October 6, 2010   
Introducing Sabu! 
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The "Bucks For Bulls" premise is simple. Every friend of bull elephants donates one buck.

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Imagine what we could accomplish if PAWS friends across the country took up this cause! One buck each, for a bull elephant in need.

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All "Bucks For Bulls" monies will be used for habitat fencing, barns, transportation costs involved with rescue, and veterinary care of captive bulls.

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SABU                                                            Photo by Lisa Jeffries 

Nicholas' Half-Brother
Arrives At ARK 2000

Sabu, a seven ton, 28-year-old, Asian bull elephant, and the largest in North America, has just arrived at ARK 2000.


Sabu is half brother to Nicholas, and they both appear to know they are related. Sabu is as calm and sweet as his brother, and is just learning to explore his area which is still in quarantine.

Like Nicholas, Sabu loves water, and splashes in his pool all day (view video here). He is indeed magnificent!

Visitors to the upcoming Grape Stomp, on October 16, will be able to view him from a distance as he splashes, dusts and devours grapes and grapevines!

Nicholas and Sabu have another 23-year-old half brother, Prince, who will be coming to ARK 2000 as soon as we complete another quarantine facility.


Prince and Sabu, both retired performing elephants, are in good health so we expect them to be with us for a very long time. Your financial support is key in helping us care for Prince and Sabu.

We need your help now!


The cost of another barn for Prince is $700,000, plus the $168 per linear foot for habitat fencing. We must raise at least $800,000 as soon as possible!

Please join our "Bucks for Bulls" campaign. Remember, your dollars built all of the habitat for Nicholas and Sabu! Help us bring Prince here to join them!


Thank you for all your support.


Pat Derby

PAWS President

Tour Sabu's barn and habitat. Click here.

Watch a video of Sabu's arrival. Click here.

Photo by Brian Busta 


Donate a foot of freedom for a captive bull elephant!

Bull elephants are difficult to house because of their size; the pipe for the fencing must be the strongest, most durable available, and it's very expensive; $168 per linear foot to be exact.
Your donations have already built the habitats for Nicholas and Sabu, and now Nic and Sabu's half-brother Prince is coming to PAWS and we need your help to complete a third bull elephant barn and habitat at ARK 2000.
Please consider donating a foot or more of fencing for the new habitat. Each foot is freedom, really. . . freedom to be an elephant.
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