Performing Animal Welfare SocietyAPRIL 7, 2011


How Mara, Maggie & Lulu Are Coping

With The Loss Of Their Matriarch


africans_09Like all highly social elephants, our three Africans, Mara, Maggie and Lulu, are grieving over the loss of our beautiful Ruby.


Lulu, Ruby's best friend and constant companion, was the most distraught when Ruby passed, trumpeting, rumbling and calling her distress signal to the others who were just outside the barn. They all began the very low rumble which signifies the passing of an elephant friend, then clumped together for solace.


Although they have accepted her death, the group is still subdued, and sweet little Maggie often moves close to Lulu, touching Lulu's mouth and trunk and rumbling. They are moving up the hill and grazing, but even raucous Mara is quieter now. After losing 71, Mara deferred to Ruby in all decisions; Ruby was the ultimate authority. Mara clearly has never wanted to lead, she just wants to enjoy life without the pressure of leadership.


We will all wait for the next African elephant who needs companions and sanctuary. That is our mission and our hope for the future. Perhaps there will be another 71 or Ruby who will comfort us and lead us forward until the joyful day arrives when there will be no elephants living in captivity.


Our Sincere Appreciation To Everyone Who Sent Condolences For Our Loss


Ed and I, and the entire staff at PAWS, thank you for your many kind thoughts and sympathy. We are overwhelmed with the outpouring of love and respect for Ruby and all the elephants at ARK 2000.


Sadly, most animals arrive at the sanctuary with physical and psychological problems which shorten their lives and are often untreatable. We are always grateful when they can enjoy a few short years of peace and dignity, but we are never prepared to lose these precious individuals.


We all love our job, but the loss of one of our beloved friends is often so difficult, it is hard to continue. Your empathy and support has helped us all through this difficult time.


Pat Derby





The Killing Of An Elephant

By GoDaddy CEO Bob Parsons


We are pleased to report billlionaire CEO Bob Parsons, who bragged about shooting a "problem bull elephant", is finding many more problems than the innocent elephant caused.


Outraged clients of GoDaddy, including PAWS and other animal welfare groups, are taking their business elsewhere. The shocking video of Parsons shooting the elephant, then smiling while casually leaning against its dead body, has angered more than just elephant lovers and animal activists.


Hopefully, GoDaddy's stock value will "GoDown" and other, kinder, gentler domain providers will reap the financial benefits.

In a recent article by Jennifer Viegas of Discovery News (view here), Joyce Poole, an elephant researcher and conservationist who has studied elephants for more than 30 years in Amboseli National Park, observed, "The bull that GoDaddy CEO Bob Parsons brags about appears to be a young female. . . Was Mr. Parsons so ignorant that he was not able to sex the elephant he killed, or was his claim that the elephant was a bull just one more example of his macho arrogance and misjudgment?"

You GO, Dr. Poole! Obviously the elephant's intelligence far surpasses that of the billionaire playboy who can find nothing more fulfilling to occupy his time than killing elephants and exploiting females.


Elephant specialists are speaking out against the misguided and dangerous actions of hunters like Parsons who are actually "putting villagers and others who encounter the pachyderms in more danger."


Help us send a message to Parsons to waste his billions elsewhere and leave elephants alone!

Pat Derby



To e-mail your comments to GoDaddy: click here

The Go Daddy Group Inc Corporate Office | Headquarters

14455 N. Hayden Rd., Ste. 219

Scottsdale, AZ 85260
Corporate: (480) 505-8800

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