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Elephants in chains

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Flatbed truck
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Scoop shovels, like the ones used for cleaning horse stalls
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For the elephants:
1000 IU Vitamin E
800 MG Ibuprofen
Epsom Salts
Apple Cider Vinegar (1 gallon size)
BULL ELEPHANT FENCING: $168 will buy one linear foot of fencing.

Above: Three of the Bolivian circus lions ADI worked to save. The lions have been moved to a secure location in Bolivia where they are being cared for while they await their journey to ARK 2000.



Circus Lions
Find New Home


In June of last year, Bolivia's president, Evo Morales, signed Law 4040 -- banning wild and domestic animals in traveling circuses throughout his country. This is the first national circus ban in South America and the world's first ban on ALL circus acts. This victory was the culmination of years of work by Animal Defenders International (ADI), local animal protection groups and individuals throughout Bolivia.


Following the ban, the first Bolivian circus has gone animal free and the animals have been handed over to ADI. PAWS has offered to take five lions -- three males and two females of varying ages -- and construction has already begun on their new habitat at ARK 2000 (see video link, below). ADI has committed to supporting the lions for the rest of their lives.


A rescue like this is extremely complex and costly and can take months to complete. ADI is working as quickly as possible to obtain all of the necessary permits. In the meantime, a team in Bolivia is feeding and caring for the animals. Veterinarian Dr. Mel Richardson has given each lion a thorough health exam and administered the vaccinations required for their journey to California. The lions will be traveling to ARK 2000 in May.


PAWS' single lioness, Sheba, will occupy an adjacent enclosure to the Bolivia lions. She will be the first of the remaining animals in Galt to move to the San Andreas sanctuary where she will enjoy a much larger habitat and new companions.


The enclosure site is situated on a grassy hill next to the tiger habitat with many oak trees and scrub brush and some very large pine trees that fell in the last storm. The circus lions, who have lived in small circus cages all of their lives, will soon be found reclining on the big pine logs or exploring the spacious habitat, enjoying their new freedom and new neighbors. The roar of lions will be a raucous addition to the tiger and elephant vocalizations.


PAWS is pleased to announce this important collaboration with ADI, one of the premier organizations working to ban the use of animals in circuses. Their amazing campaigns and victories are an inspiration to everyone who works on this critical issue. To learn more about ADI, visit their Web site at


 To view a video of the
new lion habitat being built at
PAWS lioness Sheba (left)
anxiously awaits her
move from our Galt
Sanctuary to ARK 2000
later this year. 
Benefit For Bull Elephants In Laguna Niguel, CA 
Pictured back row, from left: Erica Rives, Vizio; Katia Bagatta, owner, Bistro K; Tammy Bauman, Los Angeles Police Department; Patty Rigby, IT Specialist. Front row, from left: Dawn Mednick, Cellar Wine Bar; Gogo Doherty, Fitness Consultant; Eileen Bradley, Attorney. Photo by Massi Bagatta.

Bistro K Benefit

Was A B-I-G Event!


Everything about bull elephants is big, and the event benefitting the behemoths, held at Bistro K in Laguna Niguel, California, on January 31, was no exception. There were BIG auction items, BIG portions of food and beverage and some very BIG donations, including the music, food and beverages donated by Bistro K owner Katia Bagatta and her parents, "Chef" Tony & Massi Bagatta.

The enthusiastic crowd watched a troubling video about bull elephants in captivity and then viewed a happy ending featuring Nicholas at ARK 2000. Attendees enjoyed the music of Tom Hernandez, and bid generously on the many auction items -- all while dining on some of the most delicious vegetarian food on the planet.

Many thanks to
Katia and everyone at Bistro K for helping us spread the word about bull elephants and supporting our rescue efforts.


Thank you to the following special donors who helped make the auction a BIG success: Massi, Tony and Katia Bagatta; Kari Ellison -- Timmy Woods of Beverly Hills handbags; Maggie Ferrari-Rowland; Erica Rives -- Vizio; Wells Fargo; Ruth Fitzgerald Jeweler, Laguna Niguel; St.Regis Monarch Beach;  Piazza Home D├ęcor, Murphys, CA; Element Skateboards; Girl in the Curl, Dana Point, CA; Surf & Sand Hotel; C & M Communique; Massage Envy; Southern Wine & Spirits; Penjoyan Produce; Dr.Griffin Optometry; Mi Place Corona Del Mar, Marbella Golf Course. 
Elephants in chains
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