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Eight years ago a plaque commemorating the naming of The Cynthia Moss African Elephant Habitat was erected near PAWS' 80-acre African elephant habitat at ARK 2000. Eight years later its namesake arrives for a visit with the elephants.

Cynthia Moss Visits

ARK 2000 Elephants

Eight years ago, before any elephants were moved from our Galt facility to ARK 2000, Cynthia Moss, world-renowned elephant expert, co-founder of the Amboseli Elephant Research Project, and founder, program director and trustee of the Amboseli Trust for Elephants (ATE), attended the ARK 2000 dedication ceremony. On that day, May 11, 2002, Pat Derby and Ed Stewart announced that PAWS' new 80-acre African elephant habitat was to be named The Cynthia Moss African Elephant Habitat.

Left to right: Cynthia Moss, ATE-USA Executive Director Betsy Swart, and Pat Derby.
Last week, eight years later, Cynthia visited the nine elephants at ARK 2000 for the first time. Directors Pat Derby and Ed Stewart were anxious about her evaluations of the facility.

"She sees wild elephants every day behaving as they should with little human interference. Captivity can never replicate that world. ARK 2000 can only function as a substitute for the life they deserve, but we are trying to provide as much space and social opportunities as possible," said Pat Derby.
"We have studied the films and books produced and written by Cynthia and others whose research provides a wealth of information about the beautiful and complex lives that wild elephants enjoy. We were honored by her visit and humbled by her 40-plus years of experience among the wild elephants of Kenya," added Ed Stewart.

Cynthia and Pat
Mara, Lulu, Maggie and Ruby grazed nearby as Cynthia and Betsy Swart, Executive Director of ATE-USA, joined Pat, Ed and PAWS staff for a mid-morning brunch on a hillside overlooking the African and Asian habitats. Wanda and Gypsy appeared briefly, munching through the Asian habitat, and Nicholas walked down the fence line to greet the guests after brunch.

Betsy, Cynthia and Ed Stewart return from their observation trek into Annie's "bedroom."
Ed Stewart accompanied Cynthia and Betsy out into the Asian habitat the next day (view video here) to see Annie's bedroom, an elephant's interpretation of interior decorating. As we watched Ed and our distinguished visitor walking down the hill, we were all dismayed to see diminutive Cynthia disappear in the tall grass. The heavy spring rains have created a smorgasbord of succulent grass for the elephants and a formidable jungle for humans to navigate. Annie watched from her hill as the three humans pushed through the foliage to view her innovative use of sticks, branches and mud creating the perfect elephant bed.

The elephants of Amboseli in Kenya are the most celebrated wild elephants in the world. Since 1972, close observation by Cynthia Moss and her research team has led to intimate knowledge of these intelligent and complex animals. The Amboseli Trust for Elephants aims to ensure the long-term conservation and welfare of Africa's elephants in the context of human needs and pressures through scientific research, training, community outreach, public awareness and advocacy.


To learn more about Cynthia's work, click here.

Elephants in Amboseli, Kenya
 Photo by Cynthia Moss
For a list of books, videos, dvds and research papers by Cynthia Moss, click here.

ADI & PAWS Welcome
Circus Lions From Bolivia

With incredible financial support from television icon Bob Barker, PAWS and Animal Defenders International (ADI) have completed construction of a spacious natural habitat for four circus lions that ADI has rescued from Bolivia. After successfully securing a ban on the use of live animals in circuses in Bolivia, ADI agreed to take the lions who will no longer be forced to live in small crates. The lions will be released at PAWS' ARK 2000 sanctuary in San Andreas, CA.


The heroic crew of ADI rescuers accompanying the four lions on a charter aircraft from Bolivia to San Francisco airport will arrive Thursday, May 27, with their precious cargo, and after a short rest, make the journey to ARK 2000 by truck.


The lions will be released into their new home Friday, morning May 28.



 To read about the Bolivia animal circus ban and how

 four lions came to California, click here.
 To view the daily video rescue diary of the Bolivia lions, click here.

"Circus Lions Plan San Francisco Getaway"

Click here to read this article

 from the Bay Area Blog of the New York Times.

PAWS Joins Joyce Poole & Others

In Condeming The Capture of Elephants
In Zimbabwe


When reports regarding the capture and imminent shipment of elephants and other species from Zimbabwe to North Korea were published in the media recently, PAWS was shocked and dismayed. The carnage which occurred in the early 1980s, producing hundreds of cull orphaned baby elephants like 71 and Mara, had educated many to the horrors of capture, and countries like Zimbabwe have recently agreed to ban such practices. Zimbabwe is now reneging on its promised ban.


We have joined Joyce Poole and other scientists and over 50 international animal welfare and conservation organizations in protesting this "business arrangement" with North Korea which violates CITES requirements. To read the letter, click here.


Please join us by refusing to travel to Zimbabwe until they agree once again to ban such practices. Also write letters to the Zimbabwe Tourist Authority protesting this flagrant exploitation of Zimbabwe's wildlife.


Zimbabwe Tourist Authority

Tourism House

55 Samora Machel Avenue

P.O. Box CY 286 Causeway, Harare

Tel: +263 4 780 651/4, 752570, 758748, 774709, 774760, 780365

Fax: +263 4 758826/28

Email the Zimbabwe Tourist Authority at marketing@ztazim.co.zw 
"Speak out for the elephants" is a letter to the editor of the Zimbabwe Daily News, written by Tsitsi Jonas regarding the capture of elephants. It was published on May 24, 2010. To view this letter, click here.

Saturday, September 11

Sunday, September 12
"Seeing the Elephant" Getaway
(Saturday 1-day or Saturday/Sunday 2-day getaways available.)
To make reservations, please contact Kim Gardner at (916) 488-3991 or kgardner@pawsweb.org.


Saturday, September 25th

Open House Galt Sanctuary
Noon to 2:30 p.m.
$15 adults; $10 seniors, 62 & over.
$10 children, 12 & under.
No reservations taken. Purchase tickets at gate.


Maggie was crowned Miss Tuskany 2009. Who will win this year is anybody's guess. For more information, click on the Miss Tuskany Pageant link on the left.
Saturday, October 16

The One & Only Elephant Grape Stomp

An Afternoon In Tuskany

ARK 2000 Sanctuary

San Andreas, CA
11:30 a.m. to 3 p.m

$100 per person.  Adults only.
Vegetarian buffet, wine tasting, silent auction.
The winner of Miss/Mr. Tuskany 2010 will be announced. Pre-paid reservations required. Directions provided with ticket purchase.
Call (209) 745-2606 for pre-paid reservations.


Click here for Grape Stomp Invitation.


Grape Stomp RSVP click here.


Click here for Miss Tuskany Pageant.



Saturday, October 30

Sunday, October 31
"Seeing the Elephant" Getaway

(Saturday 1-day or Saturday/Sunday 2-day getaways available.)  
To make reservations, please contact Kim Gardner at (916) 488-3991 or kgardner@pawsweb.org

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