailand, and recently visited Oakland Zoo and ARK 2000 to observe our programs and to participate in some of our daily care using positive reinforcement. The Elephant Nature Park rescues and provides sanctuary to abused logging elephants and street elephants in Thailand. 

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More Confusion In AZA Standards


In the June 2011 issue of "Connect", the official monthly magazine for members of the Association of Zoos & Aquariums, a California zoo was applauded for receiving a four star rating from Charity Navigator.


"Charity Navigator, provides in-depth objective ratings and analysis of the financial health and fiscal responsibility of America's largest charities. . . In earning Charity Navigator's four-star rating, (the zoo) has demonstrated exceptional financial health and management," the article stated.


PAWS has been honored to receive this four-star rating for three consecutive years. Why, one wonders, did AZA question our financial stability at the recent hearing in Toronto regarding the Toronto Zoo elephants, when they obviously respect the findings of this premier charity evaluator?


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