Performing Animal Welfare SocietyOctober 28, 2010

Ban The Bullhook!

You Can Help  


Commissioner Robert Pitts, of Fulton County, Georgia (greater Atlanta), has introduced a proposed ordinance to ban bullhooks (ankus) used on elephants. If passed, this would effectively become the first significant "ban on elephants in circuses" in the United States. If the commissioners vote to ban bullhooks, circuses will no longer be able to come to the greater Atlanta area. This ban will make a difference and set a critical tone for the rest of the country.

A few days ago a vote was taken and the resolution deadlocked at 3 to 3, with Commissioner Pitts abstaining. The resolution comes up again at a meeting to take place on Wednesday, November 3rd, beginning at 10:30 a.m. at Fulton City Center, in Atlanta.

We are asking everyone who cares about elephants to please send polite emails, faxes, letters and to make phone calls, in favor of the ban, to all seven Fulton County commissioners. We'd like them to receive an unprecedented number of correspondence before they go to the November 3rd meeting.

For email addresses and phone numbers, click here.

Please address your letters to:

Fulton County Board of Commissioners
141 Pryor Street SW, 10th Floor
Atlanta, GA 30303

Fax your letters to: (404) 730-8254

Give a clear, brief reasoning for your support of the resolution. Ask friends and family to do the same. Forward this e-news to your friends and family and post to social networks.


The Bullhook
A popular tool of "discipline", utilized in many elephant management programs and circuses, the bullhook, or ankus, is a sharp, pointed hook used for prodding and to discourage undesired behavior. It is embedded into the most sensitive areas of an elephant; around the feet, behind the ears, under the chin, inside the mouth, and other sensitive areas around the face.

Those who use it claim the bullhook is like a leash, or the extension of a keeper's arm. Some even describe it as similar to a mother elephant's trunk.

Bullhooks are rods with solid steel pointed ends that are specifically designed to inflict pain.

The claim that this weapon can be used positively is pure nonsense, the very nature of the bullhook is to dominate through fear and violence.

There are no "good" ways to use the bullhook, which is why PAWS has always forbidden its use.

Please help stop this archaic and violent method of domination used on elephants. Contact the Fulton County commissioners today!





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