PAWS 2010
March 25, 26, 27
PAWS ARK 2000, San Andreas, CA

$225 to attend all three days; $175 for students to attend all three days
$100 to attend one day only (Thursday, Friday or Saturday); $75 for students to attend one day only
A tentative list of panels to be included during this 3-day conference are:
Progressive Zoos and Animal Welfare, Circus Bans: International, USA Circus Investigations, The Rescue of Tina and Jewel, How Protected Contact Training Advances Animal Welfare, AZA Elephant Standards, Bull Elephants in Peril, Enforcement by USDA, When Are Lawsuits Warranted?, Wild Elephants in Peril, Thailand Elephants: Importation Dangers
Additional panels and confirmed speakers will be announced as the information becomes available. If you would like to pre-register now, contact Kim Gardner at (916) 488-3991 or email
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2009 Was A
Banner Year For Our
Bull Elephant Project!
Your donations, and creative fundraisers, have helped fund 7,500 linear feet ($168/linear ft.) of bull elephant fencing which will allow us to rescue one more bull elephant and to expand Nicholas' current space! View video here.
In the very near future, Nicholas will have the opportunity to visit Gypsy and her girlfriends down the hill, giving new meaning to "talking over the fence with your neighbors."
After extensive research, we have determined that Nicholas' habitat is much larger than any bull elephant enclosure in this country, and possibly in the world. With your help, other bull elephants will come to ARK 2000 and join Nicholas in this spacious bull elephant habitat.
The new barn, Ned's Barn, will accommodate one more bull elephant, and the new habitat is spacious enough for two more bulls. Unfortunately, socializing bull elephants is a long, laborious and dangerous project, so we must provide ample space for each individual during that process.
If our negotiations are successful, at least two new bull elephants will arrive early this year, so construction must continue at a fast pace. We will need another barn and, yes, more fence!
We hope all of you will continue to help us fund freedom for bull elephants. There are so many bull elephants, like Nicholas, who need space, peace and FREEDOM!
Please continue with us: hold bake sales for bulls, white elephant sales for bulls, EBAY and CraigsList for bulls, post flyers around your office and around your town. Ask your friends, family members and business associates to donate a buck for a bull elephant.
And thanks to all of you for your efforts!
Please help us make 2010, The Year of The Bull!
Pat Derby, President
Above: Nicholas plays in his habitat.
Join our "Bucks For Bulls" campaign! 
Circuses and zoos continue to breed elephants, creating a surplus of unwanted bull elephant calves who are torn from their mothers and sent off to other facilities when they are less than a year old; a time that wild elephant calves spend in the loving care of their families. The resultant physical and mental trauma is irreparable and often fatal.
PAWS continues to compile research on captive bull elephants in the United States and throughout the world.  If you know of, or have information about a captive bull elephant in peril, please contact us at or (209) 745-2606.
"Elephants in the Mist"
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