Performing Animal Welfare SocietyAugust 13, 2010
Jack cools off in his pool at our Galt Sanctuary. All bears will soon be moving to their new habitats at ARK 2000.
Summer's Promise

After a very cool and rainy spring, we expected unbearable heat during the summer months and prepared accordingly. New sprinklers were installed and rookie keepers received the "check them constantly, keep water running in the pools, all sprinklers on and do not leave the area until someone relieves you" lecture.

Happily, it has been a very pleasant summer so far, and the animals are usually lying in the cool grass under a sprinkler or sitting in a pool. Nicholas, our young bull elephant has a daily ritual of playing in his fountain, then sliding into his pond to dunk logs and bob in the water.

The other elephants roam around the habitats early in the morning, then congregate around the mud holes later in the day. They are all curious about the new construction on bull mountain and wander up the hill to watch the workmen building the new pool for the second bull habitat. The second bull barn, Ned's Barn, is finished and waiting for occupancy.

The huge habitat for the eight Galt bears is going up quickly and we expect to have all the bears moved to ARK 2000 before The Grape Stomp on October 16.


Alexander, our magnificent black leopard, and Nelson, the tiger, nap on the cool grass unaware that they will be moving to ARK 2000 soon after the bears.


The oryx, eland, fallow deer and emus at the Amanda Blake Sanctuary stand in the shade of the eucalyptus trees, secure in the habitat that has protected them for more than a decade. Some of the oryx and the deer are quite old now, enjoying the peace and tranquility of their beautiful area.


The Bolivia lions and Sheba are thriving at ARK 2000, and their neighbors, the Colton tigers, no longer watch them constantly. The stalking game has been replaced by naps in the shade under the sprinklers and an occasional sparring match with companions.


Summer's promise has been unusually sweet for all the animals at PAWS.
Oryx gather at a waterhole at PAWS' Amanda Blake Memorial Wildlife Refuge in Herald, California.
Arthur prefers cool grass and clover during warm summer months.
Nic enjoys a cool bath.
Amelia cools off in one of the many dipping pools in the tiger habitat at ARK 2000.
Lulu loves the sprinkler!
PAWS' Favorite Summer Videos
"Summer Daze"
with the Galt Sanctuary animals.
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 "Nicholas plays in his lake."
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"Wanda and Gypsy out for a swim."
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"Annie keeps cool."
To view video, click here..
 "Nic's first day in his lake."
To view video, click here.
Thanks to your donations, a second bull elephant barn is complete (Ned's barn), fencing for the second bull habitat is finished, and within weeks a swimming pool (above) will also be ready and waiting for a new resident. Join PAWS' "Bucks for Bulls" campaign today. Together, we can make a difference in the life of a captive bull elephant.
PAWS "Bucks for Bulls" 
 Join our "Bucks for Bulls" campaign today. For more information, click here.
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A Message 
Pat Derby
Cruelty-Free Summer Fun
Visit an animal-free circus, or catch the dolphin and whale show in the Pacific Ocean off Monterey Bay!


Ed and I just spent one of the best weekends of our lives, and it wasn't very expensive. We caught a matinee of Circus Vargas' animal-free show in San Jose, CA, last Saturday, then traveled to Monterey to watch the BIG sea otter, seal, sea lion, dolphin and whale show playing every day in the Pacific Ocean. The krill, a favorite food of whales, is more abundant this year than it has been for more than a decade, and the whales have converged on this giant smorgasbord with zeal.

As we drove into Monterey, we were encouraged to see so many tourists out to see dolphins and whales in their natural habitat, the ocean. And no one was disappointed. The boats were packed with whale lovers who came back ecstatic with reports of whales and dolphins everywhere.

We managed to squeeze into the last boat of the day after watching sea otters floating in the kelp beds and sea lions and seals lounging on the rocks. We were literally minutes out when we saw a group or Risso's Dolphins cavorting past the boat, then we sailed into paradise with Blue and Humpback whales surrounding us! They were all gorging on the krill, including a mother Humpback with a young calf who was just learning to feed himself.

Have a cruelty-free, fun summer with one or both of these activities. It will make your spirits soar to see children in a circus ring learning rope tricks instead of petting elephants, and dolphins and whales breaching in a boundless ocean instead of a concrete tank.




Animal-Free Circuses...

The Hope of the Future


With the passing of stricter regulations for the welfare of animals in traveling shows, and the greater enlightenment of the public regarding the training of performing animals, many circuses have begun to perform with no animals.


Please support these cruelty free circuses and let them know you will help promote them. Check our list of circuses who do not drag animals around the country, relying instead on the talent of their human performers. It is critical that they benefit from their decision to end the suffering of performing animals.




Pat Derby

For a list of animal-free circuses in the U.S. and around the world, click here




October 16


The One & Only
Elephant Grape Stomp, "An Afternoon In Tuskany"


11:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.

ARK 2000 Sanctuary

San Andreas, CA.

$100 per person. Adults only. Vegetarian buffet, wine tasting, silent auction. The winner of Miss/Mr. Tuskany 2010 will be announced. Pre-paid reservations required. Directions provided with ticket purchase. Call (209) 745-2606 for pre-paid reservations.


Click here for Grape Stomp flyer.


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