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Tim Phillips and Jan Creamer, Animal Defenders International, will be featured speakers at the 2010 "Summit for the Elephants."

If you care about the future for

captive elephants, don't miss
PAWS' 2010
"Summit for the Elephants"


There are only a few short weeks until the 2010 "Summit for the Elephants" will be held at PAWS' ARK 2000 sanctuary in San Andreas, CA, March 25-27. We are excited about our panel topics and our esteemed speakers.


2010 Panel Speakers include:

Jan Creamer and Tim Phillips, Animal Defenders International Directors: PAWS is honored to have the Directors of ADI, Jan Creamer and Tim Phillips, at the 2010 Summit.Under their leadership, ADI has successfully launched crucial exposés of the suffering of animals in entertainment and they have achieved bans on animal acts in circuses worldwide. Their campaigns are some of the most efficient, successful, and hard-hitting in the world.  

Margaret Whittaker, Active Environments: Margaret, and Active Environments founder, Gail Laule, have pioneered Protected Contact Management Programs. These programs have greatly enhanced the quality of life for captive elephants all over the world.


Jeff and Colleen Kinsley, Oakland Zoo Elephant Manager and Curator: The Oakland Zoo is grounded in animal protection. This progressive zoo has rescued animals from defunct circuses and provided homes for other rescued animals. Their staff and volunteers are dedicated professionals. The Oakland Zoo has participated in almost every PAWS animal rescue transport. The Kinsley's are always on hand to lend support when a new elephant arrives to PAWS, and their progressive programs are a constant example to other zoos.


Scott Carter, Detroit Zoo Director of Conservation and Animal Welfare: The Detroit Zoo is another progressive zoo that promotes the highest standards in animal welfare. They were the first zoo to elect to permanently close their elephant exhibit based on the needs of the elephants. They continue to make regular visits to see Wanda, on of their retired elephants. The zoo and staff also provide financial support to PAWS.


Our panels also include some of the foremost activists and progressive animal welfare professionals:


Debbie Leahy, PETA Director of Captive Animals & Entertainment Issues: Ms. Leahy has led numerous campaigns against circuses and captivity. She is a tireless advocate for elephants and other captive wildlife.


Nicole Paquette, Esq.: Ms. Paquette is an attorney with vast experience in animal welfare law. She is co-chair of the California Department of Fish & Game Committee on Humane Standards of Animal Care. Nicole has drafted and succeeded in passing state laws banning exotic animal acts and exotic animal pets in several states. Nicole's legal expertise is invaluable in enacting legislation to stop the use of elephants in travelling shows.


Julie Woodyer, Zoocheck Canada Director: Zoocheck Canada is one of the most aggressive organizations in Canada monitoring captive wildlife in zoos and other public facilities. Julie Woodyer's tireless energy and tenacity have helped create change and better conditions for captive wildlife across Canada. She is the director of the campaign to Free Lucy, the lone elephant in Edmonton, Canada.


Catherine Doyle, In Defense of Animals, Director, Elephant Campaign: Catherine Doyle began her career with animals advocating for the release of Billy, the single bull elephant in Los Angeles Zoo. Catherine's research on elephant care and management has garnered her a reputation as an expert on conditions in zoos across the country.


Deborah Robinson, In Defense of Animals, Captive Elephant Specialist: As an independent attorney and a devoted advocate for elephants, Deborah was instrumental in lobbying for the confiscation of Jewell and Tina, two circus elephants, by the USDA. She continues to work for the release of Queenie and other elephants still in the circus. Her legal expertise and research has been invaluable in circus elephant campaigns.


Because PAWS feels that whatever happens to elephants in their native habitat affects captive elephants everywhere, we welcome:


Don Tayloe, Documentary Film Producer: Mr. Tayloe has produced a moving film on the painting elephants of Thailand -- exposing the cruel training necessary to produce these elephant "artists."


Sharon Niel, Wildlife Conservationist and Author: Ms. Niel has studied threatened wildlife species and participated in critical research concerning the impact of human land management upon animal populations.  Working at Tsavo Park and Rukinga Wildlife Refuge in Kenya she participated in wild elephant studies -- density, population, and behavior -- with Dr. Barbara McKnight. 


To help attendees move forward to work together to achieve better conditions for captive elephants everywhere, we welcome Professor Patricia McEachern  from Drury University, The Barker Endowment for Animal Rights, as our forum moderator on "The Future of the Movement: Cooperation, Higher Standards, Practical Plans, and Moving Forward."


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